Samsung M2020w Print From Phone

  • Device: printer
  • Printing Type: Black and White
  • Printing Technology: Laser
  • Placement: tabletop
  • Scope: small office
  • Number of pages per month: 10000
  • Maximum format: A4
  • First print out time: 8.50 s (b / w)
  • Maximum resolution for b / w printing: 1200×1200 dpi
  • Print speed: 20 ppm (b / w A4)
Samsung M2020w Print From Phone

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Characteristics Samsung Xpress M2020W

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Xpress M2020W

Everything is just installed, it prints very quickly, even there are no problems with the phone. The quality is good, I have no complaints!

Price and functionality

It’s very easy to set up what’s in the smartphone, what’s in the laptop, what’s on the desktop. All according to the instructions. We store in the closet, the wire is only from the outlet. terribly comfortable!

Video: Samsung M2020w Print From Phone

Not expensive by modern standards, compact, print wirelessly from your phone and laptop

Simplicity, low price

Wireless Printing, NFC

The printer is super! Very small, nimble, excellent quality without backlashes and creaks, trays and support everything is very convenient

Really very quickly the starting cartridge ended, buying a new one. almost half the price of the entire printer. A bit annoying is the hypocritical cheapness of a purchase

Disadvantages will be found by those who print a lot and want to save on refueling

Cartridge is expensive. Analogs are also expensive. Printing one page will cost 2-2.5 rubles. On my old HP, printing a page costs 0.5 rubles.
When printing more than 10 pages in a row, it starts to get very warm, and you can smell a lot of ink.

Not too fast and a large stack of paper does not hold in the print tray.

After disconnecting from the network, you have to make all the settings again through the cable! It seemed that the cartridge quickly diverged.

Glitch to the desire to smash against the wall. After the paper runs out during printing, a stupor occurs: the ready indicator lights up, but the printer is not visible to the computer on the wireless network or through the cable. Turning on / off, reinstalling software, pressing buttons in any combination, removing and inserting a cartridge, dancing with a buoy, threats of flying from the 11th floor do not give a result. Once it somehow happened to reanimate him, but in the whole irreplaceable sequence it is completely not clear what brought him back to life. Second time. brick. I do not recommend, except perhaps as an interior item of dubious beauty.

Samsung M2020w Print From Phone

Crazy drivers, persistent wifi issues

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