Replacing Home Button On Iphone 6 S

Replacing Home Button On Iphone 6 S

Apple pays a lot of attention to the functionality of the presented products. Unfortunately, this cannot insure users of mobile gadgets from the appearance of various malfunctions.

An iPhone is a device with elaborate electronics, which nevertheless often fails. In such cases, the help of qualified masters of the iFix service center is needed.

One of the most common problems. difficulties with the Home key on the iPhone 6s.

The Home key may fail during intensive use of the mobile device. If this button is experiencing severe stress, it may affect the features of its operation.

Why can keys fail?

Strong shaking when worn, mechanical impact or shock can cause significant damage to the loop until it completely fails.

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The ingress of liquid, dust particles or sand into the mobile device also has a dramatic negative effect on the functionality of the keys.

The main signs of failure:

  • the appearance of malfunctions of the keys. their inadequate action or long pauses in the reaction of the smartphone to touch;
  • the keys are completely out of order. pressing occurs, but the expected result should not be;
  • sticky buttons with the appearance of signs of their uncontrolled work;
  • the inability to perform keystrokes;
  • Touch ID malfunctioning, which can cause difficulties with unlocking the iPhone.

One way to solve the problem with the action of the Home button is to use the program replacement function Assist touch. In order to activate it, you should go to the main settings section, in the subsection. Universal access.

Video: Replacing Home Button On Iphone 6 S

After performing such actions, the icon in the form of a circle appears on the display, which you need to press. In the window that appears, select the Home key, after which you can use the button on the display. This option is only suitable as a temporary solution to the problem.

Very important. Do not try to repair your smartphone at home without the intervention of professional craftsmen with significant experience in apple repair.

Incompetent actions can cause disruption of other parts compactly located inside the mobile device, and even to irreversible consequences, when your device can not save anything.

Many sites have “useful” recommendations related to handling the keys with different solutions and aerosols to improve their effect. We categorically do not recommend conducting such experiments on our own, as this can cause oxidation of the contacts on the motherboard and the appearance of greasy spots on the device’s screen, which will be very difficult to remove later.

Why is contacting our service the most optimal solution to the problem?

Qualified engineers of the iFix service center have solid experience in the field of repair and maintenance of Apple equipment. Contacting us will help you get rid of any troubles associated with the iPhone 6.

Key benefits of interacting with our company:

  • Efficiency of diagnosing iPhones 6, which helps to determine the true cause of the problem;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • free diagnostics of apple devices, provided that further repairs are performed by our masters;
  • fixed cost of services provided;
  • providing reliable warranty for the actions of specialists;
  • minimum terms for Apple repair and maintenance procedures;
  • use exclusively original components in the work.

Key malfunctions are a common problem among modern gadgets. In such situations, it is advisable to contact a competent iFix service company.

Our experienced craftsmen will help you quickly and accurately eliminate any problems associated with apple iPhones. The cost of our services is optimal and really affordable for users.

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