Reset Android Settings Samsung Galaxy S8

Step-by-step instructions on how to perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets: J3, J5, J6, J7, S8, A5, DUOS, Galaxy Tab.


Reset data, or hard reset. delete recorded data from the phone. All messages, contact phone numbers, photos, music, audio, mail settings are deleted. In this case, the tablet / phone “rolls back” to the factory (that is, the original) state.

Resetting the settings helps in case of problems that cannot be eliminated by other means, for example:

  • if applications are not installed,
  • the device does not work correctly
  • There are errors in the work of Android after the firmware.

Hard reset makes sense before selling or transferring to another user. So you are guaranteed to delete all confidential data.

Preparing to reset

Before resetting your Samsung Galaxy to the factory settings, make a backup copy of all the data that is important to you, because it will be erased.

Be sure to delete the Google user profile. otherwise, after hard reset, the device will request a login password. If you (or the new owner) cannot enter them, Android will not be able to download. How to do this, read the link:

In extreme cases, you can unlock the device in the Samsung branded service, but you need to have documents with you that confirm that you are its buyer.

Phased Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Phones

There are several ways to reset the settings on Samsung.

Reset to factory settings via menu

1. Open the Android menu, and select “Settings”. “General”.

Reset Android Settings Samsung Galaxy S8

2. You need the option “Archiving”, “Reset” or “Privacy”. the names are used differently, depending on the version of Android.

Reset Android Settings Samsung Galaxy S8

3. In the “Reset Data” section, click the “Reset” button to perform a Hard Reset.

Reset Android Settings Samsung Galaxy S8

4. The tablet / phone will reboot automatically.

That’s all, the settings are reset, the data is deleted.

Reset settings via the phone hardware keys

This method of “zeroing” will help if

  • Android OS does not start,
  • Samsung device’s screen is locked,
  • no access to settings.

So, in order to reset the settings without loading the Android OS,

  1. Turn on the mobile device by pressing the hardware button Power. Usually it is located on the side or top.
  2. Hold the buttons at the same time Nutrition, Home and Volume up. If there is no Home button, just hold the other two buttons. If there is a button Bixby, it must also be pressed.
  3. Release the button Power as soon as Samsung Galaxy appears on the screen of the device
  4. Hold the remaining buttons for another 15 seconds until the inscription Recovery.
  5. If Recovery is not displayed, repeat the previous steps, holding the buttons for a longer time.
  6. Use button Volume down to navigate the menu. Find the Reset (Factory reset)
  7. Click on Factory Reset by pressing the power button.
  8. Use the volume down key to confirm the deletion (Yes)
  9. By clicking Power, reboot the device.

Reset Android Settings Samsung Galaxy S8

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After these steps, data will be reset to Samsung.

Phone lock after Hard Reset: what to do

Starting with Android 5.1, anti-theft protection. Google FRP. works on Samsung mobile devices. It works as follows:. when performing a data reset, without first deleting the Google account, the device is blocked.

Suppose you rolled back the phone in the factory settings, forgot to delete your account data. and when you turn on the phone asks for the login information that was entered before the reset. In this case, two solutions:

  1. Enter the correct username / password to enter the account
  2. Contact the service with documents that confirm that you bought the device.

In the absence of a coupon, check, agreement to unlock you will be refused. Therefore, be careful and clearly follow the instructions when performing a hard reset.

No Russian language after reset

I deleted the account on the Samsung Galaxy A5 and the phone was reset to the factory settings. After that, languages, including Russian and Ukrainian, disappeared. How can I get them back? You can set Russian in the browser, but this is not in the settings of the phone itself, only English and a few more.

Answer. Go to Settings > Language and input (respectively in English. Language). If you did not find the Russian language, on look for the firmware for the Samsung Galaxy A5 and update the device manually. How to do this, again, check out the Galaxy A5 forum thread.

Android does not update after reset

I reset the Samsung Galaxy j6 phone to the factory settings, now I can’t update Android. He dropped to 7.0. Very uncomfortable. How to return 7.1.2 or at least 7.1.1?

Video: Reset Android Settings Samsung Galaxy S8

Answer. Try updating through the Samsung Smart Switch program. You can’t download directly on the Samsung website, however on you can find firmware files and update the device manually.

Google Authenticator Recovery After Reset

Reset the settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Android 7.0 After resetting, I restored my Google account, but realized that I had lost access to the Google Authenticator application. When I launch the application, it is only offered to create a new account, but I need one, because important data is saved there. What to do?

Answer. To restore Google Authenticator, see the article:

If the instructions do not help, please contact Google Support: Help > Contact Google.

After a hard reset, the battery runs out quickly

After an official update over the air, the phone became very discharged on Android 8, especially after a reboot. I noticed this immediately after the update. I want to return the old version of Android, I tried to do it through recovery, reset all settings to factory settings. Everything is reset, but the version of Android 6 that was when you purchased the phone is not returned. Phone SAMSUNG J5 PRIME 2016

Answer. Leaving the old version of Android is unsafe and pointless. the phone will be vulnerable to most current viruses.

  1. Pay attention to the information in the article, which lists the reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery.
  2. Through the Android settings, analyze what processes consume battery power: it may be a virus or a poorly optimized application.

