Samsung Galaxy S10 Forgot Password

Any gadget during use begins to “clog”. Its superficial cleaning will not give any result. Each situation can happen when you need to unlock the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Forgot Password

And this applies not only to “clogging”. For example, a smartphone may be locked due to the fact that you forgot your password, pattern, digital access code, gesture Direction Lock.

To prevent this from happening, you can use the fingerprint authentication method to protect data.

But what if the user did not use such a function? How to unlock Samsung A5 without losing data in it?

There are several ways in which you will now learn how to do this.


To unlock the phone Samsung Galaxy A5 will have to apply hard reset (hard cleaning. “This means that you will need to reset to factory settings. This will delete all available information.

Therefore, take care in advance of the safety of the data you have located in the internal memory of the phone. The built-in memory card remains untouched, transfer to it what is important to you (contacts, applications, and so on).

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You can also use free storage facilities located on the Internet for this, it will help you out at that moment when the “equipment” suddenly fails.

Unlock Methods

There are two ways to unlock Samsung A5.

  1. The first way. Find the “settings” directory in the smartphone’s menu, go into it. Here is the element “backup, reset”, activate it. Scroll to the “data reset” line, press. Then. “delete everything.” Now it remains to configure everything from scratch.
  2. Second way. This method will help you out if you cannot remember your Samsung A5 password or pattern, or your device does not boot. Connect the smartphone to the charger, charge to the maximum. Turn off the device. Hold simultaneously these buttons: the house (located in the center of the front part), turning on and volume plus. The Android logo will appear on the screen. Release the keys, wait while the Android system recovery directory is activated. Here you will need to activate the action “wipe data / factory reset” using the “enable” button. Now move the volume buttons on the menu and select “Yes. delete all user data” (command action). Select reboot system now ”, the device will reboot. After that, you will see a suggestion that you can make settings.

The first way, of course, is an extreme method in order to return the Samsung Galaxy A5 to a full-fledged “life”. Therefore, do not use it often.

In any case, you now know how to quickly unlock Samsung A5 2016. Therefore, this situation will not cause you an excess.

I also recommend reading a review in which you can learn how to reboot the device.