Setting up Xiaomi Vacuum 1s

The specialists of our company most of all want the use of Xiaomi ecosystem technology to take place in your atmosphere of complete comfort. That is why we present to you the complete and detailed instructions for updating the Mi Robot Vacuum control menu for the localized version.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Install / update the latest version of Mi Home
  2. Run the program, log in to your Xiaomi account
  3. Refresh the list of connected devices in the “Devices” window
  4. Sure! Take turns to open each device from connected ones, and wait until it downloads / updates its original plugin from the Internet
  5. Close the Mi Home program, go to the phone settings, and through the Applications menu. Third-party. Mi Home. unload program
  6. Install Root Explorer (or another root explorer)
  7. Download separately needed plugins. link. Which plug-in corresponds to which device can be seen in plugin list, which is attached at the end of the text, before the screenshots.
  8. Through the Root Explorer program, go along the path /data/data/com.xiaomi.smarthome/files/plugin/install/mpk
  9. And copy the necessary plugins with the apk extension to the mpk folder from step 8. (check the numbers of the apk files themselves, they must match with the files that you replace if the numbers are different, then the plugin has not yet been updated).
  10. Reboot the phone, as plugins are not immediately picked up.
  11. The installation process is complete. Use with pleasure!
Setting up Xiaomi Vacuum 1s

List of plugins

Using this list you will find out: Which plug-in you need to copy to which folder (each plug-in, when connecting the Xiaomi device, is downloaded to the folder WITH ITS NUMBER)

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Setting up Xiaomi Vacuum 1s

Video: Setting up Xiaomi Vacuum 1s

folder 102 | file 1930.apk | appointment. Tv
folder 103 | file 3486.apk | appointment. water purifier
folder 104 | file 4404.apk | appointment. IR Remote Controller
folder 107 | file 5359.apk | appointment. air cleaner
folder 108 | file 5304.apk | appointment. signaling
folder 110 | file 5296.apk | appointment. 360 ° camera
folder 111 | file 1614.apk | appointment. IR remote
folder 112 | file 2552.apk | appointment. Yeelight LED Lamp (White)
folder 113 | file 2385.apk | appointment. lamp Yeelight LED
folder 115 | file 687.apk | appointment. lamp
folder 116 | file 3670.apk | appointment. Router MI Wi-Fi 3
folder 118 | file 4203.apk | appointment. socket
folder 124 | file 4503.apk | appointment. wifi amplifier
folder 134 | file 5370.apk | appointment. Mi Robot Vacuum
folder 138 | file 2222.apk | appointment. Philips LED Smart Eye Lamp
folder 141 | file 5420.apk | appointment. band yeelight
folder 150 | file 3326.apk | appointment. SMART Power Strip Tee
folder 161 | file 4839.apk | appointment. rice cooker
folder 162 | file 2452.apk | appointment. Internet radio
folder 170 | file 3470.apk | appointment. Roidmi
folder 182 | file 2380.apk | appointment. lamp
folder 187 | file 3194.apk | appointment. IR smartphone
folder 208 | file 4907.apk | appointment. electric kettle
folder 211 | file 3510.apk | appointment. KingMi Power Strip with WiFi Extender
folder 229 | file 5390.apk | appointment. color monitor
folder 240 | file 2943.apk | appointment. camera
folder 246 | file 3358.apk | appointment. Mi Smart LED lamp
folder 262 | file 4204.apk | appointment. socket v.2
folder 278 | file 3570.apk | appointment. lamp Xiaomi Philips v.2
folder 281 | file 3796.apk | appointment. Fan
folder 285 | file 5414.apk | appointment. Alarm Clock Mi Alarm Clock
folder 286 | file 3457.apk | appointment. Yeelight Lightstrip tape
folder 287 | file 2453.apk | appointment. Router
folder 289 | file 5309.apk | appointment. Toothbrush
folder 304 | file 2908.apk | appointment. Yeelight smart bulb colorful edition
folder 339 | file 3705.apk | appointment. Pedometer
folder 349 | file 5476.apk | appointment. Xiaofang smart ip camera
folder 372 | file 5069.apk | appointment. Humidifier
folder 391 | file 4888.apk | appointment. Xiaomi Scooter
folder 395 | file 5173.apk | appointment. Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 Detector
folder 403 | file 5277.apk | appointment. Yeelight Luna (LED Chandelier)
folder 415 | file 4756.apk | appointment. Panorama Xiaofang smart ip camera

If you followed the indicated instructions exactly, the control menu of your Mi Robot Vacuum will take the form shown in the screenshots below:

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