Send SMS To Vodafone From Computer

Subscribers of any mobile operators, including Vodafon Ukraine, can get into a situation related to zeroing the balance of the phone when there is no way to replenish it. It is then that there is a need to send SMS to Vodafon Ukraine for free from a computer. Convenient services exist for sending SMS to Vodafon and numbers of other operators, and some of them will be described later. It should be noted right away that you can write SMS to Vodafon Ukraine to any recipients: both domestic and foreign.

Send SMS To Vodafone From Computer

Service for sending SMS to Vodafon Ukraine via the Internet

When a subscriber urgently needs to send an SMS to a phone number, for example, Vodafon Ukraine or any other, and there is no way to do it directly from the phone, a service comes to the rescue that allows you to send messages directly from your computer. This service is available not only to the company’s customers Vodafone. linking to a specific operator is not important here. The list of valid codes includes several options, which is very convenient for the user.

By performing an instant search on the Internet, you can find out the origin of any codes consisting of three characters.
The described option gives the subscriber the opportunity to type a text notification in Latin letters. The maximum number of characters that can be entered in this way is 128. We also allow the set of SMS messages to Vodafon Ukraine in Cyrillic in Russian and Ukrainian. In this case, the established limit on the number of characters may be changed.

To correctly display the letters in the Russian and Ukrainian alphabets, transliteration should be used.

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Important! Free sending SMS messages to Vodafon Ukraine is possible using the service. The subscriber does not need to register in this system and indicate any personal data.

Sending SMS using the service

So, in order to send an SMS to the number serviced by the Vodafone Ukraine operator for free, you need to go to the website of the service. It does not require registration and user authorization.

After the page opens, the following information should be entered into the form:

  • code for sending;
  • Recipient’s phone number
  • SMS message text;
  • verification password.

The form for customers of Vodafon Ukraine supports sending SMS to the following codes:

  • 38,050;
  • 38,066;
  • 38,099;
  • 38,095.

The length of the message written in Latin is one hundred twenty-eight characters, Cyrillic. thirty-one characters.
After the user clicks the “Send” button, an SMS message is instantly sent to the subscriber of Vodafon Ukraine. It will come in the following format: “The operator for SMS SMS is not available — the content of the message specified by the sender.”

How else can I send SMS from a computer

A subscriber will be able to send free SMS to Vodafon Ukraine via the Internet by clicking on the link This is the Vodafon / MTS SMS center, which allows you to send a message no longer than one hundred and twenty-one characters in length to any subscriber. The procedure requires the sender to know the phone number to which the message will go, the code from which he starts, and the remaining characters.

How to send an SMS message to Vodafone:

  1. Write the required text in Latin letters.
  2. A password for verification will be displayed below the message content, which must be entered on an empty line.
  3. Click “Submit”.

The described services are perfect for sending short messages to Vodafon and MTS customers. Sending SMS from a computer ensures its instant receipt to the recipient’s number. As the only minus, you can indicate the presence in the text of a mandatory signature from the service.