Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

Based on the worldview of Sharik from Bulgakov’s "Heart of a Dog" – a collar for a dog that portfolio for the minister. And what can we say about the dog lounger! The place is a very important psychological factor in linking the pet to the house.

Immediately it should be noted that not all breeds favor floor mats. For example, Newfoundlands would rather prefer the coolness of tile than a warmed corner in a house. But large dogs love sofas and armchairs. Therefore, if it is possible to install an old sofa in an apartment, then it will become the most beloved lounger for Newf, St. Bernard, Leonberger or Great Dane.

The advantages of a homemade lounger

Despite the fact that modern industry in a huge assortment produces a wide variety of sun beds, for big dogs and giant dogs are not big enough. Therefore, for the best friend, a place to rest can be collected personally. After all, no one knows better than the owner the habits and characteristics of the dog. How he prefers to sleep – curled up or stretched to his full height. Does the dog prefer soft pillows, or does he prefer an elastic, even hard base.

Another aspect – is the presence of the sides of the lounger. When installing directly to the wall, the side of the lounger is necessary so that the pet does not stain the wallpaper after walking in bad weather. No matter how you wipe your pet’s coat, a wet dog doesn’t completely dry out after a walk in the rain and can leave dirty stains on the walls. Well, if, of course, long-haired giants are not dried by a compressor, then the cleanliness of the walls is guaranteed.

Types of dog loungers photo

The shape of the bed can be different. The configuration of the place depends, first of all, on the location in the room – square, oval, rectangular or in the shape of a pentagon. The large size dog bed is usually rectangular. Often, the owners make a dog’s seat from a children’s mattress. This is an ideal base for dog bedding. It remains only to create for him a side to isolate from the wall.

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Typical use of a children’s mattress as a base:

Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

But as from the same children’s mattress you can get a cozy place for two:

Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

A more complex option using the skill of the owner in working with wood – a real pet sofa with the same children’s mattress in the base:

Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

Often loungers are created using sintepon or foam at the base of the site. Oval lounger made of thick fabric with synthetic padding

Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

The photo shows the time of assembly of a round sunbed with foam base and foam foam boards. for a small dog. But according to the same principle, you can create a lounger for a large dog, only the material will go much more:

Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

The main technological moments when sewing lounger – materials, size, shape

Creating a lounger for a large dog, it is necessary to know only two parameters – the height of the pet at the withers and the length of its body, excluding the tail, who has it Mastering the bed "by eye" is not recommended. It is better to do it once and not to redo it.

The form of the product, each owner chooses individually. It depends on the dog’s manner of sleeping. Who of the pets sleeps ring – gets a round or oval lounger. For those who like to stretch out on the floor in full mighty height – a rectangular bed. This is where the dog’s height at the withers is needed, since there is a chance that the paws, which are freely spread on the floor, can be stunned about.

It is better to pick up material for the dog’s place dense and non-marking. The photo in the section shows what the bed for dogs consists of. Wooden frame covered by foam rubber or padding polyester and covered with dense fabric:

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Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

It is very important to correctly calculate the amount of material for the cushion and sides, taking into account the hem on the seams.

So, we will need:

  • Paper, Better old paper wallpaper. From them the pattern is made.
  • the cloth. The choice depends on the owner’s instincts, but the main thing is that it should be lint-free. Even a jeans or raincoat suit.
  • Filler. Here variations can be very different, including hay, bird feathers or down, sheep wool, filfiber, or siliconized balls.

How to sew a lounger for dogs with their own hands

  1. First you need to accurately adjust the parameters of the dog.
  2. We transfer the dimensions of the pet to the paper and make the pattern of the base of the sunbed.
    Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself
  3. Put a pattern on the material and add 2.5 cm of seam allowance to the seams on each side.
  4. If foam is used as the base, do not make allowances for the seams, but cut them out in accordance with the pattern.
  5. If the shape of the sunbed is rectangular, when sewing the corners must be left free to keep the volume of the mattress.
    Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself
  6. The side pattern is made in accordance with the base of the bed. Boards can be made separately and attached to the base with Velcro, buttons or hidden garters.

Pattern round lounger for dogs with their own hands

Pattern round lounger is calculated strictly individually, based on the size of the pet. It should be noted that for large breeds this is a costly and time-consuming exercise:

  1. We calculate the diameter of the circle or the size of the oval, so that the dog will freely fit, curled up.
  2. We spend the second line, departing 25-30 cm for the board.
  3. Transferring the pattern to the material. Cut out by folding the material with the pattern 4 times. Straighten and wets out, leaving a small area in order to fill with filler.
    Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself
  4. For large dogs, the base is best to quilt.
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The photo suggested pattern round lounger for small breeds. But by his analogy, you can create a pattern even for a giant.

Sunbed For Dogs How To Do It Yourself

Useful recommendations of experts

  • Round loungers for large dogs equip bumpers assembled from individual pads, bonding with the upper part of the usual rubber band.
  • It is better to sew a board for an oval stove bench with a separate product, and then attach it to the base.
  • It is advisable to sew a cover to the lounger.
  • Products filled with sheepskin are cleaned with snow once a year.

    Video on how to make a lounger for dogs with their own hands

    In the presented video shows the work on the manufacture of a very simple stove for dogs of small breed. The basic principles are given, as well as working points for stuffing and stitching corners of a sunbed. Based on this video, you can independently assemble a bed for a large dog. Only the consumption of material will, according to the size of the pet, be somewhat larger:

    On this resource, we are talking only about dogs – their life, health problems, proper nutrition and the conditions of existence alongside their beloved master. It is here that you can get valuable information about how the dog is trained, which, no doubt, will help you to orient yourself correctly at the time of maturing of the pet. Not less interesting aspect in the cultivation of the dog will be information on how to modernize the conditions of life of your pet, and what innovations you can bring to the territory of its habitat.

    These and other questions can be addressed to our canine consultants, who are constantly involved in the dialogue of owners of dogs of all breeds. They will tell you how to teach a dog to the toilet on the street, how long a walk of a breed will take, and what needs to be done first of all if you have a dog that is difficult to socialize.

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