Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

Every year for the past 10 years, Samsung launches Galaxy S flagship phones in the spring. First-generation models were good, but not great. They could be considered close copies of the iPhone. Because of this, Apple has repeatedly sued Samsung and won the processes.

It took South Korean manufacturers several years to figure out top-level components. The latest Galaxy S devices have become much better, but at the same time slightly predictable. The 2019 Galaxy S10 lineup is no different in this regard from the previous ones. Before us is a flagship smartphone with advanced technologies and elegant appearance.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Iphone X

Over the past 10 years, Samsung smartphones have managed to find their identity. The Galaxy S10 immediately shows that this is a Samsung model, and not a copy of the iPhone or any other smartphone. On the contrary, the device feels the exact opposite of any iPhone X. If the latest generations of Apple smartphones have disappointed you, because they do not have a headphone jack, there is a cutout on the screen, a fingerprint scanner is removed, Samsung smartphones do not have all these shortcomings. Galaxy S10 can be called an anti-iPhone.

This is not to say that there is nothing in common between Apple and Samsung devices. For example, in both cases they are very expensive. Galaxy S10 will cost at least 67,000 rubles., Galaxy S10 for another 10,000 rubles. more expensive. There is even a Galaxy S10 option for 125,000 rubles, which is three times more expensive compared to the excellent OnePlus 6T.

Another common feature of Samsung and iPhone devices is the lack of significant differences compared to previous generation models. Of course, the screen has grown a bit, as well as performance with autonomy. However, in general, owners of the Galaxy S9 or S8 do not make sense to sell them and buy the Galaxy S10.

If we consider the Galaxy S10 as a separate smartphone without reference to any other, it is one of the best available currently on sale. We can say that the Galaxy S10 is the best smartphone in the history of Samsung, but it will cost you dearly.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS MAX



Great screen
High performance and good uptime
Various cameras
Headphone jack


The fingerprint scanner inside the screen is slower than usual
In low light, the camera shoots worse than the Pixel 3
Slow distribution of software updates

Video review of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 in previous years, Samsung again launches smartphones with advanced technical features. At this price, it could not be otherwise. The easiest way to describe new smartphones with the word “well-developed.” Many devices have screens with bends, a glass back surface, a metal frame in the middle. However, few models feel so well-built. In terms of decoration, Samsung is at the iPhone level, ahead of Google, OnePlus and other manufacturers of Android smartphones.

The appearance and filling of the smartphone

On the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10, the front and back glass surfaces smoothly bend into a metal frame. This makes it easier to hold the device in your hand, despite such large screens. Curved screens have been a hallmark of Samsung devices for several years now. Not everyone likes them, but problems should not arise with them.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

There are bends on the screens or not, the Galaxy S10 remains a large smartphone, which is difficult to work with one hand. Surely most will prefer to put a cover on it. Those wishing to get a more compact smartphone may prefer the Galaxy S10, but it is also quite large. There is still a new Galaxy S10e, but it is not considered in this review.

Galaxy S10 enhancements even extend to things like the vibration engine. It now gives a more pleasant experience compared to many smartphones. The Taptic Engine on the iPhone is still better, but on the Samsung smartphone the engine is now not so buzzing and annoying. It gives an excellent response when typing on the on-screen keyboard.

Unlike the iPhone, Pixel and many other smartphones, the Galaxy S10 has a headphone jack on the bottom of the case next to the USB-C port. There are also stereo speakers, quite loud and with rich sound for those who do not want to wear headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

There is protection against water and dust IP68, quick wired and wireless charging, an adapter is included in the package. MicroSD cards are also supported. The base Galaxy S10 Plus model offers 128 GB of internal storage, which should be enough for most users. iPhone and Pixel have less storage in basic configurations and do not support microSD.

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Through wireless recharging from the Galaxy S10, you can even recharge other devices, such as the new Samsung wireless headphones or the Galaxy Watch Active. Of course, the speed will not be very high.

