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Google Photos is positioned as a roomy and reliable storage for storing images. However, mobile users often complain about the sudden disappearance of photos. We have collected the main scenarios and solutions. We’ll tell you how to restore photos from your Google Photos account, what methods of recovery from the cloud exist: those offered by the service itself and alternative ones (if the backup copy of the files was not saved).


The standard way to recover through the Google Photos trash

The Google Photos Cloud stores deleted photos for 60 days. If you did not empty the Recycle Bin on the server, you have a chance to find deleted files. However, keep in mind that this recovery option is relevant only if you a) made a backup copy of the photo through the Back up application & sync on or b) synchronized files in Google Photos.

Instructions for Android:

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone (you can install it via Google Play)
  2. In the upper left corner of the application, find the main menu icon, go to the Bin section
  3. Select the items you want to recover from the list: deleted files, folders with images and videos
  4. To restore all marked files, click Restore.
  5. After that, your selected photos / videos will be successfully restored. The Google Photos app will save them in the same album / folder with the previous metadata.

PC Instruction

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to the account to which "tied" your google photos post
  2. Google Photos Cart is available here.
  3. The principle of recovery is similar to the mobile version: you need to specify the deleted data and press the Done button, confirming the selection.
  4. To restore a photo, click Restore
  5. All deleted files will be restored and synchronized with the phone.

Universal Cloud Recovery: DiskDigger

If more than 60 days have passed since the deletion of the photos, the Google Photos Trash will not help you out. It makes sense to use a proven recovery program, such as DiskDigger. Next, consider how to return a photo using it.

1. Download and install the mobile version of DiskDigger for Android (the program is free)

2. Run the program and scan the phone or sd card memory

Note: You must determine exactly where the photo was saved. to the phone’s memory or to the sd card. You can find out the location through the settings of the corresponding android application (Camera, etc.).

3. Save the found files

In addition to DiskDigger, there are tons of other resuscitators that can help. The best of them we considered in this article.

Are there any other recovery methods with Google Photos? Some simple recipes

In fact, you can restore photos in the cloud purely through the Google Photos service, but there are a few more tips and tricks that sometimes help out.

  1. Check other folders in the Albums. there may also "hide" Your photos. How to do it:
  2. Access the Google Photos app through the app or browser
  3. Under the Photos on device label there is a corresponding folder
  4. Take a look at the sketches: are there any familiar images.
  5. If you shared photos with other users, let them check if your photos are in the Download folder. In turn, check the history of correspondence in the messenger (Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook).
  6. If you have a Samsung mobile device and use branded applications like Samsung Cloud, check to see if there is a backup of the photos on the server.

Photos are not displayed on the new device (sync not configured)


I went to Google Photos from another device, and the last photos are not displayed there. On an old device in Google Photos, these photos are displayed. I don’t store anything on the phone, I immediately delete it after downloading. Google Drive displays all photos on both the old and new devices. Everything is displayed on What can I do to make new photos appear in Google Photos on a new device?

Decision. You need to set up Google Photos sync on your new Android device. You can do this as follows:

  1. Go to settings through the side menu of the application
  2. Go to the Back up and sync section and activate the option of the same name
  3. To configure copying, you need to specify the settings for your Gmail account
  4. From now on, all photos and videos stored in Google Photos will be available on all devices with a google account connected.

Since the application consumes a lot of traffic, you need to enable synchronization only with a wifi connection.

No access to Google account


Need your help. On the old phone, all the photos were saved on Google photo, after buying a new phone my husband deleted my account on the old phone and created a new one. Can I somehow restore the photo from the old phone? If I don’t know my account or password?

Decision. The best and, in fact, the only way to return a photo is to restore access to your Google account. When registering, you in any case specified a backup mailbox and other data that will help to remember your login and password. How to do this is described in detail here.

After access is restored, connect the account in the Android settings or go to Google Photos through a browser.

Photo upload was interrupted


Faced with the situation, the photos were lost when I transferred them from the phone’s sd card to Google disk. At the same time, the Internet broke down, the files did not load (the download is still hanging), but they are not on the map either. Can I restore these photos?

