Samsung Galaxy S7 Turned Off

Who in 2015 did not dream about the flagship S6? And now there are few who refuse a powerful communicator in an all-metal case with modern hardware inside and a 16-megapixel camera? However, samsung galaxy s6 does not turn on quite often. the reasons are:

  • Physical damage
  • Software issues
  • Banal battery wear

After prolonged use, has your samsung galaxy s6 edge turned off and does not start? Do not rush to panic. most of the causes of such breakdowns are quite trivial. Of course, sometimes you can’t do without a visit from a service center. but the repair cost is much less than buying a new flagship from Samsung, right?

Similar problems can be found in the next of kin, the Samsung Galaxy S6 often does not turn on for the same reasons. Now we will analyze the main and most common causes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Turned Off

The smartphone does not start blinking or the blue light is on

There is an interesting breakdown. the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not turn on, the blue indicator is on. We advise you to try a combination of buttons: Power, volume “minus”, menu. Press all the keys at the same time. holding for a couple of seconds, the phone can come to life. This will lead to a hard reboot of the device, similar to a computer, when we clamp ON for 4 seconds.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 Turned Off

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If even after that your galaxy s6 edge does not turn on. it is better to take it to a service center. There are various reasons. from the banal burnout of any circuit board to the “flush” of the firmware. You can’t fix it with your own hands, you need the intervention of a master with specific equipment.

The phone stopped starting after the crash

Despite the metal shell, the flagships of the Korean manufacturer are especially vulnerable to falls or bumps. Sometimes even after falling “from the height of the pocket”, the samsung s6 edge does not turn on, the phone may lose the contacts responsible for supplying voltage from the battery terminals to the board. in this case, the Samsung c6 turns off and does not turn on until the contacts are restored.

Definitely. you need a visit to the master, the amount of repair depends heavily on the “severity” of the fall (for example, restoring a broken screen will cost several thousand rubles).

Samsung Galaxy S7 Turned Off

Does not start with a charged battery

The main “diseases” are three:

  • fully worn battery
  • broken charge
  • Micro USB Clogged

If the Samsung S6 Edge does not turn on after a full charge of the battery, the slots for connecting the charger may become clogged. however, in this model, the manufacturers made it more protected from negative influences, so we try other options.

Try connecting another battery, or charge your smartphone with a different charge. If, after a successful launch, the Samsung Galaxy s6 crashes and does not turn on, “surgical intervention” by the repair masters is necessary.

Your samsung s6 turned off and does not turn on? We advise you to try to restart it with a hardware method (by holding three keys), and in the future it will be more attentive to operating conditions. Remember. any technique requires care!

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