Sewing A Dog Bed With Your Own Hands

Happy dog ​​owners are well aware that their pets should know their place. This is exactly the corner where the animal will feel comfortable and fully relax. Unlike cats, which are characterized by constant movement over the living space of the owner, the dog simply needs its space. About how to make a sunbed for the dog with your own hands. Further.

Options for organizing a place for a dog

Today there are a lot of different devices for sleeping and resting dogs, which differ in their design, comfort level and, accordingly, price.
It is important to know that the dog is not always happy with such gifts. It is difficult to predict the tastes of your pet, and how he reacts to your gift can upset you a little and make it a waste of money. Therefore, in order for the animal to rest happily in the purchased stowage bench, you will have to work hard. As for the size of the bed itself, it is not always possible to guess it precisely, since during direct operation the animal may deform the bed a little and then it will be quite uncomfortable.

Sewing A Dog Bed With Your Own Hands

As for the price category, then everything depends only on how much you decide to spend on your pet, because there are such samples of beds, which are decorated with natural furs and stones. Thus, the owners of the dog, of course, want to show others how much this animal is dear to them. The dog itself is indifferent to such “showy” sun beds, the most important thing for him. first of all it is comfort. If you do not have huge amounts of money, but love your pets, then the best option would be to make this device yourself.

Types of sun beds

Sun beds vary depending on which dog they are chosen for.

Sewing A Dog Bed With Your Own Hands

They may be as follows:

  1. The shape – round, oval, rectangular or other straightforward form.
  2. By filling – soft, filled with padding polyester or plastic.
  3. To destination – for a dream, for active recreation.
  4. The level of stiffness – frameless (in the form of a pillow or mattress), frame (have a rigid base, covered with a soft cloth).
  5. By the amount of light – open and closed.
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Dog features

Special attention should be paid to how the pet likes to rest. Some breeds of dogs love to sleep, curled up, and the ideal option for them would be round or oval loungers. If the dog likes to sleep, stretching the legs forward, then he will like a rectangular bench, as the oval will constrain it. There are some dogs that prefer closed sun beds. So they feel protected and can rest easy.

Enumerate a variety of modern lounges can be infinitely long, but still it will be much more pleasant for a dog to bask in a cozy place that is filled with the love of its owners.

The advantages of a homemade lounger

You can make a plank bed for your dog without any problems, if you prepare for work correctly. Of course, the manufacture of a sunbed will take a lot of time and effort, but this will have a lot of benefit, for example:

  • The size will be accurate, and the pet will not have to huddle in a small area when it grows up and will get stronger;
  • A fabric will be chosen that does not accumulate static stress and will not force the pet to "spark" at the slightest contact with it;
  • The choice of the shape of the lounger can be made in accordance with the preferences of the dog or its physiological characteristics;
  • The color and shape of the lounger itself will perfectly fit into your own home interior.

However, the most important advantage when creating a plank bed for dogs with your own hands, a plank bed or a mattress, is that all the love and care with which you did this plank for him will be transferred to the pet. Energetics of love, care and affection. This is the most valuable thing that you can give to your pet, so we prepare pencils and pens and get ready to make this unpretentious object.

Where to begin

Before starting work, we should assemble all the components we need in our work:

  1. Paper for making patterns, if there is none, then you can take a newspaper as usual.
  2. Plating fabric – usually used dense types, such as jeans or teak, which has no nap, does not cough and does not change its color when used.
  3. The filler is most often used silicone or synthetic winterizer, however, you can save and fill the bed with unnecessary scrap and pieces of fabric. You can use hay from homemade dried herbs, but this filler will have to be changed periodically.
  4. Fabric for pillowcases – it is recommended to make several variants of pillowcases for their constant changing and washing, you can experiment and find out which of the pillowcases will be more like a pet.
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Before proceeding to the pattern, you need to measure the length of the dog. It is recommended to do it when the dog is lying on the floor, stretching out its paws. If you have a puppy, and its growth is rapidly increasing, then you need to add to the pattern half the length of the dog or make beds as your pet grows.

Patterns loungers for dogs

The lounger for the dog with his own hands is the easiest to make on the pattern, which will greatly facilitate the work.

The pattern is easy to make. It is necessary to draw the plans on paper and estimate how the dog will feel, whether it will feel comfortable. Next, transfer the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric and cut it out.

The bottom is better to make foam. Let’s look at the most primitive and easy to play lounger. For its production will require foam rubber, furniture fabric and any fabric for pillowcases. From foam rubber we cut two parts. bottom and side lounger. The side is not very high, from 20 to 40 cm, depending on the height of the dog.

Next, on the foam parts of the bottom, we cut out the same element from the fabric, not forgetting to leave 2 cm for the seams. Next, all the details are stitched: first, fabric is stitched, and foam rubber is already inserted into them. After that, the product is completely sewn, i.e. a rim is attached to the bottom. Here, in fact, all the equipment, which can be performed even manually, but the sewing machine will facilitate this task and make the seams more accurate. Sun beds for large dogs usually require an extra pillow, which can be sewn on the bottom of the sunbed pattern and stuffed with any filler, as long as it does not cause allergic reactions in the dog, as well as its owners. If necessary and the special preferences of the dog, the shape for the bed can be made combined. If fantasy does not allow you to come up with something yourself, then you can search for patterns of sun beds for dogs in Internet resources and, using them, sew your masterpiece.

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Big dog. big lounger

Sewing A Dog Bed With Your Own Hands

If your favorite is a large breed, then it will take more materials and, of course, strength to make a sunbed. In this case, it is much more profitable to acquire a lounger, which is made in production. Another important condition is the stiffness that must be present at the base of the frame. Most often it is made of wood, as the tree is ideal for dogs, does not create discomfort and is considered an environmentally friendly product, performing its main function of keeping the dog’s body.

Hands business pet love

Even someone who is not strong in cutting technique can make a plank bed for the dog with his hands – this is another advantage and feature that deserves attention. This does not require any special knowledge and skills. Now we know how to make a sunbed or dog bed with our own hands. It is quite simple and economical. For the manufacture, you can use unnecessary materials and improvised means, as long as they do not harm the pet. The basic rule when creating a sunbed is to make your pet’s sleep comfortable. Having spent just a couple of hours, you can make an excellent lounger for dogs. Do it yourself – please pet and prove once again how strong your love for him is. And you will work in the boring winter evenings, and the pet will be glad to such a gift.

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