Samsung S7 Video 4K Configure

Friends with spring, today in honor of the holiday we’ll talk about an interesting model.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935D) we have today on a review. Samsung, in principle, is a rare guest on our portal, so we will consider any of its appearance as a holiday, all the more relevant flagship, although they will soon introduce s8. That’s when this moment comes, the price of our hero will drop a little and you can buy it, because even today this smartphone has practically no equal from all points of view. We start with the technical specifications:

Case Materials Metal;
Android 7 operating system;
Screen 5.5 ″ AMOLED, 2560 × 1440, 534 PPI, Gorilla Glass 4;
Cameras 12 megapixels 5 megapixels, optical video stabilization up to 4K (3840 × 2160);
CPU (processor) Samsung Exynos 8890, 8 cores up to 2.6 GHz;
Video processor Mali-T880;
ROM (built-in memory) 32 GB (free 24), MicroSD up to 200 GB;
Communication GSM / 3G / 4G;
SIM cards 2 nano SIM, microSD slot combined with a second SIM;
FM radio No;
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC data transmission;
GPS / GLONASS / BDS Yes / Yes / Yes;
Battery, mAh 3600;
Real battery test than 15 hours of video at maximum brightness;
Dimensions, weight 150.9 × 72.6 × 7.7 mm, 157 grams;
Features A curved screen on both sides, a heart rate measurement sensor, IP68 water and dust protection, optical camera stabilization, the ability to constantly display the clock on the screen.


Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 egde, the design has been slightly changed. The smartphone has become more comfortable, more pleasant in the palm of your hand, although it remains a little slippery. The back part is made of glass.

The most important feature of the model is the rounded side edges of the screen. They not only look beautiful, but also carry additional functionality in the form of additional applications, backlight, notification indicator, and more. A button is located in the center, in which a fingerprint scanner is integrated, it works very quickly, as befits a flagship.

On top of the case there is an additional microphone and a combined slot that supports either 2 nanoSim cards, or 1 nanoSim and a microSD card. They decided to place this slot on top, because there is simply no room for it on the side.

Below is a USB Type C connector, microphone, speaker, headphone jack. All these 4 components can be praised, they work smartly. The sound is amazing, audibility is good, the connector is convenient.

There is a flash camera and a heartbeat sensor on the back of the case.

Samsung S7 Video 4K Configure

And it remains to consider the kit, inside the box except the smartphone there is only a cable for connecting to a PC and a charger.

Video: Samsung S7 Video 4K Configure


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Immediately I want to talk about cameras, let’s start directly with examples:

Noticed that the photos in the dark are directly impressive? And here are photographs in the afternoon of usual quality. They are good, but there is simply no such wow effect as from “night” photos. However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera is one of the best in the world. She also does a great job of filming:

It was an example of 4k video, but an example of fullHD video:

Impressive isn’t it? You can not only make photo masterpieces, but also shoot movies at your leisure. In addition to everything else, there are a lot of various functions in the camera settings that will please all gourmets.


Here, the device received a 5.5 ″ inch AMOLED screen. Needless to say, the quality is amazing. Samsung flagship displays are getting better every year. The screen resolution is 2560 × 1440, but Android 7 allows you to switch modes so that you can set HD quality on your smartphone if you do not need maximum clarity.

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 4, so nothing can scratch it if you do not drive nails on the screen intentionally.


Samsung’s in-house processor is installed here. You can adjust the degree of its performance in the settings. Note that even at maximum performance settings, FPS sags in some games, because these games are not optimized for the processor used in this model.

However, you can play tanks, even with pleasure.

Here are the results of performance tests for those who like numbers.

Indicators are flagship, but not record-breaking, so we are waiting for Samsung records this spring in the new flagship. We only note that this performance will last you for years to come.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with Android 6 on board, but there is already an update to 7-ki, which we definitely recommend installing. The “chips” of the software part are preserved. You can make a call by lifting the screen to your ear, a very convenient function. In addition, a large number of gestures are implemented.

You can easily customize the display. Set the brightness manually, turn on the blue filter, etc.

The shell itself is very functional. We already talked about basic functions, those who don’t know, we recommend reading the material “All about TouchWiz”.


There were no sensations. We have a large sized Amoled screen and a 3600 mAh battery. Summing it all up we get 15 hours of video playback at maximum brightness. This is really a lot, but in real life it will turn out to operate the gadget for a day and a half, no more. However, programmers have done a lot to increase autonomy. If you use all these chips, then you can extend the battery life for a long time, while sacrificing some of the functions of the smartphone.


Take a look at the GPS test results only. WONDERFUL! Other networks that the device supports work just as well. Even NFC is, thanks to which you can pay for purchases. True, there is no FM radio, but this is atavism.

In the end, we get an excellent gadget, which has only a few drawbacks. If we consider that the price for it may soon fall, then based on this fact, the candidate for the purchase is simply excellent. The number of pluses exceeds the cons, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is simply excellent, deserves almost the maximum rating from our portal!

  • Performance,
  • Autonomy, screen,
  • Excellent GPS and GLONASS reception,
  • Convenient and pleasant Android 7,
  • Great sound in the headphones
  • The ability to change the screen resolution to HD,
  • The camera shoots well in the dark
  • A little slippery body
  • Sometimes the screen does not work due to touching the side faces,
  • In bright sunlight, pictures are not as good as in the dark

Evaluation Arstyle 9 points out of 10. And the author of the text: Volobuev Alexander.

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