Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

We tested the gadget and are ready to tell how the South Korean company managed to combine modern filling and traditional design in one accessory.

Galaxy Watch. continuation of the Gear series. Samsung brought the accessory closer to the line of smartphones, giving it the Galaxy prefix, and made it a little more functional and prettier.

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In the box: the watch itself, a docking station with a microUSB cable and an adapter (we were provided with a sample with an American plug), an additional elongated strap and documentation.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

Design and dimensions

46 mm watches are sold in silver steel, 42 mm in deep black and pink gold. The option with the latest colors and got us as a sample.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

Comparing the Galaxy Watch with the Gear S3, let’s say that Samsung watches retained common features, but became a little more elegant. In the pink version, for sure.

Interchangeable straps. 20 and 22 mm, depending on the version of the Galaxy Watch. True, it seems that the body in this color will not be combined with much. Therefore, for those who do not like to experiment with the appearance of accessories, one of the darker versions is more suitable. Watch straps from the Gear series are suitable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

The dimensions of our watch version are 41.9 × 45.7 × 12.7 mm. It’s just pointless to indicate these indicators here, so we’ll better tell you about personal feelings. Our special projects editor-in-chief Tanya, who spent a week with the watch, says she’s used to smaller mechanical watches and the Galaxy Watch seems like a pretty noticeable accessory to her. They cannot be called weightless either: the weight of 49 g, excluding the strap, is felt, although it does not cause discomfort.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up


The diameter of the screen of our version is 1.2 inches or 30 mm. The display resolution of the Galaxy Watch is 360 × 360 pixels. The screen is Super AMOLED with its inherent brightness, contrast and readability from almost any viewing angle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

The screen brightness is automatically selected, the picture is visible even in bright light.

There is Always on Display mode, in which the backlight does not turn off. over, the display always remains color. with it, the Galaxy Watch always looks like a clock, and not a gadget with a case from them and the screen turned off.

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The watch is controlled using a touch screen and three mechanical controls: two buttons and a rotary bezel. Twisting the ring is especially nice. it easily spins and clicks.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

The top button is the “Back” action, which returns the user to the previous screen. The lower one is the power button, which, by quick tapu, brings up a menu with applications. You can select the program that will open by double-clicking.

Swipe from above on any screen will open the control point. Here you can turn on the power saving mode or “On Airplane”, adjust the brightness of the dial, go to the main settings or enable the Always on Display mode. If you swipe right on the screen, notifications will open (the same ones that come on the smartphone), and by swiping left or turning the bezel you can scroll through the custom widget carousel.

In the performance, you can turn on the “In the Theater” mode, which does not allow the display to light up when you turn your wrist, and in the pool, turn off the sensor, leaving only mechanical buttons available for pressing. To make the screen go blank, you can clap a palm on it. Everything seems to be convenient and logical, but there is a feeling that the developers have added too many widgets, menus and settings to the watch. It is easy to get confused, and the desired function is often difficult to find.

A lot of actions can be done without a smartphone: Galaxy Watch supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But for some reason, you can use only one of the wireless interfaces. So, listening to music from the watch with headphones, without disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network, will fail.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

The Galaxy Watch runs on the Tizen operating system with a Wearable 4.0 add-in; a dual-core Exynos 9110 with a frequency of 1.15 GHz is installed inside. Responsible for the performance of the hardware is quite powerful for the clock iron and the platform that has proven itself in the Gear series. Indeed, in a week, the watch was buggy only once. after a reboot. Everything works quickly and does not lag.

We found a problem with a mysteriously working gyro: the Galaxy Watch display did not always turn on when the wrist was turned. To look at the screen, you had to press one of the buttons or turn the bezel. At some point, the problem no less mysteriously disappeared.


The Galaxy Watch has several predefined dials with different widgets. There are options suitable for the case. something like this would look like a watch, if they were really mechanical.

