Samsung S6 Edge Waterproof Or Not

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 2015 flagship review

In March 2015, Samsung introduced the flagship, which was completely different from what the company had created before. It was a real revolution. Unlike previous models, it had a high-resolution screen, a more elegant design and most importantly, Samsung refused plastic. The case was made of glass and metal, and the screen was curved around the edges, which was a huge innovation. Absolutely everyone liked this type of device, but the users had one question. would it be convenient to use it? Unfortunately, after several days of use, many complained of accidental clicks, which caused great discomfort. But this case is purely individual, someone did not encounter this problem at all, someone wore a case, and therefore, in this article we will analyze the entire smartphone stuffing and find out if it is relevant in 2018? Also, we will tell you about analogues and make a small comparison.

Samsung S6 Edge Specifications

  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420, 4 Cortex-A57 cores with a frequency of up to 2.1 GHz and 4 Cortex-A53 cores with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz, Mali-T760 MP8 graphics chip
  • RAM: 3Gb type LPDDR4
  • Built-in memory: 32GB, 64GB or 128GB
  • Screen: diagonal 5.1", resolution 1440×2560 pixels, pixel density 576ppi, matrix type Super AMOLED, Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • Main camera: 16MP, f / 1.9 aperture, Sony IMX240 Exmor RS sensor
  • Front camera: 5MP, f / 1.9 aperture, Samsung S5K4E6 sensor
  • Battery: 2600mAh

On the technical side, this smartphone for 2015 was very productive. He had a proprietary eight-core processor from Samsung. Exynos 7 Octa 7420. His score in the AnTuTu benchmark is about 83 thousand points, which is a pretty good result for that time. The smartphone could cope with any tasks, it could run heavy office programs and other applications. If we talk about the gaming capabilities of the device, then it can very well launch demanding games at high graphics settings, because it has a good Mali-T760 graphics chip with eight cores. Of course, for 2018 it is rather weak and all flagships are much cooler, but nevertheless, now the Galaxy S6 Edge can easily launch all modern games. Also, 3GB of RAM was built into it, which is not bad even now. Thanks to this, the smartphone works smartly and quickly. At the time of release, this flagship was with the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operating system, and in 2018, updates are still coming to it and the latest version of Android is installed on it. 8.0 Oreo. This is really very pleasing, because now far from every smartphone in 2015 supports the latest version of the operating system.

Samsung S6 Edge Waterproof Or Not

Samsung S6 Edge display

As for the screen, it is chic even in 2018. The diagonal is 5.1 inches, a resolution of 1440×2560 and a huge pixel density of 576ppi. These are just excellent indicators, the picture is very clear, saturated and with high viewing angles. There are no complaints to her, she, as she was excellent in 2015, remains so to this day. Now there are very few smartphones with such a large screen resolution and pixel density. Also, the display is rounded on the sides, which was really unusual. A kind, it was one of the first frameless phones of the time. These rounded corners opened up new convenient opportunities for the user. Firstly, on the very rounded side it was possible to place some information about the time, notifications, charge, etc. Secondly, it was possible to assign a specific color to your contacts and when the smartphone is facing down, you can distinguish who is calling by color. But if you look on the other hand, is it practical? There is already a purely individual matter. Some users did not like this solution due to the fact that it was very easy to make random clicks and this brought some inconvenience. And other users got used to it and without any problems used this device.

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Samsung S6 Edge Waterproof Or Not

S6 Edge Camera

But the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera at the time of release was almost the best on the smartphone market. The sensor was from the Sony manufacturer. IMX240, a 16MP module and a rather large f / 1.9 aperture. It has optical image stabilization and the ability to record video in FullHD at 60fps. In bright light, the smartphone is able to take stunning pictures with natural color reproduction and high detail. Also, thanks to the enlarged aperture, the user can take good pictures in low light. Such a camera is good even for 2018 and may well satisfy all the requirements of the user. The front camera also makes excellent pictures with high detail and rich color reproduction. It has several modes: portrait shooting, group shooting, timelapse, etc. Also, the smartphone boasts excellent video quality, in FullHD resolution the camera can shoot at 60 frames per second, in HD resolution. 120 frames per second. Thanks to optical image stabilization, various micro-twitches are completely eliminated in the video.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Design

As for the design of the device, it became a breakthrough for Samsung, because past models were made exclusively of plastic. This time they decided to make the phone out of glass and metal, and all subsequent Korean flagships were just that. As already mentioned, on the front there is a 5.1-inch display with rounded sides. Under it is a mechanical Home button, which is also a fingerprint scanner. It was also improved and it worked much faster and more accurately than in the Galaxy S5. However, he does not stand next to modern devices. On the sides of the mechanical buttons are the main touch keys. The back panel is made entirely of glass and has a slightly protruding camera with flash. Also, it is worth noting that the smartphone is waterproof, which cannot but rejoice. But in terms of impact resistance, it is very weak, because a completely glass case at the first drop can easily crack.

Samsung S6 Edge Waterproof Or Not

S6 Edge Price

At the time of the release of the smartphone, its initial cost was about 50 thousand rubles, but now the price has fallen by 2 times. The cheapest model with 32GB of memory can be purchased from 25 thousand rubles. The price of the Galaxy S6 Edge has been very interesting. In November 2017, the device cost 27,500 rubles, in December. 32,000 rubles, in January. 33,000 rubles, in February. 28,500 rubles, in March. 25,500 rubles. Perhaps she will continue to ride, it all depends on the dollar, so you can’t guess here. But in the future, the price will definitely become lower. And if you really want to buy such a device, but it’s a pity to spend so much money, you can take a look at the restored phones. Such a smartphone will cost from 13 to 19 thousand rubles on Chinese trading floors. Already good? But here you should be careful, because cheap reconditioned does not mean that it is of high quality. Firstly, everything inside is almost everything Chinese. Secondly, the assembly may be of poor quality and after a couple of months of use, the case may begin to play, the screen to go off and other troubles. Such a purchase should be treated more carefully.

iPhone 6S, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z5. comparison with Galaxy S6 Edge

We will not deeply analyze the technical characteristics of these devices, but we can say that their performance is on the same level. They are all able to cope with any tasks to this day. Their prices are also on the same level, but the restored LG G4 can be purchased on the Chinese market for 5-7 thousand rubles. This is a very low price for such a smartphone, even though it has already been sorted out. Also, according to tests and user voting, the best camera remains with LG. Yes, there isn’t such a big difference between them, all the photos are great, but the G4 does the best job. But the iPhone 6S costs a lot, about 27 thousand and it is in no way better than Samsung. At a minimum, you should take into account the fact that with every iOS update, the phone becomes slower, which Android devices do not have. Sony Xperia Z5 also goes on par with the S6 Edge and costs the same money. If you choose old devices for 2018, then it is worth taking a closer look at the LG G4, because the user will get an excellent camera, good performance and will not overpay extra money.

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