The main hardware flaws of the Galaxy S10 are the same as last year’s Samsung smartphones. For example, this is the presence of a Bixby button on the case. The developers made it possible to set other actions on it, but you can not start using this button Google Assistant or other virtual assistants.


The Galaxy S10 features a 6.4-inch OLED panel with rich colors and excellent viewing angles. In the sun, the screen becomes very bright, the resolution is high so as not to see individual pixels. The screen is stretched from top to bottom, the frames are minimal.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

Samsung has moderated its aggressive color saturation. The Natural display mode looks very good and there is no neon color, which is the famous devices of this manufacturer. The company claims that the Galaxy S10 screen is the first among modern smartphones to support HDR10. This video standard is available on Prime Video and YouTube. The iPhone supports the competing Dolby Vision standard, which the Galaxy S10 does not have. In any case, all this is not like HDR on TVs.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

In general, the Galaxy S10 screen is definitely among the best, or maybe just the best on smartphones of any manufacturer.

Even more interesting than the screen itself may be what is built inside. Although the display extends to the very top of the smartphone, there is no cutout for the front camera on the screen. Instead, a hole is used in the corner where the camera is located. On the Galaxy S10, the front camera is dual. The auxiliary is responsible for image depth and portrait shots.

This solution allows Samsung to continue to do without a wide cut. However, because of this, the battery and network charge indicators are not in the center, but on the left. With cutouts, one would also have to make similar compromises, but there, at least, symmetry is maintained. Notifications and watches in the presence of a cutout are located to his left, the battery and the network to the right. It seems to some that the lack of symmetry at the hole under the front camera looks worse.

You can completely hide the front cameras with a black bar on top, but because of this, it seems that the Galaxy S10 has a huge top frame. Depending on the application that is currently running, this black frame may show something.

Another innovation of the screen is the built-in fingerprint scanner instead of the classic one on the back of the case. In this case, the scanner is ultrasonic, it should be more reliable and better than optical on other smartphones. The ultrasound scanner works even with wet fingers.

And yet, it is not as fast and secure as a traditional capacitive scanner on the smartphone body. The scanner area inside the screen is quite small, although the lock screen shows where you need to put your finger. You need to precisely aim, so as not to miss the scanner.

Even then, it may take more than one attempt to unlock the device. Many would prefer a face-unlocking system like Face ID, which works effortlessly, or even a classic rear-facing scanner. The Galaxy S10 supports face unlock, but only the front camera is used here. 3D markup and other best practices are missing. As a result, it was even possible to unlock the smartphone by playing video with your face on the screen of another smartphone. Obviously, this method will not protect your data from strangers.

Nevertheless, I would like to get a face unlock at the Apple Face ID level. It is much more reliable and easier to use than the Galaxy S10 system.


The combination of cameras is similar to the Galaxy S9, but instead of two of them three. There is a standard 12 megapixel camera with aperture f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 with optical stabilization, a 12 megapixel f / 2.4 telephoto with optical stabilization and a new super wide-angle 16 megapixel f / 2.2 camera.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

This combination of cameras gives a variety that is not on the devices iPhone and Google Pixel. You can take wide-angle shots, you can portrait, you can take any other. Just click on the button on the screen. It’s like a bag with a camera, where different lenses lie.

The ultra-wide-angle camera is ideal for shooting landscapes and cityscapes. Thanks to this, the lens in the frame will fit much more objects. True, because of this width, the image at the edges is greatly distorted. Samsung has to apply software processing after shooting, which takes time. Despite this, it can be very interesting to shoot from a perspective that other smartphones do not.

Apart from the new lenses, the camera has not changed compared to previous Samsung devices. The Galaxy S10 cameras are still very good. They have a fast focus, they start up quickly and shoot well in any light. The results are also obtained familiar to Samsung, that is, overexposed with a white balance in the warm side. If you didn’t like the photos from the Galaxy S9, then you won’t like them here.

Sample photos:

A similar white balance may be good for portrait shots, but Samsung’s desire to overexpose images to increase brightness at times makes skin tones weird. In addition, the Galaxy S10 aggressively smoothes the skin to reduce noise, especially in low light.

