Samsung 913n Monitor Backlight Does Not Turn On

Samsung Syncmaster 940n. Repair Manual. DataSheet

Repair Manual for 540N, 540B, 740N, 740B, 740T, 940B, 940T, 940N Monitors


1 Precautionary measures

1-1 Safety Precautions

1-1-2 LCD Monitor Maintenance

1-1-3 Fire and electric shock

1-1-4 Product Safety Instructions

1-2 Repair. Precautions

1-2-1 General Service Precautions

1-3 ESD Protection

1-4 Installation Precautions

2 Ttechnical characteristics

2-1 Model Features

2-2 Specifications for the LS15HAA / LS15HAB

2-3 Specifications of the LS17HAA / LS17HAB / LS17HAT Models

2-4 Specifications for the LS19HAB / LS19HAT

2-5 Additional Options

3 Image Alignment and Adjustment

3-1 Equipment Required

3-2 Auto color adjustment

3-3 DDC EDID Input

3-4 OSD setup when replacing the panel

3-5 OSD setup when changing backlight

3-6 Service Function Spec.

3-6-1 Method for displaying the OSD service function

3-6-2; 3-6-3; 3-6-4; How to control the OSD service function

3-7 How to start DDC

4 Troubleshooting

4-1 No power (LS15HAA / LS15HAB)

4-2 No power r (LS17HAA / LS17HAB / LS17HAT / LS19HAA / LS19HAT)

4-3 No video signal (analog)

4-4 No video signal (digital)

5 Disassembly of the monitor and spare parts list

6 List of electronic components

7 Flowchart

7-1 Power Scheme

7-2 motherboard

7-3; 7-4 Board switching power supply (inverter)

8 Wiring diagram

9 Schematic diagram

9-1 Schematic diagram (15-inch monitor)

9-2 Schematic diagram (17, 19 inches)

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10 Installation and operating instructions

10-1 Front Panel

10-2 Backside

10-3 Monitor Connection

10-4 Monitor Assembly

10-5 Attaching Fasteners

11 Disassembly and assembly

11-1; 11-2 Disassembly

12 circuit board

13 circuit description

13-1 Block diagram as a whole

13-1-1 Power Scheme

13-1-2 motherboard

13-1-3; 13-1-4 Power circuit of the inverter

13-1-5 Inverter protection circuit

13-2 Troubleshooting

13-3; 13-4 Schematic diagram of the inverter

14 References

14-1 Technical Terms

14-2 Pin Assignment

14-3 Timing Table

14-4 Preset Timing Modes

14-5 Panel Description

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In this section you will find SAMSUNG monitor schematic and you can download. And you can download any of the schemes completely free, without registration, without sending SMS, directly from our site without file hosting and other hidden tricks.

schemes at the bottom of the page in attachments

Perhaps the following information will be useful to you:
If you need programs to view downloaded files, you will find them in the SOFTWARE section
If you have questions about repair, we invite you to the FORUM
If you are looking for where you can find specialists in the community, go to the RADIOKOMPAS section
If you yourself are engaged in repairs, then you have the opportunity to report about yourself in the Radio compass section. just contact the FEEDBACK section

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Samsung SyncMaster 940n Monitor Repair

Purchased in March 2008, i.e. four years ago, a stationary home computer monitor suddenly stopped working normally. This manifested itself in the following. When turned on, the image was displayed for a moment, then went out. The process is cyclic. about a quarter of a second is displayed, then about five seconds black. Two or three days before this, he also blinked so when turned on, but then he turned on all the same, and here you are! Sorry children lost their shooter-gonylok-gardens, and the spouse. access to cooking recipes and makeup secrets &# 128578; It was necessary to urgently do something. A search on the Internet brought out a bunch of results on the proper disassembly of the monitor, which was successfully done. True, the case is a little scratched and two plastic latches, I still broke &# 128578; My gaze was the filling of the power supply.
I did not even have to raise the circuit. A quick review immediately revealed three expanded electrolytes of 850 microfarads x 25 V. In the photo they are shown by arrows. Here you can look at them closer.
It can be seen that the capacitors bulged not only from above, but also to a greater extent from below; they even rose above the power supply board.
All repairs took place in the replacement of the above-mentioned Conders with a working 1000 μF x 25 V
After I turned on the monitor after assembly, I immediately drew attention to a bright, rich and clear picture. Looks like electrolytes died out a little, the display quality also worsened a little, but this fact did not rush into the eyes. After replacing the capacitors, the backlight lamps began to glow as expected, the spectrum of the light emitted by them changed, respectively, the brightness and clarity improved (or rather returned to normal).
Finally, I want to once again warn you about a neat disassembly. Try not to pull the connecting wires, thoughtfully unfasten the busbars and connectors and you will succeed!

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Monitor SAMSUNG 940N (R). DIY inverter repair.

Today I will tell you how to repair the inverter with my own hands.

If your monitor has a defect, it turns off after two to three seconds after switching on and at the same time the image appears at the time of switching on.

The trance defect can be determined by the instrument in short-circuited turns, by resistance.

Usually one of the trance breaks. This is, in principle, a disease of monitors.

The simplest option for lack of trance is to put a new inverter, which is full on sale.

A detailed examination revealed a defect in one of the inverter transes. This is easy to verify: you need to try the working candle in turn, first at the output of the first trance, then the second, and so on. On a non-working trance, the candle will naturally not light up at the moment of switching on.

Without going into details, we solder the TMS91429CT inverter transformer so that the protection does not work.

After dismantling the trance will look like this:

Next, we provide power and control to it, place it on Velcro in a convenient place. You may need to increase the length of the wires from the lamps to the inverter output.

Here are some examples of inverter placement.

