Samsung Galaxy S8 Copy How to Distinguish

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American publisher Bloomberg , or rather, his division of journalists who actively monitor the situation on the market of large companies, conducted an interesting study. Samsung by the beginning of summer began to break records on sales of its flagship model Samsung s8. What is noteworthy in these statistics is the fact that, more recently, the closest competitor to the Korean giant, Apple’s iPhone X model, showed similar sales and boasted the highest demand in the world. And those who then unanimously shouted about the failed policy of the Korean corporation today were fools. Apparently, Apple itself and its new-fangled trend in the form of a “monobrow” which was used by absolutely everyone who was not quite too lazy to blame everything. At the same time, the Korean giant remained faithful (at least for now) to its policy and the consumer wallet desired the classic screen molding.

Awakening Chinese Dragon

And if S amsung S8 is now showing record sales figures all over the world, then in China they are doing very badly. Local guys from Xiaom i literally ousted Koreans from the market with their new offers. But the Chinese would not be Chinese if they did not object to the popularity of the Samsung brand in their own market by their own efforts. And through such simple manipulations the long-awaited a copy of the Samsung S8, which won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of buyers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Copy How to Distinguish

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Chinese manufacturers have long learned how to make not just smartphones similar to the originals, but full-fledged copies that are more difficult to distinguish from the original with each new generation. All this goes by itself to the manufacturer and every year attracts more and more consumers to the work of masters from the Middle Kingdom. Current the Chinese copy of Samsung S8 is in no way inferior to its predecessors, and in many aspects it significantly outperforms previous copies of the manufacturer I. In particular, we get:

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  • improved body materials;
  • Advanced build quality control
  • automated assembly process of devices;
  • new housing painting technologies.

All this brings new copies of Samsung S8 to a completely different level.

A full-fledged market player, or a public sector killer?

But what did the smartphone get besides good looks? First of all, the manufacturer paid enough attention to optimizing Android 7 for Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz launcher. Holding in their hands a modern copy of the Korean flagship, the difference from the original could be distinguished by the software part, but then the Chinese worked wonderfully. Everything looks 1 in 1 like the original and it certainly pleases.

But the screen with rounded active edges did not receive a copy of the Samsung S8. However, visually determining this is not so simple at first glance. The fact is that the glass covering the device is designed using 2.5D technology and its rounded edges create the illusion of a curved screen. Along with this, the copy did not receive Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen, which is not surprising, given the manufacturer of such matrices. However, smartphone received IPS matrix of excellent quality, working in FullHD resolution. The Chinese do not give out the manufacturer of the screen, but by all indications, this component part is manufactured by the Japanese Sharp Corporation. In terms of iron, everything is quite prosaic:

  • MTK6282 processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz for all 4 cores;
  • Mali-T720 MP2 graphics chip;
  • 3 GB random access memory ;
  • 32 GB Permanent microSD expansion slot with up to 128 GB of additional memory.

All this allows us to ask one simple and very logical question. why you need to buy a smartphone for the same price from another manufacturer, but with much worse performance? And as soon as the answer becomes obvious, an understanding of why this copy of Samsung S8 on 4 cores gained such popularity in China.

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