Some Tips On How To Make A Dog Aviary With Their Own Hands

Many people, having a country house or a cottage, give birth to a dog – a faithful friend, as well as a reliable guard. But any dog ​​that lives with you requires some care and attention.

Before taking responsibility for the maintenance of the dog, you need to think about a special dwelling for her – an aviary, which is quite possible to equip yourself, while saving finances on the acquisition of the finished structure.

Application dog enclosure

Each dog that lives with you near your home or cottage must have a special place designed for its life, food and overnight. Some owners equip the dog box and put on a chain, while, naturally, the dog can not feel comfortable, because it has great restrictions in movement, and for a dog movement is a very important factor for its health.

Dog enclosure is a specially equipped place for your four-legged friend to live, and the best option for keeping a dog in the garden, because it has a large area compared to a conventional booth.

In the aviary, the dog will be able to move a lot, hide from bad weather conditions and will feel comfortable and free.

Types of designs

There are many types of dogs enclosures, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on the construction material, the facilities can be:

Also, buildings can be divided into types depending on its area and size into small, medium and large sizes.

Depending on the measure of openness and insulation of the structure, there are:

  • Fully open;
  • Open in part;
  • Without insulation;
  • Partially insulated;
  • Insulated around the perimeter.

Also, depending on the degree of mobility, buildings are portable (collapsible and not collapsible), and stationary.


As in the construction of any structure, the work on the construction of the booth with your own hands must begin with the design. Before embarking on the design of building a dog enclosure, you need to decide where to install it on your backyard, and also with its sizes which depend first of all on breed and the size of your pet. In this case, you need to make a drawing, as well as a general scheme.

In addition, it is necessary to examine all the data that relate to the financial and labor costs for the construction of the building, and make an estimate of the costs of building materials, the purchase of the necessary tools that will be required during construction.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of materials from which the enclosure will be constructed, since their cost will be the most important component of your estimate.

Some Tips On How To Make A Dog Aviary With Their Own Hands

Selection of materials

Aviary can be concrete or asphalt. Wherein many owners prefer the arrangement of the concrete floor in the aviary, because it can be done by yourself, and at the same time the cost of such a floor will be much cheaper than asphalt. But you need to understand that the concrete floor is very cold, and in order to avoid the disease of your pet’s rheumatism, it must be covered with wooden planks.

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Also of great importance is the choice of material for the aviary itself: metal or wooden, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the wooden structure is its low cost compared to the metal, and the disadvantage is the short life in operation.

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The advantage of the metal enclosure, on the contrary, is its durability, and the disadvantage is the relatively high cost.


One of the initial stages of building a dog enclosure is its planning. To do this, you need to make a plan of the aviary, where to determine all elements of the aviary and their sizes, as well as to prepare a place on the site for construction and support. You can attach it to the shed or build as a separate structure.

The location of the building is better to plan in the south-east direction. There is no need to turn the aviary to the north side, otherwise in the winter the aviary will be constantly clogged with snow and also to the south, because in summer the dog will be very hot. Moreover, such an arrangement should harmoniously fit into the design of your backyard plot and not violate its integrity and harmony.

It should be noted that if you build a wooden aviary, between its bottom and the ground you need to leave a gap of about 15 cm in order to save wooden elements from rotting. The construction site must be leveled and covered with rubble. The supports can be made of concrete pillars, bricks or cement blocks.

Creating a feeder

A dog feeder in an aviary is one of its main components, because without a feeder, an aviary does not look like a full-fledged shelter for your pet.

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To arrange such a feeder, it is enough to choose a place for her in the aviary (preferably not far from the entrance), and install containers for eating and drinking a dog there.

The best option of the feeder in a dog aviary is the feeder, from which you can feed the dog without going into the aviary, that is, a food container attached to the wall of the aviary at a height of 20-30 cm from the floor in normal reach for both your pet and the owner .

Some Tips On How To Make A Dog Aviary With Their Own Hands

This variant of the feeder is ideal when the owner is in a hurry and there is no time to enter the aviary, or when the dog is fed by a person whom the dog does not know enough and can harm him.

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Calculation of estimated costs

The financial cost of building a dog enclosure depends on the cost of the material from which the enclosure will be made, as well as on its quantity, which is determined by the size of the enclosure.

To determine the approximate cost of construction and at the same time save, you need to analyze the market of building materials, which today has a huge range, for the cost of the necessary materials and choose the best option.

It should also take into account the cost of construction tools that will be used in the construction of the enclosure. Or perhaps they are already in your household and you don’t have to buy them.


Consider an example of the construction of the simplest metal enclosure, which consists of the following steps:

Frame assembly and floor installation

First, using a welding machine, we make a floor frame, and then from the vertical piles we make directly the frame of the open-air cage, then we weld the transverse crossbars for the roof. At the same time, the aviary was strong and served for a long time, It is important not to save on guides.

Next, do the floor for the aviary. Moreover, it can be made of wood on a metal base, or to pour a platform for an open-air cage with concrete, and then cover it with wooden planks.

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Frame and roof installation

We build walls of metal rods or pipes, arranging them with a distance of about ten to fifteen centimeters from each other, not forgetting to leave an opening for entry. The rods need to be cleaned, primed and painted. One of the walls with the help of boards can be made “deaf”, which will serve as additional protection for your pet in case of bad weather.

We make a roof for the aviary, which can be metal, wooden or slate. Need to remember that the roof is installed with a small roll to the rear of the aviary.

The final stage of construction is the installation of a warm box inside the enclosure to shelter a dog in case of cold weather, and a carport. To close the enclosure should use a powerful constipation, so that the dog could not knock him out with their weight. As a result, we get a big, cozy and spacious “house” for your four-legged friend.

Principles of keeping a dog in an aviary

Since the aviary is literally a home for your pet, he needs regular, thorough care, since the health of your animal depends on it, namely:

  • Daily cleaning of dog excrement;
  • In the warm season, thorough wet cleaning – 1 time per month, in the cold – 1 time in three months;
  • Dry cleaning at least every two weeks;
  • Regularly check the reliability of all connections and fixtures, as well as the condition of the floors. If they are wooden, the approximate lifespan of such floors is about seven years;
  • Twice a year wood treatment with antiseptics;
  • Periodic disinfection of the enclosure;
  • Renovation of painting the tubular walls of the aviary – about once every two years.

With careful care of the aviary, he will serve the dog for many years, and your pet will feel in him in comfort and safety, and will be grateful for the care.

Thus, having studied the recommendations and tips laid out in the article, you will be able to independently build a “house” for your four-legged friend, who will appreciate your efforts and will faithfully serve you for many years. And it’s up to you to choose what kind of aviary will be, since each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

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