Samsung found a good balance between the capabilities of the Pixel and iPhone in terms of HDR support. Results using this technology are more natural.

When portrait photography, for some reason, the main camera is used instead of tele-photo, so they are quite wide. It resembles the work of the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone XS.

The developers have added new software tricks to the cameras. Artificial Intelligence can now recognize 30 scenes. There is a function to help when taking photos, which will be especially useful for beginners. There is also a night shooting mode, but you can’t turn it on when you want. You need to be in real darkness, with a lighting level of less than 1 lux. At this point, the optimization of scenes with artificial intelligence should be used for night shooting to come into operation.

As for shooting video, the Galaxy S10 is more impressive than the Pixel or iPhone. It supports shooting up to 4K 60 fps on the main camera and 4K 30 fps on the rest. There is a new Super Steady stabilization feature that provides truly smooth shooting. True, only at 1080p and on the main camera. When shooting a video, stereo sound is recorded, the best among Android smartphones.

10MP front camera with auto focus delivers crisp images. There is a button to make photos wider for group selfies. In this case, the Galaxy S10 auxiliary front camera is not used, just cropped the image.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

Decoration modes are turned off by default, but in the dark the image starts to deteriorate noticeably. Portrait shooting is pretty decent, but not perfect. There are a couple of new effects that you will want to meet and never touch again.

operating system

For many years, Samsung smartphones have a beautiful appearance and advanced hardware components, but everything spoils the software. In the case of the Galaxy S10 Plus, this is not so. The software may not be perfect, but overall it looks good, has extensive functionality and is convenient to work with.

Samsung calls its software interface One UI, it runs on top of Android 9.0. The main goal of this interface is to offer a coherent appearance and the thrill of working with the system on a large screen. In this regard, the shell was a success. Many important elements of the system are accessible to the finger at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

There are many functionalities of a clean version of Android 9, such as the “Digital Wellness” service, adaptive brightness and a screen rotation button in the navigation panel.

The main question regarding Samsung software is always how long to wait for updates on it and for how long they will come. Surely in August Android Q version will be released. Surely on any Samsung smartphone it will have to wait more than six months after that. Some four times cheaper smartphones get the next version of Android within a couple of months after the release.

Performance and autonomy

The Galaxy S10 is one of the first smartphones to use the Snapdragon 855 processor, but it’s in the US. The Russian version runs on a Samsung Exynos 9820 processor. Their performance is very high and everything runs smoothly. Applications open without hesitation, scrolling occurs like clockwork, there is never a feeling that the device is coping with difficulty. It is difficult to quantify this, but the user interface seems to be more elaborate than devices like the OnePlus 6T and other flagships.

Benchmark Antutu Test:

The Galaxy S10 battery is also reliable enough to not have to look for a power outlet in the middle of the day. Galaxy S10 battery capacity is 4100 mAh. With a load between light and medium, this may be enough for a couple of days of work, with heavy for a full day.

To summarize

After 10 years of releasing Galaxy smartphones about the S10 model, we can say that there is nothing revolutionary in it. This does not make him bad, but the owners of the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 do not make much sense to switch to a new device (in our opinion). In a couple of months, Samsung will release a flexible smartphone that might seem more attractive to someone if not for the crazy price.

The Galaxy S10 is the 2019 Android flagship, as well as a serious alternative for modern iPhone models. The choice is a matter of taste and preferences in terms of operating systems. Someone likes iOS, someone chooses Android.

When choosing between the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Google Pixel 3, the question is how much you need fast software updates and night shooting. If not really needed, the Galaxy S10 will be the preferred option in all other respects.

The device is almost twice as expensive compared to the OnePlus 6T. Due to this, you will get a better screen, better speakers, water protection, wireless charging and much more interesting cameras. If you need all this and you are ready to fork out, then the choice in favor of Samsung is obvious.

After 10 years of launching smartphones, Samsung knows what consumers expect. If you want to get the best Android smartphone at the moment, the Galaxy S10 is one of your preferred options.

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