Slow Shutdown Windows 7 Computer

Many users are faced with the problem of slow laptop operation. Let’s consider ten main reasons why the laptop turns on for a long time.

Slow Shutdown Windows 7 Computer

operating system

The operating system and hard drive become overloaded with information over time. When using a laptop, the programs used are not always correctly deleted. This leads to various conflicts in the operation of the system. The more programs installed and running at the same time, the higher the likelihood of failures leading to a slowdown of the laptop.

Elimination of the cause: It is recommended to regularly use programs for comprehensive maintenance of the operating system registry in order to avoid this problem. For example, Reg Organizer is a multifunctional program for the comprehensive maintenance of the Micorosoft Windows registry. Performs registry cleaning, compression and defragmentation. It also has a registry editor and an advanced function for searching and replacing data, provides a preview of imported reg-files (including from Explorer). Reg Organizer performs a complete removal of the software, cleaning everything "tails"remaining in the system after a normal deletion.

File fragmentation

The laptop needs periodic defragmentation, which helps to sort and organize the logical partitions of the disk on which the operating system files are located.

Elimination of the cause: Defragmentation is best done with specialized programs.

Defragment your hard drive

Open Disk Defragmenter. To do this, click the Start button. In the search box, type Disk Defragmenter, and then in the list of results, select Disk Defragmenter. In the Current Status section, select the disk that you want to defragment.

To determine if disk defragmentation is required, click the Analyze button. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, provide a password or provide confirmation.

When Windows finishes analyzing the disk, the Last Run column displays information about the percentage of disk fragmentation. If this value exceeds 10%, you must defragment the disk.

Click the Disk Defragmenter button. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, provide a password or provide confirmation.

Registry entries

A large number of programs in startup of the operating system contribute to the slow operation of the laptop.

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Elimination of the cause: Remove unnecessary programs from startup. All used programs are displayed in the lower right part of the laptop screen when you press the Start button. For prevention, use programs that correct entries in the registry.

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For example, WinHacker 95. changes icons, renames and deletes service folders, varies various Windows settings.

Win-eXpose-Registry. monitors registry entries with the ability to filter by type of application. You can print the log file from the program, but you cannot save it in the desired location. In addition, you cannot go to a modified, created, or deleted key.

Registry Search Replace. scans and replaces the parameters in the Registry not only of the local, but also of the remote computer, and in keys of certain types, followed by saving all the settings.

Virus scan

There are viruses that do not manifest themselves for a long time. But in the active phase, they slow down the laptop.

Elimination of the cause: run the antivirus program.

Open the main window of the antivirus program, go to the menu “Scan hard drives” or “Scan PC.” In the window that appears, define the scan settings for your computer.

For a more thorough scan, we select the most powerful option. “Deep Scan”. After that, we indicate the hard drives and other devices on which we will conduct the search and removal of viruses.

If necessary, we fine-tune the settings for scanning and checking files. After that, click the “Scan” button.

During the scan, the antivirus will detect suspicious files, and then prompts you to perform one of the actions on them. Typically, an antivirus offers:

  • file deletion;
  • Move file to quarantine
  • skip the file (leaving everything unchanged);
  • clean the file from viruses.

We select one of the actions and click the “OK” button.

If the virus remains on the computer after running the antivirus program, you must remove it yourself. We indicate to the antivirus program the name of the file to delete. To do this, open the folder in which the damaged file is stored, and right-click on it and select one of the actions in the menu that appears (for example, “Scan for viruses”).

In the event that the antivirus has not detected any suspicious data in the file or several files, but you know that the file contains a virus, select this file or several files and press the shift del combination.


The processor power resources of a dual-core laptop draw applications running in the background.

Elimination of the cause: View the running programs in the task manager. Stop and delete unused ones. Replace the necessary programs that take up a large processor resource with those that work correctly. Do this carefully and if you are not sure, then contact more experienced people.

Hard drive sector

The reason for the slow operation of the laptop is the appearance of bad sectors on the hard drive. This is the “disease” of laptops that are more than two to three years old.

Elimination of the cause: periodically check the disk for bad sectors. This will help the built-in Windows disk surface diagnostic tools. Third-party software is also effective.

Cooling system

When the temperature rises to critical, the overheat protection system is activated. Spontaneous shutdown is possible. A sign is the heating of the bottom of the laptop case and a strong fan noise.

Elimination of the cause: cleaning a laptop from dust, you can read about it in our article "Why is the laptop warming up?" or contact a service center to clean your laptop.