Replacing Akb Iphone 6

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Address: Kiev, st. Slotted, 8.

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(to the right of the entrance to Kievmetrostroy)
Schedule: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 20:00 and Sat-Sun from 11:00 to 18:00
Phones: (044) 333-60-78; (068) 494-73-37
(093) 170-05-04; (050) 148-89-30

Address: Kiev, pr. Obolonsky 1B.

(Shopping center Dreamtown, 3rd floor, atrium Greece. Entrance from metro station Minsk)

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Replacing Akb Iphone 6

Indicative prices are indicated to find out the exact cost of repairs, select the model of your device in the top menu of the site

The battery of the iPhone 6 is a part that is subjected to enormous loads, and therefore, more wear. Apple recommends replacing this item when it reaches 500 charge / discharge cycles, which is approximately 1.5-2 years. After this period, often there is a decrease in battery charge by about 20% of capacity. Replacing the iPhone 6 battery will help get rid of this problem quickly.

IPhone 6 Battery Symptoms

The fact that the iPhone 6 battery is unusable and urgently needs to be replaced is indicated by a number of signs, among which:

  • the battery runs out quickly;
  • the gadget cannot work without connecting to the network;
  • During a call or Internet surfing, the phone switches itself off;
  • spots appeared on the displays, which may indicate a bloating battery;
  • the charge level constantly jumps;
  • the device spontaneously reboots;
  • active operation time has decreased.

Video: Replacing Akb Iphone 6

Replacing the iPhone 6 battery is required due to commonplace wear and tear. Also, the cause of the problem may be moisture that accidentally got inside, sudden changes in temperature or non-compliance with the rules for using the device.

How to extend the life of the iPhone 6 battery

Compliance with the simple rules of operation of the device will help extend the battery life of the iPhone 6. Remembering them is easier than ever:

  • use only high-quality and original accessories;
  • Do not leave the gadget in direct sunlight at temperatures below 0 ° C or above 35 ° C;
  • close applications if you don’t use them (this will help to save battery power);
  • lower screen brightness;
  • Do not leave the device on a “night charge”;
  • Avoid using the Powerbank.

These simple rules will extend the battery life.

How much does an iPhone 6 battery replacement cost

The price of a service depends on several points: speed of repair and type of parts. Due to the availability of necessary spare parts, in the Re: Store service center, replacing the iPhone 6 battery is possible in express mode. The procedure will take from 20 to 40 minutes. The wizard will postpone all the work and will deal with the solution of your problem immediately. There is also the opportunity to save money by replacing it in a non-urgent mode. within 1-3 days. The cost of services is also affected by the choice of spare parts. Our experts can offer both original components, the quality of which is confirmed by the necessary certificates, and high-quality copies (at a budget price).

Fast battery replacement for Iphone 6 in Kiev at an affordable price

A feature of iPhone smartphones is a non-removable battery, unlike regular phones. To remove the battery you need a special tool, knowledge and experience. Replacing the battery in the iPhone 6 is a very painstaking process. To put a new battery, you need to remove the display, sensor, cables and other elements. You can’t do without knowledge of the matter!

Also, do not seek a compromise between quality and price, turning to dubious private masters for help. Unscrupulous repairmen often offer base parts, bribing a customer with a cheap price. As a result, after a few weeks, the new battery stops working. In the worst case, the gadget itself will stop working. Therefore, if you need to replace the battery on the iPhone 6. contact the experienced masters of a certified Re: Store service center. Our advantages are:

  • acceptable prices;
  • original spare parts and quality copies;
  • free diagnostics;
  • warranty;
  • professional consultation.

Replacing the iPhone 6 battery in the Re: Store service center is fast and high quality! details. on the indicated phones!

Dates: from 30 minutes.

Equipment: plastic spatula, mounting hair dryer, screwdrivers, tweezers.

Materials: original components and quality analogues.

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