Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

Conventional, non-professional speakers. this is a fairly simple device with a small number of components.

Replacing one of them is a simple task for a person who has the skills to work with radio and electrical engineering, and is feasible for someone who knows how to solder and theoretically knows how removable equipment for outputting sound is arranged.

However, in many cases, you don’t even have to change the speaker or transformer. A malfunction can be caused not by a failure of a part, but by an easily eliminated malfunction.

Types of malfunctions

Faults are divided into software failures, hardware failures and connection problems. The latter include: an improperly inserted or dropped plug, plug, lack of power supply, etc.

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do


The reason is that a working sound card is not processing or transmitting data incorrectly. This may be due to the lack of a driver or to its incorrect operation. You need to go to the official website of the manufacturer of the sound card and download the latest version. If, on the contrary, the devices ceased to function after the update, you should install the previous version of the driver, which is also available on the official website.

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do


The problem is the failure of one or more elements of the device. This can be a speaker, a transformer, a switch, etc. To find a breakdown, you need to carry out diagnostics. To do this, first eliminate the most easily eliminated failures, and then check all the elements with a multimeter.

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

Breakdown reasons

It is important to know the reasons in order to decide on the feasibility of repairs and to prevent the occurrence of such a problem in the future.

The most common causes are:

  • natural wear of structural elements. Failed items must be replaced with new ones. If there are all suitable spare parts, the life of the equipment can be extended indefinitely. The case wears out last, but it can also be replaced;
  • voltage drops in the network. To protect the devices, you need to connect them through an individual computer power supply. Another option. when buying, choose devices with a high-quality fuse. This element is easiest to replace if the device suffers from a voltage drop;
  • cable damage. devices do not receive power from the network and therefore do not work. Can I replace the wire myself? Yes. How simple it will be is dependent on the design of the speakers;
  • malfunction or incorrect operation of the computer sound card. If the card is faulty, it will have to be changed. If it does not work correctly, you need to update its drivers or roll them back;

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

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Popular faults

There are several common types of malfunctions (for example, rear output). Some of them can be eliminated on their own. To do this, you first need to understand what happened. Visually finding a breakdown is not always possible, so you should pay attention to the symptoms. characteristic signs of each type of failure.

Damage to the wire near the plug

If the cord is often broken, its conductive core may be damaged. Devices will be disconnected and will not work. The weakest points are near the plug and near the housing, next to the rigid elements.

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

You need to inspect the wire and try to change its position several times. If the sound appears and disappears, it means that a defective element is detected. Sometimes it is enough to straighten the cord, but most likely you will have to change it to a new one.

Speaker outage

A relatively rare malfunction, however, the possibility of this breakdown is not worth discounting.

To believe the operability of this part of the structure, you need to “ring” it with a multimeter. The speaker enclosure indicates the nominal impedance. If the measurement result differs from the nominal value, the speaker is the cause of the inoperative state. It needs to be replaced.

Gap in transformer windings

Both primary and secondary windings may be damaged. In any case, check whether the real resistance corresponds to the value indicated by the manufacturer.

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

If the transformer is defective, it must be replaced with a new one. The spare part is difficult to repair, it is not worth using a used one, no matter how good it is.

Failure of the sound switch

Pretty common breakdown. Sometimes it can be detected without disassembling the equipment. If the switch changes its position too easily, without the slightest resistance, then most likely the reason is in it.

If there is no visible damage, you need to make sure that the power normally goes through the switch further through the network.

Repair Recommendations

General rule: start with simple steps. Opening the case, checking the circuit with a multimeter and looking for a failed element makes sense after external causes are completely ruled out.

Devices may be working, but there is no sound due to, for example, that the plug has fallen out of the socket;

  1. if everything worked fine and the sound suddenly disappeared, check all connections: plugs, plug. If you have a connection to a laptop connected to the network, make sure that there is electricity. The laptop runs on battery power, and you may not immediately notice that there is no light;
  2. if the indicator lights up regularly, notifying that they are on, but there is no sound, check the volume control. Perhaps it is at a minimum, and therefore you do not hear a quiet audio recording;

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

How to check if speakers are working on a computer

Correctly working devices produce clear sound with clearly distinguishable tones and minimal distortion. There should be no noise, cod, metal "impurities", including at minimum and maximum volume. To check the sound quality, you need to listen to music and speech through them, and then draw conclusions.

The audio system must respond correctly to changes in settings. It is necessary to check not only the software volume control, but also all other parameters.

Speakers Do Not Work On Computer What To Do

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Please note that expensive quality speakers from reputable manufacturers usually have a fairly long warranty. If its period has not expired, you need to contact the warranty center. There, the malfunction will be eliminated or the device replaced with a new one.

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