Screen Replacement for Samsung Note 9

If the phone falls, the glass breaks, or the display is damaged in another way. immediately contact our specialized service center. The workshop’s specialists will quickly and efficiently make glass replacement, repair and customize the operation of the Samsung smartphone. In the process, only modern high-precision equipment, licensed software and original components are used. Prices for all services are fixed, they can be seen on the workshop’s official website.

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Samsung repair cost

Replacement glass Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with delivery

Most Samsung phone models are high-quality, functional, high-resolution display devices. But, despite the high tightness of the case, moisture protection class IP68 and the strength of all components, there are problems with smartphones, especially after various mechanical damages. The most common of these are touch screen defects. They appear after a drop or liquid gets into the device, in the form of a decrease in image quality. brightness, sharpness or color rendering. Stripes and dots form on the display, a matrix leaks. The depth of damage depends on the strength of the impact. And if the case was depressurized due to mechanical stress, then this will negatively affect the operation of the device as a whole.

Be sure to take the cell to the workshop is recommended in the following cases:

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  • the screen is broken due to a fall;
  • the device turns off by itself;
  • touch screen is damaged;
  • glass does not respond to finger touches;
  • cracked case;
  • The touchscreen does not work.

Replacement glass Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be performed at any branch of the service center. The addresses of some offices are located near the metro. If it is not possible to hand over the device for repair yourself, leave a request on the website or call the hotline phone number to call an employee of the free courier service. The courier will arrive at a convenient time and pick up the phone for repair, and you just have to sign a service agreement.

Video: Screen Replacement for Samsung Note 9

We do not recommend changing the screen on our own, because without proper experience you will do it wrong or you may damage the cables and other components, which will increase the cost of restoration. In addition, specialized equipment will be required.

Screen Replacement for Samsung Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Replacement with Warranty

Before performing repairs, a comprehensive diagnosis of the device is carried out in order to identify all malfunctions, the procedure for repair work and the cost of services. You will find out all the information over the phone immediately after the diagnosis is completed.

Experienced craftsmen work in the service center, only original parts are used, therefore the replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 glass and other works are covered under warranty. The ticket is issued immediately after checking the device in the control and quality department. The warranty period is from 6 months to 3 years and depends on the type of breakdown, the scope of work to eliminate it, and other parameters.

Change the glass of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone in the service center

Screen replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 9. a standard procedure in our workshop. Dismantling of damaged components is carried out carefully so as not to damage the sensor layer. Increased attention is paid to the area of ​​sensors that provide protective functions. After removing large fragments of glass, a search and removal of small particles is carried out using a magnifying technique. The installation of a new screen is done in accordance with the technical regulations, and after its installation, experts conduct a series of tests to track the health of all systems.

You can pick up a smartphone yourself or use the services of a free courier. After receiving the device, you check it, sign the certificate of work and pay.

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