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Decision. Since the photos did not upload entirely to Google Photos, they will have to be restored from the sd card. This instruction will help:

In addition to Power Data Recovery, you can try DiskDigger, PhotoRec and Recuva. They are free.

Question answer

[Recovering photos from the cloud after 60 days after deletion]

Please tell me, is it possible to restore photos that were lost a couple of years ago due to a malfunctioning phone? Also, if I changed my smartphone to a new one, but I didn’t find the photo anymore. All these devices were tied to one permanent Google account! Please help me figure it out! Or maybe some specific program will work in my case.

Answer. 2 years is too long for Google Photos. Even if you do not take into account the fact that deleted photos are stored in the cloud for up to 60 days. Theoretically, you can repair a faulty phone, turn off synchronization with Google Photos, and check the contents of the phone’s memory.

Video: Samsung Cloud Shopping Cart Where To Find

If the photos were stored on the broken sd card, look, suddenly they are still there.

[backup Google Photos]

Phone Samsung Note 9, for some reason, some photos were deleted from the phone and ended up in the Google Photo Basket. Miraculously found and restored. How to avoid this in the future?

Answer. Store your most valuable photos in several places. It can be Dropbox cloud, Google Drive, memory card and PC hard drive. See the backup instructions here:

[restore photo from old phone]

Please tell me if it is possible to restore photos from an old mobile phone using the Google cloud service. On the old Samsung phone was a Google Account. Now on the new the same account. Can I request photos from a previous phone from Google service? (they were deleted there).

Answer. It doesn’t matter on which phone the photo was stored. You can only restore photos deleted in the Google Photos Recycle Bin (after 60 days, files are permanently deleted). There’s no point in contacting tech support directly: you’ll still be redirected to the official help on using the application and the Google Photos service.

[photo disappeared after updating the phone]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 smartphone. Software update came, downloaded, installed, rebooted, everything was OK. On that day, I took pictures and videos, previously there were photos taken. The next day, everything disappeared from the Gallery, except for the one shot after the update. There is no memory card. In the cloud of Google photos, there are all ever taken photos from this phone.

Answer. If data synchronization has been enabled in Google Photos, look for deleted photos to us. Check the Recycle Bin (deleted content is stored there for up to 60 days).

Also check the sync settings in the Google Photos app on Android. If it is disabled, turn it on.

Need urgent help. The problem is that all the photos from the old phone were uploaded to Google Photos. With the purchase of a new phone, I tried to log into my previously used account, but there were no photos there, and the photos are very important to me. Help really needed. Where to look for them, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  1. Photos may not have been uploaded to Google Photos from your old phone. You could disable synchronization or set up partial synchronization.
  2. Check if there are photos on the old memory card or on the previous phone.

Photos from Google Photos disappeared, although before deleting them from the Gallery on my phone, I checked that they were synchronized in Google Photos. Please help me restore them.

Answer. If less than 60 days have passed. the Trash can help, if more. look for photos in the phone’s memory through the DiskDigger for Android application.

This morning I took screenshots from Instagram, I did not go to the Gallery all day. In the evening I decided to take a picture of nature, I went to see the photo, but there are no screenshots. Then I went to Google Photos, there were a lot of some files, but they did not open. I deleted them to the Trash, and then completely. Where did they go?

Answer. As you might guess, the photos were deleted as a result of your actions. However, from your question it is not clear what exactly you want to restore:

  1. If Instagram screenshots. it’s easier to recreate them.
  2. If photos of nature. in any case, they were saved not only on Google Photos, but also on the phone’s memory card. Look for them there. through the programs we recommended above.

Please help restore the photo, I am very poorly versed in all this. I transferred the photos to Google Photos (from Lenovo’s phone), and then I saw that the memory was full and decided to delete them, thinking that they would remain in the Gallery. Now they are gone nowhere, even in the Basket.

Answer. On your phone, synchronization with Google Photos was turned on. Accordingly, everything that you delete on the computer is sent to the Recycle Bin on the cloud. You can restore files, as already noted, within 60 days, until the Recycle Bin is empty.

I want to recover deleted photos, but my Google photo is disabled. How can I return pictures without google photos?

