Samsung S8 How Many Inches Screen

If you are interested in smartphones, then you probably already managed to see one hundred and one reviews of the Samsung s8. We ourselves both got it. we ran to take a first look at it. But today I want to tell you not just what this smartphone can do, but why you need it and how you will use it. Those who love practice and real experience. stay with us! Go!


Acquaintance with a smartphone begins with the appearance. And here he is just a cosmos! You immediately see this endless 2.5D screen. and you understand that the owner of such an apparatus is versed in technology and style.

Samsung S8 How Many Inches Screen

For this, the smoothed edges of the case came in handy. the smartphone just does fit into the hand. I was very sorry to pack this beauty in a case, but I was very afraid for the safety of smartphones. It seems to me that with such a bent display, any drop will be fatal. But the wonderful guys at Samsung thought through this moment and made covers for every taste and color.

In addition to standard bathtubs, there are books with a transparent top panel or a panel with LED-view. Separately, it is worth mentioning this something. these two plates are a cover. Very strange, incomprehensible both in terms of design and functionality. If you can explain what his joke is, write in the comments. My favorite is the LED-view case, which is both pretty and functional. And you choose at your discretion.

Both smartphones are waterproof. The protection here is according to the IP68 standard, so falling into a pool or accidentally overturned glass of water will survive without serious consequences. The main thing is to check that the SIM card tray is closed. By the way, you can put two of them here, or a SIM card and an SD card. A very nice and infrequent solution for the flagship.

Of course, you can look at such beauty endlessly, but it’s much cooler to touch it. Therefore, we take the smartphone in hand.


The Home button was made with a light vibration response, as in the iPhone. Plus, it constantly glows even when the screen is locked. We remember that there is S_AMOLED, on which you can activate only part of the display and not drain the battery. The same principle works with another chip, familiar to us from previous Samsung models. Always on display. the constant display of time and notifications on a locked screen.

Samsung S8 How Many Inches Screen

The screen is what we interact with the most. and everything here is incredibly cool. The manufacturer claims that the screen occupies 83% of the front panel. Feels like when using. it seems that the screen is all 99 percent. You forget about the upper and lower frames very quickly, and the side frames are not noticeable at all because of the falling edge screen. The picture looks very vibrant, realistic and voluminous.

Both smartphones received 2K resolution and unusual display proportions. The pixel density in both S8 and Plus version is over 500, so you can not even try to make out individual pixels. In ordinary life, this may not be very critical, it becomes much more important when using a VR helmet, which is compatible with both new models.

Of course, this helmet can not be compared with full-fledged helmets of virtual reality in the detail of the picture and the effectiveness of the games, but steps towards rapprochement are being made. For example, the new helmet has its own little controller. It resembles a greatly reduced copy of the Vive controller both externally and in terms of mapping to virtual reality.

Cool thing that you can change the resolution of the display. Of course, now smart guys will come running, who will remember that this chip under the root was available for a long time. But let’s think about ordinary users who do not know how to reflash phones and are not at all interested in the engineering mode and root rights. Everything here is simple, clear and made in the standard settings.

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You can set the image display mode convenient for you or manually adjust the color gamut of the screen. For lovers of all the warm lamp. there is a special button to turn on the blue light filter. And yes. compared to the usual IPS, you can make the screen both blue and yellow, so that everyone will find an option to their taste.

I love what the new S8 and S8 Plus have made narrow and tall. So they fit well in the hand and lie well in it. There is such a nuance. in the large version it’s really not very easy to reach the upper notification curtain. But for example, my native syaomik. and I will not say that it is easier for me to pull out the curtain in it. Although it’s only 5 and a half inches, the S8 Plus has 6.2 inches.

This, by the way, is one of the main wow factors. you pick up a smartphone. and you think. well, the standard five. five and a half inches. And there they fit such large diagonals. This is a very logical direction for the development of smartphones. not in breadth, but in depth. They make the whole filling thinner and lighter so that you do not have shovels in your hands, but convenient gadgets to use.

Regarding unusual proportions and images, I want to note right away. yes, this is a little noticeable if you deploy a standard-resolution video. But the good smart people came up with the opportunity to stretch the picture to full screen. It turns out that the picture moves slightly to the edges, but as for me. this is absolutely not critical. I personally know those whom it infuriates. So you need to watch it yourself. If you do not stretch the image. here you have screens of 5.8 and 6.2 inches. In the same case, you would still get no more than 5.5 inches, so these two small strips at the edges are really little things.

Video: Samsung S8 How Many Inches Screen

Software and performance

Well, they twisted the smartphone in their hands. it’s time to try it in work! For starters, how to unlock it. A lot of options are offered. The standard graphic key does not surprise anyone with a fingerprint scanner either. By the way, they placed it here not in the most convenient place. on the side of the camera, that is, goodbye to a clean lens and clear photos. But the fact that they removed the mechanical button in which it was built in earlier is a separate achievement of designers. So the extra frames around the screen are gone, and visually the smartphone has become more futuristic.

