Sony Vaio Flash Drive Installation

Hi, literally on Friday I was asked to install Windows 7 on a laptop Sony Vaio, model (sve151j11v), According to the client, all the “mega homegrown craftsmen” who asked to reinstall windows, one way or another could not do anything with this laptop, as a result, returned the laptop to the owner in the previous state.

Of course, I was intrigued by this fact and the first thing that occurred to me (probably a defective DVD-ROM or hard drive). These are the two most common problems that computers carry with me, since the “homegrown craftsmen” can not do anything.

I can not go into Bios

Yes, indeed, some laptops from Sony differ from other similar computers in the presence of a special application VAIO Care.

Sony Vaio Flash Drive Installation

Actually, VAIO Care is a special program that allows you to maintain, diagnose, and troubleshoot your VAIO computer. She loads Bios (UEFI). To start this program, simply turn off the computer, turn it on again, but this time press and hold the ASSIST key on the front panel of the laptop.

After the computer has booted up VAIO Care, select “Run settings BIOS »

Sony Vaio Flash Drive Installation

Video: Sony Vaio Flash Drive Installation

Preparing to install Windows

Disable SecureBoot. After selecting this item, a similarity to the usual BIOS will be loaded, where we need to disable the SecureBoot function. Actually, if this is not done, then we will not be able to install Windows 7 and any other operating system except Windows 8. In order to disable this function go to the Boot tab, then in the tab we find the Boot Mode line. Then we change the value of UEFISecureBoot to Legasy.

After the changes are made, go to the Exit tab in order to leave the BIOS. Also do not forget to save the changes on exit.

Sony Vaio Flash Drive Installation

After the computer restarts again, hold the ASSIST key, after loading VAIO Care, select “Starting from the media.”

Sony Vaio Flash Drive Installation

That’s actually all the wisdom. They wanted “the best”, it turned out “as always”. In the mentioned article, Chief (blog author) ran into a new feature "secure boot", which is rumored to have been developed by Microsoft in order to prevent all the same home-grown craftsmen from demolishing pre-installed Windows. Yes, this is the same misfortune "secure boot"However, Microsoft did not fit its hand in the implementation of this function, the fact is that secure boot is part of the UEFI 2.2 specification. This technology allows you to use special keys to verify boot code signatures at the iron level. Which in fact allows you to refuse to download extraneous code if it did not pass the signature verification. A new technological chip allows you to prevent the execution of rootkits and other infections. However, also in practice, this same technological innovation allows Microsoft to block the loading of other operating systems other than Windows8.

Do you think it is useful "secure boot" ?

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