Samsung Kies Save Contacts

There are several more or less working ways to restore contacts if the phone with a broken screen is functioning and allows access to memory.

One of the difficulties. when connecting the phone to a PC, for manipulating files and accessing the Android file system, you need to enable USB debugging (USB debugging). Of course, it is impossible to do this on a phone with a broken screen or an inoperative touchscreen.

We will describe a way to “pull” contacts from Samsung without enabling USB debugging. A plus of the approach. you do not need to root the phone, install dubious applications.

Warning. This method will not help if USB was not initially turned on on the phone.

Step-by-step recovery instructions

Owners of Samsung devices are lucky. there is excellent software for restoring and creating backup copies of contacts.

All we need are two official programs from Samsung:

  • Samsung Smart Switch. a proprietary program for saving to your PC a backup copy of messages, sms, Android user data
  • Samsung Kies. works in conjunction with Smart Switch, its functions are similar.

Samsung Kies Save Contacts

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Well, if these programs are already installed and you used them before. If not, follow the instructions below.

1) Download and install (in any order) Smart Switch and Kies on the computer.

Video: Samsung Kies Save Contacts

2) Launch Smart Switch and create a backup of user data on Android.

Samsung Kies Save Contacts

Attention! If Smart Switch is not installed, most likely you need to download the application also to your mobile device. To do this, after installing Smart Switch on the PC, you need to click on the center of the screen (you will be asked to confirm the downloading of files to the phone). Perhaps the first time you can’t do this, because the actions are performed blindly. If you did everything correctly, the Smart Switch installation process will complete successfully.

3) The backup file. it is called Contact.spb. is available at: C: \ Users \ [Username] \ Documents.

Tip: how to extract contacts from spb file

The file with contacts Contact.spb can be opened through the Samsung Kies program, in the “Contacts” tab. Through the main menu we indicate to the program a file with a backup copy of the contacts on the PC. As already mentioned, it is available at C: \ Users \ [Username] \ Documents \ Backup \. As a result, Samsung Kies will display all the phone numbers and contacts stored on the phone, you can view them with all the related information.

4) To save contacts, press the button "Save as." and choose a convenient save format.

The following extensions are available to choose from.spb.csv and.vcf. This file can be easily imported to another mobile device or saved on Google Contacts.

This completes the restoration of contacts. By the way, in the same way it is convenient to backup your phonebook on a computer. We advise you to do this regularly.

If branded Samsung software did not help return contacts

Try also contact recovery applications from 3rd party developers. Among them there are both paid and free tools. For their work, root access is required. In most cases, they only work on the device’s home screen.

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