Samsung Note 5 What Model For Russia

Features and specifications Galaxy Note 5

It may be difficult to make official statements at this stage, because such information will only appear in a few months. Now we just try to give a big picture, referring to the data that became known from rumors and leaks.

The alleged characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
1. processor with a clock frequency of up to 2.9 GHz (8-core) Exynos 7xxx kb Qualcomm Snapdragon 81x;
2. display. Super AMOLED Plus with a diagonal of 6 inches, undoubtedly surprising with its characteristics: resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels and 650ppi);
3. 4GB RAM;
4. built-in memory 32 / 64GB (depending on configuration) with the ability to upgrade up to 128GB;
5. operating system Android 5.x Lollipop or Android 6.0 M;
6. The main camera, with a resolution of 20.9 megapixels. Front. 5 megapixels;
7. battery capacity. 3400-3900 mAh;
8. weight in the range of 170-190 grams;
9. supports 2G, 3G & 4G LTE Cat 6.0 / 9.0
10. S Pen stylus with new features and updated design.

As for additional features, the fifth model will receive them in abundance:

Samsung Note 5 What Model For Russia

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

When to expect the Galaxy Note 5?
The first Galaxy Note was presented to the public at the IFA Berlin, as mentioned above. And the device went on sale in late October 2011. With the subsequent release of models of the Note line, it was possible to talk about a certain systematicity. Based on this experience, it is not difficult to name the estimated release date of the gadget. The appearance of the Galaxy Note 5 should be expected no earlier than September, since everything should be brought to mind in the new device. After 4 weeks (depending on the country), the flagship will enter the market.

Price Samsung Galaxy Note 5

To make assumptions regarding the price of the Galaxy Note 5, it would be advisable to trace the pricing history of the entire Galaxy Note line:
1. Galaxy Note I. 940
2. Galaxy Note II. 865
3. Galaxy Note III. 938
4. Galaxy Note IV. 940

As you can see, the price frames are almost the same. But do not forget about what the situation is currently with the dollar, what jumps in the exchange rate we are forced to experience. Based on this, we conclude: the starting cost can be artificially high (more than 1000), but over time it will decrease by 100.