On Viber was forwarded the drive with a photo drive., after 10 days all the photos disappeared, writes that the disk may have been deleted. How to restore everything?

Everything that was in the phone’s memory was accidentally erased: photos, videos, audio recordings to the recorder. Then I found all the photos on, but some video and audio recordings were not restored. Tell me how to restore photos in the cloud.

I had two accounts, one of them I accidentally deleted. Together with the deleted account, all the photos and videos from Google photos disappeared. Important photos and videos for 4 years.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 phone. I bought it as a purchase, I did not have time to set it correctly so that the photos were saved in Google photos although I already had an account. I was important because these photos were just at sea in Turkey when the phone wrote that the system phone memory was full. Although I had an sd card on the phone, I just didn’t immediately set up the phone so that the photos were saved there. After that I tried to move all the photos to the sd card, it didn’t work, I went out, took some more photos and videos. Then after 2 hours I went in to see the photos in the camera folder, they just disappeared the video and photos. Those photos that I uploaded to the vatsap and vibeber instagram via the Internet were saved. I downloaded the program DiskDigger did a simple scan, the photos were scanned not by the very ones that were deleted by myself. Tell me, is it possible now to return the photo from google photo to the gallery if d Samsung Galaxy A5 was full of phone system memory?

I deleted all the photos from Google photos and emptied the basket, thinking that all the photos were on Google Drive (But as it turned out, they weren’t there Can you somehow recover deleted photos from the cloud back? Help, this is very important!

Before the new year, I bought a phone on Android, went to my Google account, and all the photos from the old phone were restored. I took new photos, some spread them over albums (both new and old). In April of this year, all the photos from the gallery sharply deleted (I suspect that after the automatic update of the system), taken before April 16. Just selectively deleted albums, there were only 2 with new photos. At the same time, photos from the old phone remained in the Google photo cloud, but there are no new ones, i.e. for the period from January to April, with the exception of 2 albums. Because of these 2 albums, I conclude that there was still synchronization with Google photos. The answer from Samsung’s support is no. Tell me, what’s the matter?

Google photo suggested freeing up space on the device. I, with a fool, agreed. And my whole system of folders with photos on the phone collapsed. In folders only the latest pictures, and everything else lies in a crowd in the cloud. Is it possible to reverse this operation (clearing the place on the phone) and reverse the pictures to their old place? I will be very grateful for the help

Please tell me, is there really no way to restore all deleted photos for the entire period from Google photos?

My phone is broken and cannot be repaired. All photos were on Google photo. When entering passwords, there was no photo. Help me return all the photos or tell me how to do it

I found you in Google and really ask for help. Accidentally not noticing that a lot of photos and videos were clicked on the sensor, we deleted almost everything from the trip all the photos and videos from the Samsung A8 phone and there was no cloud and google photo on the phone to pull something out independently And for us these pictures are very important for work. can you help?

I accidentally deleted a photo video from the gallery, it did not sync in Google photo ( and was in the Android phone itself. How can I recover? He is not in the basket.

On March 7, 2018, I bought a new Android and synchronized it with Google Photos. Missing photos from the phone. And I can’t restore the old Google photo album. Please tell me how to do this?

I deleted all the photos from the gallery. The phone constantly does not have memory and the inscription constantly appears: not enough memory, delete. I couldn’t selectively delete, I clicked: delete all. Before that I looked at Google photos, the photos were saved there. All photos from the gallery were deleted. In Google, their photos are not in the basket or in the archive. How to recover photo from google photo on android?

Cleared the device’s memory, after which the video quality on the cloud has deteriorated significantly. Is it possible to return the quality?

I don’t know how google photos deleted all the photos taken from other phones that I used before, two weeks ago they were in the cloud, today they came in not in the basket not in common. please help restore them there were photos only made on this device. they are very important to me.

I took pictures on the plane, well, and accordingly, there was a mode "airplane".Photos from the recently deleted folder deleted immediately. Then they landed, turned off the flight mode, and I can not find the photo in the cloud. Is it possible to somehow restore the photo from the cloud? than a month have passed

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