Samsung A50 Bad Internet

Samsung A50 Bad Internet

If your Samsung a50 doesn’t catch the Internet, then if the update does not come out, then you may not be able to fix the connection. Here is one of the posts on the official forum.

“Hi! A week has passed since I bought the new Samsung Galaxy A50, and I got a severe headache! This is my first Samsung phone, and the experience is really very bad.

The phone really doesn’t catch the 4G network. I used Vodafone SIM cards and others and none of the 4G networks work normally in this phone, then in the same place other smartphones catch the network perfectly.

There is always only one signal bar, because of which I encounter problems such as slow Internet, call forwarding and my email freezes in outgoing!

There are many users who complain about the same problem. I went to the service center, they only hard-reset my phone and returned it to me. It didn’t solve anything.

I highly recommend everyone not to buy samsung galaxy a50! You will eventually regret it.

“I want the company to take note of this and solve this problem as soon as possible or return our hard-earned money to us!”

As you can see from the message, a lot is being clarified. If everything worked fine for you before, then try the following options.

One of the widespread problems that inevitably arises is related to the loss of a network connection.

An intermittent Wi-Fi connection usually occurs when your device receives a weak signal from a wireless network, for example, when it is much further away from the router

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The farther the distance between your Samsung a50 and the network equipment, the more bad the Internet will work.

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Therefore, whenever you experience a Wi-Fi failure or an intermittent connection to the Internet, make sure that the phone is in the indicated range and there is a strong connection level.

You can deal with a software problem, if not hardware damage to your phone.

First solution: reboot the router. A restart is often required when network problems occur.

This helps eliminate errors that cause the network to become unstable or not working at all.

Second solution: restart the phone. Performing a reboot can also be the key to resolving a problem if it involves minor bugs and software crashes.

It also helps clear internal memory for better and faster performance.

Press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds or until the device reboots.

Such a restart is the simplest effective solution to problems without affecting the data stored in the internal memory, so you will not lose anything.

The third solution: disconnect from the network, and then reconnect. A simple but effective workaround that many people use when they encounter random network connectivity issues is turning it on and off.

The fourth solution: resetting the network settings on your phone. Your network may be caused by the failure of some bad applications, and when that happens, expect your network connection to become unstable if it does not fail.

In addition to poor applications, invalid network settings on the phone can also cause the same network problems.

A possible fix that you can try on in this case is to reset the network. This will restore your network settings to defaults, and then you can reconfigure the connection accordingly.

Fifth solution: forget or delete the network on your phone. It is possible that the network is damaged and therefore does not work properly.

In this case, you can probably solve the problem by deleting the wireless network and then reconnecting the device.

It is like connecting the phone to the network, as if this is the first time, so everything should be in order.

Other options. Contact your network service provider / provider and see if there are ongoing interruptions that could cause a recurring problem in your place.

Contact Samsung Support to discuss the issue if your network connection starts to break after installing a new software update on your device.

This may be an update error that requires another update that contains the patch fix. Successes.

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