Samsung Galaxy Win Gt I8552 Update Android

They say that the current version of the operating system in Galaxy Win smartphones (GT-I8552) does not seem to be upgraded to Android 4 4 2 Kitkat by Samsung, either in the near future or later. It is clear that not all owners of Win models like this fact, but they should not be upset. There is already an opportunity to install Android 4 4 2, so you can always use it if you wish.

So, how to install the Android 4 4 2 Kitkat firmware on the Samsung Galaxy Win smartphone. We are telling.

The procedure traditionally consists of two stages. the preparatory and the actual installation.

Next in order:

1. Training :
  • we check whether we really have the Galaxy Win GT-I8552 (“Settings”.> “About the device”);
  • create backup copies of all data in a safe place, from where, if necessary, the necessary files can be guaranteed to get;
Samsung Galaxy Win Gt I8552 Update Android

by the way, about security. here, inquire about the leather case on Galaxy Win on;

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  • check if the device has a USB debugging option (“Settings”.> “Development”.> USB debugging) If you didn’t find the tab for developers in the smartphone’s settings (it may not be activated), then you need to enable it manually. To do this, go back to “Settings”.> “About the device”, we find the line “Build number” and tap on it 7-10 times.
  • we charge the smartphone (at least 75% of the battery charge is necessary) so that it does not turn off during the flashing process, otherwise the device can be damaged for a long time;

Video: Samsung Galaxy Win Gt I8552 Update Android

  • EFS Data can be saved from here.
  • USB drivers for your Win on PC can be downloaded from here.
  • We check the availability of installed Custom Recovery and rooting the smartphone.

After the smartphone is properly prepared, you can install the Android 4 4 2 system on it using CM 11 Custom ROM.

However, before starting, we pay attention to the fact that only the user himself bears all responsibility for the outcome of this event, i.e. you. Therefore, if you still do not have sufficient experience in such operations, then it is better to abandon the update from an undertaking or seek the help of a qualified specialist. In general, we must understand that there is a risk of incapacitating a smartphone; therefore, we draw conclusions, it’s better before than after.

2. Install Android 4 4 2 Kitkat firmware on Galaxy Win smartphone using CM 11 ROM:
  • download and install on your computer CM11 Android 4 4 2 Kitkat ROM ( and Google Apps Package (;
  • copy both packages to the root of the SD card;
  • turn off Galaxy Win;
  • enter Recovery Mode (at the same time you need to press 3 buttons: “increase volume” Home “Power on” and hold them until the text appears on the smartphone screen);
  • in Recovery Mode, delete all data, cache and Dalvik cache;
  • Next, click “Install zip from SD card”, select and install the ROM package;
  • click “Install zip from SD card” again and install the Google Apps Package;
  • after the installation is complete, delete all data, cache and Dalvik cache again;
  • Now Go back and reboot the system, after which the smartphone will boot in normal mode.

After downloading, you get the firmware Android 4 4 2 Kitkat on your Galaxy Win GT-I8552.

IMPORTANT : if suddenly the device starts to reboot continuously, you need to remove the battery from it, insert it again, then enter Recovery Mode, perform a factory reset, delete the cache and Dalvik cache and reboot the system. If it was not possible to solve the problem in the first way, the procedure must be repeated again. Look like that’s it.

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