So it’s better to take advantage of two other options unique today. unlocking by scanning the face or eyes. The craftsmen immediately rushed to check whether it was possible to hack the system using a photo. It turns out, yes, you can, in about half an hour of patient work. So you will be protected from accidental attempts, and if someone has already set out to break your phone, stolen from you for a long time, then, perhaps, nothing will stop it.

There is S Health and many other cool Samsung services that are convenient to use in everyday life. And in order to conveniently monitor all-all-all as a whole. they added a special assistant, about whom I would like to say a few words.

Bixby is an analogue of Siri, in addition. from the same developers. So far this is only a child, one can say. he knows a little, understands only a couple of languages. But he learns very quickly and will soon be able to please the owners of S8 with his talents.

Why a separate assistant, and not familiar to Android Google assistant? The developers promise that their offspring will be more adaptive and understand more complex teams. In addition, it is Bixby that will be smart enough to control the native smart home system of Samsung. The advantage is not weak, given the growing popularity of home smart systems!

In smartphones, the filling is the same, so that we can put one aside for now. I will leave the usual version for myself, simply because I like the way it lies in my hand.

So, inside there is an eight-core exinos. I won’t say numbers aloud. anyway, don’t remember by ear, but there’s a caption here, where all this is written in detail.

So, my dear lovers of grades in the tests. rejoice! Both smartphones are gaining about 172 thousand parrots in antitude! Fanfare, triumph, holiday! And then you look. and the iPhone has 175 thousand! And we can already hear the wave rising from the enthusiastic Apple fans in the distance!

But seriously. then these microscopic differences in the numbers of synthetic tests in practice are not visible at all. In normal use, smartphones behave perfectly, not allowing themselves a single glitch or plugin.


We must pay tribute to Samsung engineers. they managed to fit a battery with a capacity of 3000 and 3500 mAh in such a thin compact case. Any attempts to shove more capacity there would make smartphones heavy and bulky. And here they just wanted to achieve compactness and weightlessness in their hands.

Samsung S8 How Many Inches Screen

Smartphones are either charged via USB Type-C or wirelessly. I liked the last one the most. the charging is very thoughtful. You can not only lay your smartphone on the surface, but also put it on a stand. In this case, you can continue to conveniently use your smartphone and charge it at the same time.

Wireless charging even works through the case. It seems to be an obvious solution. do not pull out the smartphone every time. But anyway. it’s nice that even such a trifle was foreseen. Honestly. with this charge, I generally forgot about the wired version.


And the most important thing for me in choosing a smartphone is the camera. I can talk about the cameras in smartphones, plus or minus eternity. This is my big hobby, so I really love, firstly, good optics and a matrix, and secondly, modes with a lot of settings, and a clear camera software interface.

So, the first point here is excellent. There is also an optical stabilization system and very fast aperture optics f / 1.7. This combo allows you to take high-quality pictures even in low light. We specially went for a walk around night Kiev and, I must tell you, the results exceeded all my expectations.

Everything is configured. ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, there is even such a thing as “mode”. This is not quite a filter for the photo, how much is the color display mode, there are even two user presets that you can customize as you wish. The exposure cannot be controlled; it is automatically adjusted depending on the shutter speed and ISO value.

It would seem, why in this case, generally switch to auto mode? But why. only in it there is an additional opportunity to stabilize the video. This is useful to all bloggers who make videos on the go. You can also use tracking autofocus to shoot dynamic scenes. sports events, reports, or children. It works like this. you fix the object in the frame, which you need to monitor. and no matter how you move the phone, the object remains in focus of the frame. Burst shooting here is also one of the fastest to date. about 15 frames per second.

Video is recorded as much as UHD, i.e. 4K. However, some chips may be lost. for example, HDR mode, tracking autofocus and additional video effects. All this is available to you when shooting in standard Full HD mode. There is also an extended Full HD with recording at 60 frames per second, it has the same limitations as for recording in 4K. It is possible to record slow motion videos and timelaps. So you will have enough opportunities to control the time (insert Hermione with a time handwheel)

There is another feature in the main camera. the Bixby camera. By the logic of the action, it is somewhat similar to a scanner of QR codes. Only here not codes are read, but objects surrounding you. So far, it doesn’t work very well on small nishtyak such as t-shirts and smartphones, but it’s easy to understand architectural monuments. The neural network is responsible for the recognition function, so the more people use it, the more accurate the answers will become.

The front camera compared to the S7 has become a little better. by 8 MP. The pictures are clear, the degree of enhancers can be manually adjusted by points. For selfies in the dark, there is a backlight option. from the moment you take a picture, the entire screen is softly highlighted with warm light, so that you get a natural skin tone and uniform illumination of the entire face with fill light.

For fans of extravagant selfies, as well as snapsid. a whole pack of animated stickers is built into the camera’s native application. Take a picture of yourself more, take a picture of yourself more fun! I understand that this is trash, but how addictive it is!


In general, I really liked the smartphone. The killer feature of it is, of course, an endless display, which, as for the standard dimensions of the smartphone, is unrealistically large. The performance here is very high, the interface is simple and straightforward.
What I did not like about the new smartphones is the location of the fingerprint scanner on the side of the camera. For the rest. I think the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus are very cool flagships that set the bar high for all competitors in both performance and design.

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