Sony Srs Xb31 Not Connecting



Music is always with you

Listen to your favorite songs and playlists from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. With the SRS-XB01, you can always enjoy quality music. even while skating or taking a walk in the park.

Make your favorite songs more powerful with Extra Bass

Extra bass technology boosts the bass and gives the party an incredible atmosphere.

Powerful sound for your favorite tracks

Add life to your music with rich bass and clear, vibrant sound. The stylish, rounded design of the speaker system and the hidden passive radiator provide unrivaled low-frequency sound.

Just attach the strap and listen to music

Sony Srs Xb31 Not Connecting

Using the color strap, the speaker system can be mounted, for example, on the steering wheel or backpack, to enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Music in motion

To the office. To the park. To the sports ground. Thanks to the small and compact speaker, the SRS-XB01 makes it easy to take music with you wherever you go.

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Rain is not a hindrance

The IPX5 wireless speaker system is protected against moisture, so you can enjoy your favorite music even in the rain.

IPX5 (protection against water jets): according to tests, it was found that the speaker system retains functionality after being exposed to water jets under pressure from a hose with an inner diameter of 6.3 mm at any angle and volume of water of approximately 12.5 l / min for more than three minutes from a distance of approx. three meters. Liquids that fall under the water resistance characteristics of this device: fresh water, tap water, sweat. Not applicable to other types of liquids not included in the list above (soapy water, pool water, sea water and more).

Music at your fingertips

The speaker system has convenient buttons that make it easy to control playback and adjust the volume.

Up to 6 hours of operation without recharging

Thanks to the capacious battery, you can listen to album after album without worrying about recharging.

Playback via audio input

Can’t use a Bluetooth connection? Not a problem. The speaker system has an audio input to which your music player can be connected.

Hands-free function

Are you calling Talk hands-free! You can switch from music to conversation in a matter of moments.

Sony Srs Xb31 Not Connecting

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