Samsung S3 Charging Socket Replacement

Samsung S3 Charging Socket Replacement

Cracks on the glass of the sensor part or in the corner cannot be “removed” or smeared, the module is being assembled: the glass display and the return button. Any color (available for sale) is available. white, blue, black, silver (titan gray) and a red display module. Modules. only original!

Replacing the touch glass (touchscreen) or display (screen) of the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 is always done urgently and does not take much time and waiting.

Service is engaged in professional repair of Samsung Galaxy i9300 in Moscow at the best prices in the city.

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The most common malfunctioning fashion gadget

The specialists of our service center are confident that, becoming more elegant and sophisticated, modern equipment at the same time loses its strength properties. Dropping into water (pool, cup, etc.) or simply getting moisture inside the device, falling out from the hands of a smartphone and other unpleasant accidents lead to serious breakdowns that require professional repair. Summarizing all the user requests to us regarding the repair of the Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300, we identified the most common malfunctions of this smartphone:

  • Broken display. The screen is perhaps the weakest point. Replacement is not carried out by the touch glass, but by the entire screen module (glass, screen, frame. everything is original), the repair cost is the lowest in Moscow.
  • Hangs on the screen saver, turns off / does not turn on. Typically, the cause is software corruption. However, there are other possible causes of this condition, to determine which it is necessary to conduct competent diagnosis by specialists.
  • A sunken physical button (for example, enable / disable).
  • The headset jack is damaged. As a rule, mechanical deterioration of the contacting parts becomes a prerequisite.
  • Faulty earpiece. There are various reasons (most often of a mechanical nature), in view of which the speaker may stop transmitting sound or begin to wheeze. Before proceeding with the repair of the Samsung Galaxy S3, diagnostics are necessary to determine the true cause of the malfunction, because if the problem is not in the dynamics itself, then a simple replacement will not help.
  • Phone with water damage. Any electronics is afraid of water, to say nothing of sensitive smartphones. In our service center, your phone will be dried thoroughly and professionally, which eliminates the likelihood of more serious damage.
  • Bad microUSB connector. As a rule, it breaks down due to natural wear, inaccurate handling or oxidation of contacts.
  • Burned out power controller. For an accurate determination, diagnostics will be required.
  • Unsuccessful flashing of Samsung Galaxy S3. Often, inexperienced users resort to self-flashing the phone. As a rule, the result of this may be a repeated reboot of the device immediately after the welcome screen, the phone does not show the imei number. Our experienced specialists will solve a similar problem, and you will be able to use mobile again.
  • SIM card lock (SimLock). This is not a breakdown. When locking to a SIM card of a specific mobile provider, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not work with mobile cards of other operators, as it is locked under certain conditions. As a rule, a similar situation is encountered by those who buy a phone abroad, where telecom operators often sell mobile devices with a contract.

Video: Samsung S3 Charging Socket Replacement

Repair Details

Our service center carries out the following types of repair Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Software replacement (unlock, firmware Samsung Galaxy S3);
  • Component repair (replacing the speaker cable, vibration alert, antenna cable, speaker unit);
  • Soldering elements on the board (replacing the charging jack, power button, microphone, etc.);
  • Replacing the Samsung Galaxy S3 board (restore, if possible, just change it otherwise);
  • Repair Samsung Galaxy S3 after water.

7000 RUR (only in the service of the Sokol metro!)
The original module is glass with a display and a frame!

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