Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Window Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Window Replacement

In some cases, you may need to replace the rear window of the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S7. the model is quite solid, a careless attitude can cause damage to the case. Since the back panel is inherently glass, any strong shock or fall of the phone can cause cracks or chips.

In addition, sometimes a problem may arise as a result of a manufacturing defect, and in this case the official service center undertakes a free replacement, but only if the marriage is proved. A huge disadvantage of this procedure is the duration of the diagnosis. sometimes it can exceed several weeks, and after the expiration of the period it will be revealed that there is no production defect.

Therefore, a profitable solution would be to contact our service center for a quick replacement, so as not to be left without communication.

Accompanying signs of internal damage due to damage to the rear window

Mechanical impact sometimes requires not only the replacement of glass. A blow can also affect internal details, and the owner of the smartphone does not immediately learn about the problem.

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Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Window Replacement

Cases when problems with internal mechanisms occur after a long time when the owner used the phone with a damaged rear window are common. Despite the high degree of protection, moisture and dust could get into the phone through cracks in the case, and as a result of breakdowns in internal mechanisms, it is often caused by pollution or pervasive corrosion. In particular, there may be performance issues:

Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences after mechanical damage to the case, it is necessary to immediately replace the rear window of Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as check the condition of internal components for further comfortable operation.

The process of replacing the rear window.

You can change the rear window on the Samsung Galaxy S7 yourself, if you have special tools, but remember that the smartphone is a very fragile thing, and it is better to entrust the repair to professionals. The first step is to remove the damaged element.

It is necessary to act very carefully so as not to damage the internal loops and contacts, and also in order to exclude the possibility of damage due to fragments, if any. For a more comfortable removal of the back cover, the device is heated, but it is very important not to overheat the smartphone: high temperatures affect the performance of many elements.

After heating, the adhesive layer weakens, providing a convenient opportunity to carefully dismantle the rear window using a special plastic spatula. After removing the damaged part of the case, a new one is installed, which must be securely attached.

Advantages of our service center

We offer our customers fair prices, affordable to everyone, and at the same time we carry out all the work efficiently and quickly. Honest Service is confident in the professionalism of its employees and the quality of original spare parts from the manufacturer, therefore, it provides a guarantee for any service performed.

In addition, you can always get advice from experienced engineers on any issue. If you want to change the rear window to the Samsung Galaxy S7, contact us and we will carry out all the necessary actions as quickly as possible.

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