Samsung Galaxy Fit How to Customize

Samsung Galaxy Fit How to Customize

Today, in the light of the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, a fitness bracelet is a popular accessory that is a marker of an active, health-conscious person. This device helps to translate daily activity into numbers, clearly demonstrating the number of steps and kilometers traveled, and has a number of other interesting functions. Therefore, a fitness tracker has become a welcome gift for many.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E combines all the usual qualities of such a device. long battery life, a set of functions that measure activity and an affordable price.

Design and Features

Samsung Galaxy Fit How to Customize

The device includes an oblong-shaped main unit and a replaceable strap. The strap is narrow and conveniently attached. The bracelet is almost not felt on the hand and does not cause inconvenience when worn continuously. over, thanks to the sleek design, it looks good in everyday life.

The case and strap come in different colors. Classic black, elegant white, also, if desired, you can purchase brighter options that combine with your own style. The sleek black-and-white display is equipped with light sensors and changes the brightness of the image depending on the environment.

The case of the bracelet is protected from water. The device is capable of functioning even at an impressive depth, however, it should be borne in mind that the design did not provide for conditions when water jets intensively affect the body, therefore it is not recommended to use the gadget in active swims.

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Screen and features

Samsung Galaxy Fit How to Customize

A simple black-and-white display performs well in various lighting conditions. Information is displayed extremely briefly and easily read. However, a bright sunny day may still cause problems due to glare.

The clock is synchronized with the phone through a special application and displays notifications about messages in various applications, incoming mail and received calls. These messages should be considered only as notifications. you won’t be able to read them using the bracelet, you can see the name of the addressee at the maximum. The same thing is with calls. the bracelet shows the name or number of the caller, in order to receive the call you still have to use the phone.

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The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted manually, or you can define settings that will adjust it depending on the specified time. After activation, it works for about five seconds, then goes off again to save power.

The bracelet is synchronized with mobile devices on the Android and IOS axes. To work with a fitness bracelet, such programs are used as:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fit (takes data on heart rate and steps taken and summarizes this information in activity statistics);
  • Galaxy Health (for better tracking of heart rate readings; this program also includes different types of workouts to help diversify daily activity in conjunction with the bracelet functions. On Samsung Galaxy phones, such a program is immediately integrated into the axis, it should be installed separately on other phones).

The bracelet is easy to use and does not have a lot of complex settings. The features of its use include:

  1. The gadget program includes six options for displaying the dial. There are also six built-in widgets that display the collected data. steps taken, number of hours of sleep, calories burned, heart rate, weather conditions and a calendar. The ability to add other widgets is missing.
  2. The bracelet reads the steps taken, but does not record the passage through the floors. He is able to automatically determine the phase of training, however, for the correct reading of data during a bike ride, you need to configure the desired type of exercise through the application in the phone. There is no GPS connection in this bracelet, therefore, it does not have a navigator function, which makes it impossible to collect acceleration and braking statistics.
  3. The device can be configured as an alarm clock, and it will wake up with a tangible soundless vibration. This function is also configured in a special application in the phone. Alarms set in the phone in the watch options, the device does not read. The bracelet is able to read sleep time, as well as record activity if there is one. Reading various phases of sleep is not part of its function.

Device functions are controlled by tapping on the display or the case. It may take some time to get used to calculating the strength of the impact for the team to work properly.

Charging and efficiency

Samsung Galaxy Fit How to Customize

The device is charged using the unique cable included in the kit. It takes about one and a half hours to fully replenish energy.

In order for the device to not sit down longer, it is recommended to disable the function of constant heart rate measurement during periods when it is not needed (just turn off the corresponding widget for this). In this case, the bracelet will hold a charge for about two to three days.

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