And here are examples of finished inverters.

It will not be difficult for a sorting person.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link: = UU_0w17VrwGURlDECs3VnqPA.

Video: Samsung 913n Monitor Backlight Does Not Turn On

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                                      Repair Samsung monitors with their own hands. Samsung monitor layout

                                      We describe how to repair Samsung monitors with their own hands with a malfunction, which is that the device does not turn on, the indicator on the front panel is inactive. Consider several damage options.

                                      Monitor disassembly

                                      Turning on the monitor on the network, we see that its backlight does not light up, the display periodically tries to give a picture, blinks and does not turn on. In addition, the power lamp flickers. This suggests that somewhere in the device there is a short circuit, and it goes into defense. Presumably the case is in capacitors located in the Samsung monitor circuit.

                                      Samsung 913n Monitor Backlight Does Not Turn On

                                      We disassemble the monitor. Unscrew the screws with a flat screwdriver. Try to do it carefully with a metal spatula. You do not need to press hard so that there are no traces on the plastic.

                                      After the front frame is snapped off, we turn the monitor with the matrix down, remove the back cover and turn off the front frame. We remove the wires, snap off and unscrew the metal frame, which holds the matrix on four screws.

                                      Next, turn off the backlight by removing them from the sockets. We remove the board by unscrewing the screws. Did you find a bloating of two electrolytic capacitors? It must be remembered that one or more capacitors may swell in the monitor. Even if this part did not explode and leak, but only slightly increased in size, it is damaged and must be replaced.

                                      The main reason for this defect is the aging of the capacitors (the hourly operating time may end). In addition, a defect is possible and the capacitor is dry. Sometimes this part fails due to power surges. Swollen, leaked or exploded capacitors must be removed, new ones installed and checked. So, now you know the cause of the breakdown.

                                      Swelling, leakage, explosion of capacitors

                                      We continue to find out how to repair Samsung monitors with their own hands. So, turn on the soldering iron. Pre-lubricate the contacts with flux in order to better solder. While the soldering iron is warming up, we unscrew and remove the power supply board from the case. Before that, disconnect the cable that goes to the control board. We find the legs of the board on the back side. When replacing capacitors, it is recommended to change everything at once. We solder them. Capacitors are changed to exactly the same at face value. Here it is allowed to use a rating with an overestimated operating voltage, and with an underestimated one, it is prohibited.

                                      It is possible to use a slightly larger capacitance of capacitors, but within reasonable limits. For example, instead of elements with a capacitance of 470 μF, you can install parts with a capacity of 680 μF. And another thing: it is desirable that the new capacitor fit in the right place in size, and the width between the legs coincides. We insert new capacitors, not forgetting the polarity, and solder them.

                                      We carefully and accurately proceed to the assembly. We insert the board back into the case. We connect all cables and connectors. We connect the cables and fasten the screws. We assemble before putting on the frame. Then proceed to the test intermediate launch. We connect the device to the network for verification. After replacing clearly defective capacitors, in 90% of cases the defect disappears and the monitor starts working.

                                      Defective power capacitor

                                      Consider another version of a display defect that does not turn on, and its power indicator is inactive. And in this case, we will try to repair the Samsung monitor with our own hands. Disassembly of the device can be seen above. We proceed immediately to the inspection and identification of defects. So, after examining the power supply, you have identified a defective power capacitor. In the area of ​​the left contact of the capacitor, electrolyte smudges are visible. In this case, the part has lost its tightness and requires replacement.

                                      Often, when this capacitor fails, the power transistor burns, which powers the power supply transformer, as well as the mains fuse. First we check the condition of the fuse, call. The fuse is intact. There is no short circuit on the capacitor contacts. There is no short circuit on the transistor either. We will manage to replace the power capacitor. Breakdown fixed.

                                      Inverter Power

                                      Let us examine the following flaw, in which the Samsung monitor does not turn on. In this case, a breakdown will be detected in the power supply unit of the inverter or its fuses. We continue to carry out repairs with our own hands.

                                      Many people know that the power to the inverter passes through a fuse, which is located next to the capacitors. It looks like a resistor in a green case. Often with faulty capacitors, the inverter fuse also fails. We check the serviceability of the fuse with a multimeter in the continuity mode of the circuit. When the fuse rings, the multimeter should indicate a short circuit (if the part is serviceable). Our fuse is damaged.

                                      Has your multimeter shown an open circuit? It should be noted that the fuse could be blown due to a malfunction of the inverter itself. If so, then it will burn again. Therefore, you need to calculate the cause of the inverter malfunction. In this case, you need to check for a short circuit in the power supply of the inverter to prevent the fuse from burning again. So, install a new fuse. The monitor is working.

                                      Backlight inverter

                                      In this section, we consider do-it-yourself repair of the inverter malfunction, which was mentioned in the previous section. Having determined that the fuse is open, we begin the search for an inverter defect. It is necessary to check the power transistors of two shoulders for each pair of lamps. An explicit defective capacitor was found at the inverter output. It is darkened, stratified and cracked. There is a possibility that the inverter transistors are working, and the fuse has failed due to overload in the secondary circuit of the inverter.

                                      We check the transistors anyway. There should not be a short circuit between the terminals. All transistors are normal. Replace the faulty capacitor and fuse. We install the board in place, connect the wires, and turn on the monitor. The image is.


                                      It is not recommended to completely assemble the monitor immediately. It’s better to leave it disassembled for a couple of hours. After assembly, we test for 2-3 hours. On this repair is completed.

                                      The article discusses only some episodes of repairing Samsung monitors with their own hands. And what do the experts say about this technique? Many masters believe that Samsung monitors are susceptible to the above damage. Feedback from repairmen about this equipment is still positive.