Samsung J3 Repair Contacts

If you previously performed a reset of the Galaxy S4, then surely remember to back up the data. So, if you ignored the instructions and did not backup the system, you can safely say goodbye to the data forever.


What is required

  1. your Galaxy S4 smartphone;
  2. Nandroid Manager Pro.

Instruction manual

So, if before making a complete reset of the Galaxy S4 you did not disdain and did backup, you can use the “return everything” function. Of course, you can return to the place only the information that was specified when creating the backup. messages, contacts, call logs and so on. In order to organize the “unpacking” of the saved backup, special software is required. the application will be shown by example Nandroid Manager Pro.

Samsung J3 Repair Contacts

1. Of course, you should start by installing the application. There are 2 versions of this software. Pro version and regular. For “Pro” you will be asked to pay 1 US dollar, while you are free to use the usual one for free. Installation takes place in a typical way, as with any other application, there should be no problems.

Video: Samsung J3 Repair Contacts

2. The second step is for you to obtain administrator rights (root). Remember that this procedure takes away your right to use the warranty provided by the manufacturer. So, at your own peril and risk.

3. After starting the application, it will immediately show you those backups that it managed to find. It usually looks like in the screenshot below: click on one of the backup lists, and the program will show more detailed information.

4. When viewing information about backups (in case you don’t know exactly which one you need), determine what is of particular interest at the moment, and then select it.

5. Now the program will offer you to choose what exactly needs to be restored, after having split the backups into groups (list of calls, SMS), as well as individual files, if any, and the software cannot assign them to a specific group.

6. As you can see in the screenshot above, you need to choose what specifically to restore (you are not required to return all the information available in the backup), for example, you do not need old messages, but contacts will be useful.


Remember the importance of backups of your system and do them regularly. And take our word for it: usually people remember the existence of backups when it is too late to grab your head.

Worth paying attention to

Weigh the pros and cons of obtaining administrator rights, as a result of which you will lose the warranty from the manufacturer.

Samsung J3 Repair Contacts

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