Samsung J7 Nfc Payment

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Samsung J7 Nfc Payment

This battery contains an NFC module that allows you to use Google Pay. This is only possible with original products.

The Samsung J7 battery is the original storage element for the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone (J700, the parameters of which fully correspond to the original factory characteristics: the correct physical parameters, long life (the battery can withstand at least 800 full charge cycles). The accessory ensures the smartphone’s autonomy up to 354 hours In standby.

Samsung J7 Nfc Payment

Battery characteristic for Samsung Galaxy J7 (J700):

  • Type of component: battery / rechargeable battery / drive / storage battery / storage battery / battery / battery;
  • Battery Type: Standard / Removable;
  • Technology: Li-ion (lithium-ion);
  • Capacity: 3000 mAh;
  • Voltage: 3.85 V;
  • Power: 7.98 Wh;
  • Number of contacts: 3;
  • Controllers: short circuit / overcharge / overdischarge;
  • Autonomy of work in a waiting mode 3G: 354 h;
  • 3G talk time autonomy: 18 hours;
  • Battery Marking: EB-BJ700BBC;
  • Compatibility: Samsung J700 Galaxy J7.

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Contents of delivery:

  • accumulator battery;
  • packing for transportation.

Why does the battery run out quickly?

  • the smartphone is in high humidity;
  • sharp temperature changes (storage near heat sources, use in cold weather, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight);
  • frequent use of secondary functions;
  • damage to the power connector of the device;
  • malfunctions in the hardware of the device;
  • natural production of labor resources;
  • non-compliance with the rules of storage and operation, etc.

How to extend the battery life of a smartphone?

During drive operation, exposure to adverse external factors should be avoided:

  • monitor the level of humidity and temperature outdoors;
  • Avoid prolonged removal from the cellular network;
  • Optimize application performance
  • Do not allow children to play with the device;
  • Do not disassemble the drive;
  • do not dip into liquid;
  • Do not charge the device in a room with a very low temperature;
  • Do not store the battery for a long time without recharging.

To replace the battery with the Samsung J7, you do not have to contact a service center! No special tools are needed to replace the storage battery. It is enough to open the back panel of the smartphone, remove the battery and install a new unit in its place. After turning on the gadget, calibration may be necessary.

Please note: depending on the batch, a film may be glued on the battery contacts. When installing the battery in the device, the film must be removed, if any.

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