If the standard ones are not enough, additional dials can be downloaded from the Galaxy Wearable app.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up
Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

Smartphone Interaction

Customization takes place through the same Galaxy Wearable app. The main screen of the program shows the charge of the clock, the amount of built-in and RAM. Here you can install new dials and download applications from the Galaxy Apps catalog. For example, an analogue of the “Snake” adapted for a round display or a baro-altimeter showing altitude and pressure on the street.

Galaxy Watch is not a standalone gadget, and for full work they still need a smartphone. But the watch solves an important problem: you can finally remove the phone from the table when talking with friends and colleagues. All important notifications will appear on the Galaxy Watch screen. And they also have their own memory, which can be filled with music. When you connect a Bluetooth headphone, you can listen to songs without a smartphone.

Activity and sleep

Tracking daily performance occurs through another application from the developer. Samsung Health. Android and iOS are supported, but integration with Apple Health is not available.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up
Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

In the application, you can monitor weight and calories absorbed. Steps, calories burned and floors covered are automatically counted. The smartphone can fix this without accessories, but with the Galaxy Watch it turns out more precisely.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up
Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

With the Galaxy Watch, Samsung Health opens up new data: statistics on heart rate, sleep, and workout hours. There is no “Smart Alarm Clock” function, but you can track your activity during sleep: the clock’s accelerometer determines during which period you turned over more intensively and, therefore, slept most anxiously. There is also a motivation system that reports on the achievements of friends using the application.

Sports and fitness

Among the dials, you can choose an option for fitness with key widgets and a quick transition to training mode. 39 types of activity are available, including not only running, cycling and swimming, but also less popular and even exotic ones: yoga, Pilates, rowing, twisting, pulling up, and exercising on certain simulators.

To play sports, you do not have to take a smartphone with you. During a run, a workout map will be compiled using a GPS sensor, and the built-in altimeter will help you to find the height when descending from the mountain.

If you started to engage in physical education, but did not switch to training mode, the Galaxy Watch will understand this and will not forget to cheer you up. True, sometimes they work in a similar way, when you simply move a little more intensively than usual and make a wave of your hands. for example, change clothes.

Water resistant

Protection class Galaxy Watch. IP68. The device is completely protected from dust, and with it you can swim and even dive shallow.

And the Galaxy Watch has passed the tests of the US military standard MIL-STD-810G. This means that they are protected not only from dust and moisture, but also from shock, earthquakes and extreme temperatures.


Different versions of the Galaxy Watch have batteries with different capacities. Our watch is equipped with a 270 mAh battery. If you do not turn on Always on Display mode, but actively use the Galaxy Watch and sleep with them, the watch will discharge in one and a half to two days. Charging takes about three hours.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Smart Alarm Clock How To Set Up

Galaxy Watch is a serious device that retains the features of a traditional mechanical watch. And this is not just a disguise that is easy to uncover. The dark version is able to complement a formal suit, and the gadget in “pink gold” is perfect for shoes and dress.

This is not the most intuitive gadget. To use all its features, you need to properly understand the device. This may take a couple of days. We tested the Galaxy Watch in conjunction with the iPhone SE, and perhaps this was not entirely true. Still, its creators are working on developing their own ecosystem, as evidenced by the presence of a voice assistant Bixby, interaction with Samsung Health and the need to log in through a Samsung account.

The choice of flagship smart watches is not very wide. If you have an Android smartphone, then the Apple Watch will not work with it. Models from Garmin and Polar are usually positioned as accessories for sports and the full potential of the watch’s interaction with a smartphone will not be revealed. And the budget options from Xiaomi can be as good and popular as you like, but they just don’t look like that.

Galaxy Watch is not an ideal, but very good gadget that will make the life of any Android owner more convenient. It’s also a good way to add a wardrobe to an accessory that looks like a classic expensive watch, but has much more useful features.

The cost of the 46-millimeter version of the Galaxy Watch is 26,990 rubles; the 42-millimeter version will cost 21,990 rubles.

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