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Instructions for setting up and using the watch Smart Baby Watch Q60S

Smart Watch Language Setting

Please start with this chapter!

1. Before setting the clock, make sure that your SIM card:

Connected to a reliable operator (we recommend Megafon, Beeline. they have stable Internet; we do not recommend MTS and Tele2. it was noticed that the Internet on the watch is not stable). It is advisable to check the availability of the Internet and communication on another device (for example, a telephone) to make sure that communication and Internet access is provided by the operator. This is especially true if a SIM card has just been connected.

Does not have a PIN code

Only then continue the further steps according to the instructions!

1. Unfasten the battery cover, insert a micro SIM card, lock the SIM card slot in the “Lock” position. Be careful not to damage the battery wiring.

2. Press and hold the center button (SOS) until you hear the music of the mobile device and the displayed message on the screen indicating the start of the clock. The clock cannot be turned off after the parent number is set in the application. To turn off the device, you need to use the mobile phone application.

3. Download the Setracker app for your smartphone. To do this, in the search bar AppStore (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android), enter setracker

4. Charging: Use the USB cable to recharge. Connect the cable on the left side of the smart watch and insert the other end into the charger (recommended) or computer.

Attention: when charging the watch for the first time, leave the phone connected to the charger for 10-12 hours. Further, do not allow the watch to completely discharge at least the first five charge cycles. With a minimum battery charge, charge the device again to maximum. This is necessary for the “buildup” of the battery

5. Call to the installed phone of the parent (s). hold down the SOS button before making a call. If the parent’s first telephone is unavailable, the watch will dial to the second, third, and so on in a circle.

6. To use the notebook, after setting the numbers through the application, double-click the top button on the watch, you will see a list of numbers. To dial, hold down the top button until the call begins. To move through the lines of a book, press the upper / lower button of the clock.

7. To send a voice message to a smartphone with the SeTracker application installed, press and hold the bottom button of the clock. While the button is being held, a voice message is recorded (the clock is reporting the time), releasing the button, you send the message. The speed of sending a message from the watch to the application depends on the quality and speed of the Internet connection in the GPS watch.

8. Attention: after determining the list of numbers through the SeTracker application, the watch will be able to receive calls only from these numbers!

All phone numbers are hammered into the application through 8-ku, for example 89021112151

II. App Features

1. Download and enter the application

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If you have a QR code scanner installed on your smartphone, you can scan this code and download the application. Or just search the AppStore or Google Play for “SETRACKER”

Video: Smart Watch Language Setting

Launch the app. Click on the “Register” button

The device is tied to the account once.

To register a watch in the application, enter the number located on the back cover of the watch in the “device id” field or use the barcode scanner (the icon on the right of the application id field)

In the “Login” field, enter a username that is convenient for you. Do not forget it! For example, dasha1287

In the “Name” field, write the name of the child

In the field “Phone” write down the phone number of the parent.

In the remaining fields, write down the password you created. Do not forget it!

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT: select the region “Europe and Africa”, otherwise the clock will have to be reset.

If, after entering data and pressing the registration confirmation button, a message like “network equipment not found” appears, this means that the SIM card has a problem with the GPRS Internet connection (usually MTS or TELE2). Use the operators Megaphone or Beeline

Smart Watch Language Setting

If all of the above is done correctly, you will see the application menu. The system is up and running

Smart Watch Language Setting
Smart Watch Language Setting
Smart Watch Language Setting

Smart Watch Language Setting

Smart Watch Language Setting

. IMPORTANT! You must select an action area. For Russia. EUROPE and AFRICA

Forgot your password? (password recovery button)

ID devices. unique ID number of your GPS watch, it is located on the back of the watch (on the lid) and has the form "ID 1234567890 (sometimes the number is longer). You can enter it manually, or you can also scan using the SeTracker QR scanner

Login (Login). your unique login (account) in the system, can consist of 4-16 characters. Save it somewhere so you don’t forget

Name (Nickname). the name of the device (gps clock) that will be displayed in your program. This may be the name of your child. If you have several children and everyone has a GPS watch, then it will be easier for you to recognize them on the map.

Number (P_number). parent phone number

Password. Password from 6 to 12 characters. Save it somewhere so you don’t forget

Password (R_password). confirmation password (enter your password again)

INTERCOM (Voice messages). the ability to send short voice messages to a children’s GPS watch, the child, in turn, can not only listen, but also respond. Messages are transmitted over the Internet.

HEALTH (Health). health: walking time, number of steps, number of calories burned, sleep mode, full logging. over, rather fine-tuning, for example, indicates the average step length of the child, which must first be measured

FOOTPRINT (Reports). essentially a record of the child’s routes that can be played back and viewed for a specific number and time

GEOFENCE (Geofence). a geofence is assigned, the diameter (circle) upon exiting from which, a GPS watch will send you a notification

MAP (Where is the child?). A map of the city with an indication of the location of the children’s GPS watch. See screenshot.

SETTINGS (Settings). the main settings of the application.

REWARDS (Rewards). cute hearts encouraging a child for good behavior 🙂

MESSAGE (Message). notifications. For example, about turning off the clock with GPS, as shown in the example below.

ALARM (Alarm). the ability to remotely set an alarm for a child

WATCH (Where can I find it?). at the touch of a button, the clock will start to emit a beep and it will be easy to find them in the room / apartment

Profile (Personal Account) (password change, etc.)

Return to the main menu.

Start recording a voice message

End of voice message recording

Travel history (the opportunity to find out where your child was)

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