Sport With A Dog – Dog Frisbee – How To Choose The Right Dog Frisbee Plate

A plate for playing dog frisbee is selected taking into account, first of all, the height of the dog. It is also necessary to pay attention to the breed of the animal. Depending on it, future players clench their jaws with different strengths. The plate should easily withstand such an onslaught.

Types of discs

To date, a total of 8 types of frisbee plates have been developed:

  • Standard. Its diameter is 22 centimeters. Such a plate is universal; it is used both when throwing at a distance, and during frisbee freestyle competitions. Standard disc is made of a rather soft, but durable plastic. The material does not injure the athlete’s teeth and gums.
  • Standard for dogs of small breeds and puppies. Diameter – 18 centimeters. According to the characteristics, this projectile is similar to the usual Standard, but its weight is somewhat less. The plate is designed for dogs whose height at the withers does not exceed 40-45 centimeters.
  • Jaws. The diameter of the plate – 22 centimeters. This disc is designed specifically for large dogs that have strong jaws. For the manufacture of plates used thick plastic, which is almost impossible to bite. In addition, the material is very plastic, does not injure the dog. The greater weight of the plate causes excellent flying characteristics.
  • Jaws for dogs of small breeds and puppies. It’s no secret that even small dogs can squeeze their jaws pretty hard. When the usual Standard quickly comes into disrepair, you should pay attention to the Jaws. The material is similar to the previous sample, however, the diameter and weight are smaller.
  • Frosty bite. Dogs are less responsive to temperature changes and easier to tolerate cold. Therefore, lovers of frisbee just need such a plate. Conventional discs, even the Jaws, freeze in the cold. They become brittle, and shards of plastic can hurt the dog.
  • Frosty bite for small dogs and puppies. As you know, those athletes who train from childhood are more successful. This plate will allow you to train your young pet, even in winter.
  • Soft flight. This dish is pretty light. Standard diameter – 22 centimeters. The material used is soft plastic. Therefore, it is suitable for dogs with sensitive teeth, gums and lips. Soft flight will be an excellent projectile for those who are just taking the first steps in dog frisbee.
  • Soft flight for small breed dogs and puppies. The plate is similar to the previous instance. However, the smaller diameter and weight allows you to use the disc to play with dogs whose height does not exceed 45 centimeters.
Sport With A Dog - Dog Frisbee - How To Choose The Right Dog Frisbee Plate

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