Samsung Microphone Does Not Work

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1 Thread by Radio61 2011-12-28 21:17:26

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Subject: The microphone does not work in a mobile phone: you hear, but you. not.

Usually the problem is in the microphone. If during the diagnostic process it turns out that the microphone has “flown”, you need to change it
If we are talking about a phone with an active flip (flip part with a microphone), then the cause may be a microphone loop. the transitional part between the flip and the phone.
Moisture that once got into the phone can lead to such consequences.
In all cases of moisture under the phone, drying and cleaning the device is necessary.
Several elements are responsible for the operation of the audio channel in the phone. Find out which of them failed.
A software failure may also cause this.

2 Reply from Nastik 2012-01-05 11:05:55

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Re: The microphone does not work in a mobile phone: you hear, but you. not.

A malfunctioning microphone is diagnosed, as a rule, when the owner of the phone complains that no one hears it or that they hear it very poorly. With a detailed check, you can diagnose the following:

The second common defect is the microphone chain oxides. They can be either next to the microphone or in the system connector for connecting a headset. Even small ones, but still can disrupt the microphone. Often enough to clean the oxides and the microphone starts to work. However, if water gets into the microphone itself, then it will have to be changed. Often, as a result of moisture getting into the phone, the normal operation of the microphone is disturbed due to the elements of the binding of the microphone circuits. This is especially true for elements such as varistors and zener diodes. Sometimes their removal is sufficient (with the purification of oxides on other elements, of course). Also, oxides like to hide under EMIF filters (Electromagnetic Impulse Filter), which, under the influence of moisture, quickly decompose or simply fail without any external influences. In such cases, the EMR filter is replaced.

It happens that the phone indicates a connected headset, although in fact it is not connected. In this case, usually the earpiece also does not work with the microphone. The reason for this. all the same oxides as a result of moisture entering the system connector or under the glass of an EMIF filter as well as the identification circuit of the headset connection (in different phones they are implemented differently, but usually through the contact group of the headset connector). Sometimes the cause of the headset turned on is an open circuit of the headset connection identification circuit as a result of violation of BGA soldering of the controller / processor.

The malfunction of the microphone itself is checked by replacing it with a known working one.

Samsung Microphone Does Not Work

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