Reset Huawei P20 Lite Settings

Google regularly raises the level of protection for the Android operating system. Starting with Android 5.1, if the settings were reset not via the smartphone’s menu, but in a “hard” way, you must enter your Google account information to enter the smartphone.

What if you don’t remember your account information? In this article, we will tell you how to reset your Google account on Huawei (bypass the lock) and regain access to the phone. The method is quite tricky, but working, so do not be surprised at what is written below.

It is assumed that the phone is in the state “after resetting to factory settings.”

Before resetting your account, you need to download and upload the Go Launcher apk file to the memory card. Then, restart your smartphone.

After switching on, a menu with a choice of language will appear on the screen.

Next, you need to deactivate the TalkBack function to control the device using voice commands:

  1. press and hold on the screen with two fingers until mode starts;
  2. draw the letter “L”;
  3. select “TalkBack Settings” (click on the line, and then double tap anywhere on the screen ”;
  4. hold both volume keys;
  5. uncheck (click on an item and double tap anywhere).

Excellent. the TalkBack function is disabled, and in front of you is the menu of its settings. Further algorithm:

  1. select “Help & Feedback “;
  2. in the search line enter “Voice”;
  3. choose the first proposed option;
  4. click on the YouTube icon;
  5. click on the name of the video.

Video: Reset Huawei P20 Lite Settings

After completing these steps, the video will begin playing in the YouTube application. You must close the video and go to the main page. Next, go to Google Maps:

  1. click on three vertical dots under any video;
  2. select “Share”;
  3. Share via Notepad
  4. add any picture;
  5. click “Share” again;
  6. Click on the Google Maps icon.
Reset Huawei P20 Lite Settings

Then the application will begin to search for your location. Once you are found, specify any route. Next, you need to use Google Voice Assistant (the microphone icon in the upper right corner) to open Google Now, and then you need to install Go Launcher:

  1. write “Files” or “Files” in the search bar, depending on the language of the system;
  2. go to the file manager;
  3. open “Applications” / “App s”;
  4. Install Go Launcher, allowing installation along the way from unknown sources.

You can also copy the installation file to any folder and find it yourself using the file manager explorer. Next, you need to run Go Launcher.

A further algorithm is as follows:

  1. go to the options menu;
  2. reset settings.

All reset Google account completed. The smartphone will reboot and will not require data entry from your Google account. This method works on Huawei Y3, Nova, Nova 2 and dozens of other Huawei devices.

In the Huawei P20 Lite model, to launch TalkBack settings, you need to press the two fingers on the display instead of holding down the volume keys. In smartphones with EmotionUI 8 shell, instead of resetting, you can create a new Google account in the settings.