Question answer

Changed the phone. On the former phone, I reset the settings and switched to a new one. When I entered my cloud at there were not a single photo or video. And there was a huge amount. Tell me how to restore them and how it happened that they also left after resetting the settings

  1. First of all, check the contents of the Trash in the cloud.
  2. Next, go to the synchronization settings and check if it is turned on.
  3. It is also possible that the photos are stored on a PC. try copying them to the cloud.
  4. If the photos were stored on a memory card, you can try to restore them through the Photorec program.

Reset data on Samsung j3 2017. Sd card was encrypted. Can I recover data to decrypt an sd card? Or maybe there is another way.

Can I recover a photo from a protected folder in Samsung galaxy A5 2017? After resetting the factory settings, they disappeared.

SAMSUNG G350E reset to factory settings. Photos and phone numbers disappeared from the phone’s internal memory. Can they be restored and how? Everything remains on the SD card. I didn’t save anything on the Internet.

Could you tell me. Such a problem. I handed over the phone to the firmware. They installed the Recovery program for me, I didn’t know about it right away. After a while, the phone began to slow down and I reset it to the factory settings, or rather tried to reset it. Now when turned on, this program has appeared and will not let me go further. Can I do something with him myself or just contact the master? I looked at the firmware on the Internet, honestly, I did not understand it myself. Phone Motorola G4

If I reset the settings to factory settings, will I then read a flash drive that is formatted only on my phone? For some reason, application crashes started (almost everything crashes and started on the same day)

Hello computer geniuses. Save me. My Samsung S8 phone model really needs to restore photos and videos that I did everything from this phone. I recently went into the Android program when the phone was turned off and pressed the reset button, reset the phone to the factory settings, then restored the account again and that’s it the programs that I needed.

Is it possible to somehow return these photos and videos that were deleted from the phone? By the way, I also had photos that were important only to me in a protected folder, the program itself was installed but the photo and video were deleted. But I remind you all these frames when they were taken with the same phone. I hope for understanding and really look forward to your ANSWER.

I reset the settings to the Samsung bodies. But when you turn on the bodies, I connected to Wi-Fi on other Samsung phones, I connected, but the Internet does not work. No connection exits. I tried to connect to another phone. Same. What to do, tell me please?

I reset my sister’s phone. Samsung Galaxy j5 and here is such a problem, it can not log into the account. He doesn’t remember the data simply. Che I just didn’t. The body is already a brick or, can you still do something? Thanks in advance.

Samsung g7, after a complete reset, stops at searching for networks, checking and does not go further, what should I do?

I made a hard reset, the tablet turned on, and when setting up wi-fi, an error appears. the Settings application is stopped. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. Thanks in advance!)

Hello, after resetting to the factory settings on the Android phone (Samsung Duos), all progress in all applications of the play store disappeared, how to return it?

A friend wanted to poke on me and reset all the settings now the phone writes to me: the device has restored the default settings. To continue, log in to the Google account that was synchronized with it. What should I do not remember the account is not the name does not pass?

I found a smartphone, made a hard reset with the volume and power buttons, using a special program I reset all settings including Google Account, again hard reset, turned it off, turned it on, tried to register for myself. it works without problems !!

Question: Can the owner find his phone?

After restoring and resetting the settings, the game was deleted, downloaded again on the play market but the game starts again. How to return the game back to the level that it was?

After resetting the settings, I now need to give permissions, but writes "Go to the application, and then in the settings". But in the end there is not a single application on which I want to give permission.

After hard reset, application recovery starts, but I do not need it. How to get rid of recovery. Phone hacked, trying to get rid of viruses. There are no buttons to skip recovery.

On my phone, the Samsung Galaxy J5 popped up a touchwiz window. Phone numbers were in the phone’s memory. Dropped to factory settings, the contacts remained old which were backed up until 2017, and the new ones were erased! Is it possible to restore them?

I reset to factory settings on the samsung galaxy tab 4 T-235 device and for what the application wrote the google play service was stopped. And I reset and everything went well I chose the language, connected it to wi-fi and in the section "Name" I wrote what I need, but I click Next no reaction. Already a day has passed and is worth it. What to do.

I reset everything to the factory settings, all backups were disabled. Is it possible to restore SMS correspondence on Samsung a6. I hope that the answer is no)

After resetting to factory in Galaxy J3 recovery, something went wrong. It hangs on the logo, after re-removing the battery, it enters the recovery, but when it is reset again and confirmed with the ON button, it enters FASTBOOT AS. Android Galaxy J3.

Good afternoon! In the warranty service I was reset to the factory settings, I didn’t know that I needed to know the google login passwords, can I somehow reset the old google settings, can I bring the BQ-4072 into working condition in a word?

Hello, after I transferred the photo from the old phone to the new via NFC, I reset the old phone, but for some reason the photos and videos disappeared from the new phone

He removed the SD card and SIM card from the phone (Samsung a3 2016 SM-A310F) did a data reset after resetting the settings. Put the SD card back writes (Decryption of this SD card is not possible because encryption was performed on another device. Decryption is possible only on the device on which encryption was performed. Decrypt the SD card on such a device, then insert it into this device and try again.) Very personal and important information on the SD card. Thank you in advance.

Hello, the Samsung Galaxy DUOS phone turned off, I had to reset to factory settings, is there any chance now to restore my files? I tried through Rekuva on a computer, but this program does not see my phone, maybe you can somehow try it through a mobile application, but so that it does not affect the phone’s warranty

After resetting the settings, I turned on the phone, everything went well, but then he showed only the panel on which the battery, time, wi-fi, etc. are shown. The rest of the screen is gray (lit). I can turn it off and on without problems, this does not help. Thanks in advance

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