Setting up Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

How to install Xiaomi Redmi 4 correctly

It is well known that Chinese Xiaomi phones run Android in the MIUI proprietary shell, which is very different from the standard Android format. For example, your phone does not have a clearly defined context menu for installed applications. Shell options are also different. Therefore, many people who first bought a smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4, do not know how to properly configure the gadget. To avoid this problem, let’s talk about the configuration features of Xiaomi Redmi 4.

Setting up Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Initial setup

After buying a smartphone, the device will ask you to perform the initial settings. Without them, Android just won’t start. In this regard, Xiaomi gadgets are no different from phones running on a clean Android system.

You will need to choose a convenient interface design language, connect to a Wi-Fi network, which will then be considered home, specify your main mail profile and much more. This step can be called mutual acquaintance. the first time you see your phone, and he gets to know you, studying the basic information of the user. Everything is very simple and clear here. you are asked basic questions that need to be answered with the same simple answers. In addition, systematic advice is constantly being issued. In short, even if you have no experience setting up your phone, you are unlikely to get confused.

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The main thing. Responsibly approach the issue of filling out information. Often, users perform this task through their sleeves, and as a result, they have problems with further setting up gadgets. So take your time, do everything in sequence, and success is inevitable.

Internet settings

One of the most important advantages of smartphones is access to the Internet with their help. If it turns out that you did not enter your Internet connection for any reason during the initial installation, or if the information was entered incorrectly, follow these steps:

  1. Open the notification panel. Find and hold the Wi-Fi icon for a few seconds.
  2. A menu of available connections appears. Choose your home network.
  3. Enter your password and log in by clicking the button "Connect".

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If you need to configure mobile Internet settings, you need to enable mobile data. The corresponding button is in the same notification panel.

If you use two SIM cards at the same time and you need to strictly turn on the Internet on one of them, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. We are looking for a parameter "SIM cards and mobile networks".
  3. At the very bottom of the list that appears, we find the option "The Internet". Press here.
  4. We indicate which SIM card the system should use to connect to the Internet by default.

Camera settings

Before starting to use the phone, I always installed the camera. For most users of mobile gadgets, it is important how their devices can take photos in different conditions. Be sure to pre-configure your phone to best meet your expectations. Chinese smartphones, including Xiaomi, provide ample opportunity for this. Some models have a module with two cameras, which allows you to beautifully blur the background at will, as well as ample opportunities for scaling and editing photos.

As with most other programs, in "Cell" All important parameters are changed through the corresponding item. "Setup". In this case, this is the application itself, and not the standard shortcut for the general settings of the smartphone. Therefore, first of all, we recommend that you make the following changes to the settings:

  1. Save the photos to the SD card. By default, photos will be stored in the internal memory of the smartphone, which is strictly limited. To avoid clogging, use a memory card as the primary storage location for your photo.
  1. High image quality. You can choose in what quality you want to be photographed. The higher the quality, the more energy the battery consumes and the longer the image is processed. But if these parameters are not important for you, feel free to increase the performance of your photo to the maximum.
  2. Aspect ratio. It’s best to choose a 4: 3 ratio. This is a standard format that uses the entire useful area of ​​the matrix.
  3. Definition. Focus on your preferences here. Some people value the maximum clarity of photos, but clarity is important to someone.
  4. Contrast and saturation. All these elements are also individual, but practice shows that optimal photos are obtained if you set the option "Normal".
  5. Auto Exposure. Set value "Average". This will help improve dynamic range.
  6. Activate the grid. The item is useful for those who have problems with the horizon. If you decide to activate this option, you will always see the correct location of the horizon from the famous "golden section".

Also be sure to customize your video. The following important options are available: