Sound Scheme Windows Xp Install

There is no need to say once again that every user of Windows-based computers, starting from the moment of the usual login, hears a music fragment playing, and when a certain action is performed, some other sound. What are sound schemes for Windows 7 or any other “OSes” of this family, we will now see. In addition, we will try to indicate how to install new ones at the lowest cost.

What are sound schemes for Windows 7 and other versions of the system?

As already understood, a sound scheme is a certain set of audio files, each of which is associated with a specific user action. For example, when you click on an object with a mouse, the user hears a click, when leaving the system, shutting down or changing the user, some farewell music plays, etc.

In principle, the standard set, which contains, for example, sound schemes for Windows 7 or any other version of the “OS”, seems to many users not just ordinary, but too often just bothers. It is not surprising that many of their use in the operation of the system is simply turned off, although, on the other hand, they can be easily changed, because today on the expanses of the World Wide Web you can find a huge number of unique sounds that can even cheer you up.

Change the default sound scheme

First of all, it should be clearly understood that the same standard sound schemes for Windows 7 correspond to each standard design theme, say, “sevens.” This applies to the entire “operating system” family. And a change in the currently used theme automatically entails a change in the sound scheme. Therefore, before you change the sound when creating your own circuit, it will need to be saved.

Sound Scheme Windows Xp Install

To access the section, the standard “Control Panel” is used, where the sound menu is selected (in older versions, the title also contains "speech and audio devices") There is a section for changing sound schemes.

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The box just below the description shows all the possible actions and their corresponding sounds. Actually, changing any sound can be quite simple if you select the process itself and the browse button located at the bottom right. In the window that appears, select the desired file, but only in the WAV format.

Video: Sound Scheme Windows Xp Install

Unfortunately, other audio files are not supported, and it’s a pity, because WAV files, compared to the same MP3 format, are tens of times larger, and it is unprofitable to store them on a computer using a large amount of disk space. The only excuse is that such files are small fragments and last no more than several tens of seconds. No, of course, you can ask the process a whole track in the WAV format, but how practical is it?

But back to the schemes. As already clear, by attaching the necessary sounds to each of the actions, this scheme should be saved for future use. Otherwise, when changing the theme, the sounds will again have to be changed manually.

How to install sound scheme for Windows XP and later systems using special installers?

As you can see, the first method is quite laborious. Therefore, it is better to use ready-made packages that can be installed on the system. The only negative. with this decision, the user will receive a limited set of sounds. However, each sound can be changed in the first way, and then save the current scheme under a different name.

So, such packages can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of ordinary installers (EXE files) or in the form of INF installation files, which most often refer to drivers, but not in our case, with an accompanying set of WAV files. In order not to change sounds manually, just right-click on the INF-file and select the “Install” command, and not “Open”, as some people think. The circuit will be installed automatically. At the same time, even the folder with sounds and the installation file does not need to be placed in the directory where the standard schemes are stored.

Installing sound schemes using sound packs

No less often, when downloading sets from the Web, you can come across sound schemes for Windows 8, for example, with the soundpack extension.

In this case, you should first install a small utility called SoundPackager. After its launch, select the file import command and find the downloaded sound pack. When the scheme opens, you need to use the Apply Package button, and then select one of the options: Apply Enhanced Package (using all sounds included in the set) or Apply Normal Package (installing a simplified scheme).

It remains to add that the sound of entering the system in such ways cannot be changed. To do this, you will have to use more serious utilities. In addition, in the version with the SoundPackager program, it will constantly “hang” in the RAM. How much you need it, decide for yourself. The first method is too long, but it allows you to create a personal collection. But if you use whole packages with installation from an EXE file, this method is the fastest tool that automatically replaces sound schemes for Windows 7 or any other system in a couple of minutes (meaning installing the circuits and their subsequent integration into the system).

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