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Despite modern technology and high quality, many smartphones are slow in operation. If such a nuisance has occurred to you, and you do not know how to restart the Meizu phone if it freezes, this article is for you. We will analyze several methods that will help solve the problem and speed up the device running the Android operating system.

Why Android smartphone may freeze

There can be many reasons for freezing, but most often this is due to the large number of open applications, accumulated garbage, clogged cache. Sometimes system errors are to blame.

Custom firmware can lead to slow smartphone operation and system errors. Therefore, it is undesirable to change the factory firmware.

It is recommended to download applications Only from trusted sources, such as the Play Market. If you download APK files from third-party sources (especially if it is a paid program), there is a high probability that they contain a virus. As you know, viruses cause the device to freeze, slow operation, and sometimes serious damage.

An error during backup may cause the smartphone to malfunction. The device will hang, and you may even need a flashing.

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How to restart a frozen Meize using a soft reset

If Meizu M6 or any other model freezes, a reboot is required. This is the only option that will help to resume the stable operation of the device. If the smartphone responds to touch, we perform a soft reset in the usual way. It is important to remember that the usual way allows you to close all processes and save information without losing it. We perform the following actions:

  • We hold and hold the power button.
  • A window with several options will appear.
  • Select the “Reboot” button.
  • Everything, the smartphone successfully reboots.
Show Phone Meizu M5s

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After the actions taken, the Meizu phone on the Android operating system should work stably and without glitches.

How to force reboot a Meizu phone (hard reset)

When the smartphone does not respond to touch and does not show signs of life, only a forced reboot will help. Hard reset implies an instant shutdown of all processes, which will lead to the loss of unsaved data. The situation can happen unexpectedly and at any time, so it is better to save all personal data in advance in the cloud. If there is a memory card, all the necessary information can be sent to it. Forced reboot only deletes data from the phone’s memory cache. So what you need to do if the Meizu smartphone freezes.

  • Necessary hold the power button for about 30 seconds.
  • A logo should appear on the screen, after which the smartphone will reboot.

Forced method will allow you to reboot a hung Meizu phone and any other model. But this method should not be abused.

During hard reboot the signal instantly arrives at the processor, so the device reboots instantly, and the data, not having time to be automatically saved, are deleted.

Tips for future use

Turn off and on again the phone is not a way out of the situation after repeated freezes. In order for the device to function properly, it is necessary to detect and eliminate the cause. Remember, maybe you installed programs or games. Perhaps they are the ones that slow down the smartphone. Uninstall applications and verify device functionality. If this does not help, then the virus has already entered the system. In this case, you need to download the best antivirus program and scan the entire system. If suspicious malicious files are detected, delete them immediately.

To Meizu M5S worked quickly and did not freeze, try updating the system or installing a new version.

Unfavorable effects on the smartphone are sudden outages, for example, when the battery is completely discharged. You can’t allow this to happen, and you need to put the device on charge by 15-30%.

Once a week it is necessary to do a soft reset for prevention. This will stop all processes and clear the RAM.