Samsung S3 Display Replacement

Having opened the back panel of the device, we take out the battery from the battery compartment. Then, using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew all the bolts from the middle case. After that, carefully disconnect the middle panel from the body, gradually prying it with a metal spatula.

Samsung S3 Display Replacement

The next step will be the removal of the polyphonic block. First, snap off its connector from the system board. Having done this, very carefully remove the polyphonic module. Next, disconnect the cable of the front camera. Following him, we bend the cable of the side buttons and the auditory speaker. The display connector and coaxial cable are the last to be snapped off. And after them, one more obstacle that stands in the way of removing the system board is a bolt. We have to unscrew it with a Phillips screwdriver. After completing this action, remove the system board from the case.

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On the board is a combination reader. We lay the motherboard on the surface so that the reader is located at the top. Disconnect the connector of the combined reader and remove it. Turn the board over with the opposite side up and bend the main camera.

The following elements are located on the top of the system board: microphone, system connector, user flash, battery connector, processor with flash, power controller with power supply and a second microphone. On the back there is a flash and a radio unit.

We begin assembling the phone using the new module. Before installing the system board on the display module, we attach the main camera to it on one side, and the combined reader on the other. After that, we impose a board on the device body. We fix the board with a bolt in the lower part. Next, we begin to attach loops and a coaxial cable to it. In turn, we snap the display connector, the cable of the side buttons and the earpiece. Then we attach the loop of the front camera. Install the polyphonic module in the housing and snap its connector. Next, we screw all the bolts into the middle case and insert the battery. We fix the back cover to the case.

Samsung S3 Display Replacement

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