Samsung Galaxy S5 Internet Not Working

Welcome to Has your internet access stopped working on your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H smartphone? In this article, we will analyze the reasons why the Internet does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H. First of all, let’s divide the problem into two different cases. Most modern phones and tablet computers have two options for accessing the Internet. This is WiFi wireless technology and 3G mobile technology. And since we don’t know which Internet doesn’t work specifically on your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H phone, we’ll touch on both Wi-Fi and 3G ways to connect to the network.

You need to understand what type of connection you access to the World Wide Web. Both technologies are wireless, but work on a different principle. If 3G Internet works directly from a mobile operator, then a simple user’s Wi-Fi usually works through a router or access point to which an Internet cable is connected from the provider. Nevertheless, 3G and Wi-Fi Internet have their own settings and if the network has stopped working, then they must be checked. How to do this, we will now tell.

What to do if Wi-Fi Internet does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H smartphone

Firstly, your provider may have problems, therefore, it makes sense to call its technical support and clarify whether everything is in order with the Internet channel and whether any work is currently underway on the line. There are many Internet providers. The main ones are Beeline, Rostelekom, NetByNet, 2Com, Qwerty and others. Before calling your provider, we recommend checking if the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H is connected to a router. You can also check access to the Internet on a regular computer or laptop, if possible. In other words, you need to find out if your gadget or computer sees your WiFi network, because in addition to the provider’s problem, the connection settings might go wrong on your phone. You can’t do without checking the connection settings. In the article on this link, we provide detailed instructions for setting up Wi-Fi on an Android phone. Here is what should be displayed in the settings regarding Wi-Fi Internet on an Android device. First, check if the WiFi module on your smartphone is turned on in the Android settings:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Internet Not Working

If the module is enabled, you should find your home network in the list. To do this, go to ‘Wireless networks’ or click on the inscription Wi-Fi / Wlan (depends on the version of firmware that is installed on the device). Thus, we get into the WiFi settings.

In wireless networks, your Wi-Fi network must be connected and displayed.

If your network is not observed, and other networks are visible, then the problem most likely lies with the router (or provider, as they wrote earlier). How to deal with the router and what settings on it you need to check, we explained in the article when the phone can not connect to Wi-Fi. In addition, there is a special case when a network is displayed in the list of networks, but when you try to connect to it, an authentication error occurs. This case is considered in detail at the specified link. If you read the links above, you will find out that in order for the WiFi network to work properly, you may need to try changing the parameters of the router, such as the data transfer channel, network operation mode, as well as the type and method of encryption.

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There is another, third kind of problem when the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H; It connects to a WiFi network, but the Internet does not work. With such a malfunction, the device usually displays the WiFi icon in a different color (blue or gray, depending on the firmware). If the Internet connects, but does not work, then there are two pitfalls to be aware of. The first reason for this behavior of the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H is the problem of obtaining an IP address. If your router distributes IP automatically (dynamic IP addresses), then you need to specify the receipt of IP automatically on the phone. Or vice versa, if you set the distribution of static addresses in the settings of the router, then you need to set the IP manually. All this is done in the settings for a particular network. In Android, you need to click on the network and set the values ​​corresponding to your network (as we mentioned earlier, we have a separate article on setting up WiFi on Android).

Video: Samsung Galaxy S5 Internet Not Working

In addition to the error in obtaining the IP address, some WiFi networks are created with an empty proxy server, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H can not access the Internet. You need to check if this is your case. To do this, open wireless networks:

Find and select your Wi-Fi network and click on it by selecting ‘Change network’.

After that, open advanced network settings and make sure that the proxy server is disabled:

So, to summarize, you need to check when connecting to WiFi if the Internet does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H smartphone. On the device itself, you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi module is turned on, make sure that the network is detected by the gadget and that its settings match the configuration of your wireless network and the settings of the router. If this is all right, and the Internet still does not want to work, then on the router you need to try changing the channel and network mode, type and method of encryption. For those who missed, we duplicate the link with detailed instructions on how to do this.

If Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H cannot connect to 3G internet

There are two reasons why 3G internet does not work on XXX. The first reason is the problem of the mobile operator. these mobile operators are MTS (MTS), Megafon (Megafon), Beeline (Telecom), Tele2 (Tele2) and Skylink (Skylink). In Ukraine, Kyivstar, Kyiv, Djuice, and again MTS. Sometimes the 3G network of any operator can fail and shut down. Such malfunctions usually do not last long and usually the operators respond quickly enough to such malfunctions. If mobile 3G Internet abruptly stopped working, then perhaps this is exactly the case.

The second reason 3G could stop working is the lost settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H phone. We already talked about how to configure the Internet in Android, if you have any questions, we recommend that you read the article at this link. Mobile Internet settings are in the settings of the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H. We go into ‘Settings’, in the settings you need to find the menu ‘Wireless Networks’ or ‘Wireless Communication’, where there will be an item ‘Mobile Network’ or ‘Mobile Internet’.

Access points will already be available here and they should be, since usually the APN access point (it is through it that Internet access is provided by the mobile operator) is determined by the phone itself, but if for some reason this did not happen or you see that the list of APN points Since access is empty, you need to specify the APN parameters yourself. To do this, go to ‘APN Access Points’ (or ‘Internet Access Points’) and click ‘Create APN’.

Next, enter the settings for connecting to 3G, which can be found on the website of your mobile operator. For clarity, we demonstrate the parameters from MTS:

To connect to 3G, you must specify the APN, any network name, username and password. After entering the settings, do not forget to enable the slider / checkmark opposite the ‘Mobile network’ (‘Mobile Internet’) item in the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H or enable data transfer for the mobile network, if necessary.

With some gadgets, sometimes one problem arises. the value of the field ‘Authentication type’ takes the status ‘Not installed’. In this case, Internet connection will be impossible. If you have such a problem, then just set this parameter to ‘No’. That’s basically all you need to know about setting up 3G internet if it doesn’t work. At the end of the chapter we want to bring a plate on the APN settings of the three major Russian mobile operators. If you have a different operator, then you need to look for such data on its website.

On this, with 3G Internet, he will consider that they figured it out. There is another possibility if the Internet on the phone does not work and at the same time does not determine mobile access points. This is a breakdown of the 3G module. Unfortunately, here you can not do without service repairs. Our instruction is complete. If you have questions or want to share a solution specifically for your problem, please leave a message in the comments.