Samsung Galaxy S7 Fake How to Flash

Samsung Galaxy S7 Fake How to Flash

Hello dear readers. Sometimes, in pursuit of trends, we acquire not original fashionable gizmos and gadgets. Everyone wants to keep up to date, what to do when desires do not coincide with opportunities.

That’s right, you can buy a copy of the original for a much smaller amount. In addition, the modern Korean and Chinese copy of the Samsung Galaxy S6 g920f is so well made that your friends may not notice the difference.

In this material, we will analyze in detail how the Galaxy S6 SM-G920F firmware is made. You will find out why it is being carried out, how to prepare your smartphone for it, how long the whole operation will take and undoubtedly specific instructions for its implementation.

Why are we flashing the Chinese Galaxy S6 g920f

For a user who first encounters a term such as firmware. It seems to be a kind of complex process, which is necessarily done in the service center, or by experienced smartphone users.

In fact, things are much simpler. Firmware is the process of installing software on the phone. If you draw an analogy with a computer, similarly reinstalls windows. And this process, as everyone knows, is affordable for any student. The original smartphone is responsible for the software platform android, we will have the right to choose.

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Thus, we need the Galaxy S6 g920f firmware to install software on the phone that will carry out its controllability and further functionality convenient for us.

Preparing for firmware

For the firmware to succeed, first we need to prepare the resources for a full-fledged work front.

First, we download the Odin program from the official Samsung server.

We also need to download drivers for connecting a computer to a phone. Simply put, so that the computer recognizes and sees our smartphone.

Then you need to download the firmware that we prefer, for example, G920FXXU4AOCV_6.0_marshmallow.

How much firmware takes time

In the hands of an experienced user, the firmware takes about 5 minutes. By the way, it is worth paying attention that this process directly depends on the processor power of the computer on which it is conducted. A beginner will complete this task in half an hour, after which the smartphone will automatically reboot.

If you have any difficulties or problems, try reinstalling the drivers. Or replace usb wire, and connector.

Firmware copy Galaxy S6 g920f

Dachshund, for starters, we will unzip the firmware program and the firmware itself on the desktop. Well, everything seems ready, you can start.

We launch the Odin program.

Now we need to arrange the files in order in the appropriate fields: BL in BL, AP in AP, CP in CP, and CSC in CSC.

Then we transfer the smartphone to firmware mode.

Now we connect our Korean, or Chinese Galaxy S6 g920f to the computer, and watch how the program connects with it, ID: Com should light up.

Now we press the start button, and drove. The firmware starts to load.

If your firmware copy of Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F went smoothly, put the pluses in the comments. If you have any difficulties, feel free to write angry comments, we will be happy to help you.