Replacement Touchscreen Honor 10i

Repair Honor 10i (HRY-LX1T) in Lipetsk

Honor Specialized Service Center

The Honor 10i phone has broken and you are looking for where it will be repaired quickly, efficiently and inexpensively? Then you were very lucky. you got to the site of a specialized Honor phone repair service center! Only we can repair your Honor 10i phone as soon as possible thanks to the availability of all necessary spare parts in our warehouse and the high qualifications of our craftsmen!

For any repair of your Honor 10i phone, we provide an official guarantee. You can pay for repairs in any convenient way. in cash or by any credit card!

Want to know the exact cost of repairing your phone right now? To do this, you can call us

or leave a request for repair and we will call you back!

You can ask a repair question by writing to us in the messenger!

The main types of repair Huawei Honor 10i

Replacing the touch glass (touchscreen) LEARN THE PRICE

Replacing the display (screen) LEARN THE PRICE

Replacing the display module (display touchscreen) LEARN THE PRICE

Replacing the charging connector (micro USB);

Deletion of Google account;

Deleting a Huawei account;

Unlock, delete the pattern, lock code, password;

Bootloader bootloader recovery;

MAC address recovery, IMEI;

Recovering information from the phone’s memory if the phone cannot be repaired;

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Replacing the power button, lock, volume button;

Replacement of the fingerprint scanner;

Replacement speaker, microphone;

Replacing the battery (battery);

Replacing the power controller, internal memory chips;

Repair at the component level (soldering BGA chips);

Recovery after exposure to liquid, moisture;

The most common damage to the phone Huawei Honor 10i

Broken glass (cracks in the glass);

Broken screen, display (no image, picture distorted, stripes);

Broken display module (cracks on the screen);

Video: Replacement Touchscreen Honor 10i

Broken back cover (cracks in the cover);

Not charging (micro USB or Type-C charging connector broken);

Requests Google account (forgot password from Google account);

Requests Huawei account (forgot password);

It does not turn on after updating the software (the update got up incorrectly);

The phone fell into the water, water got into the phone;

Does not catch the network (no network) after the firmware;

It works quietly, the speaker wheezes, nothing is heard;

The microphone does not work (they don’t hear me);

It does not turn on, it is not detected by the computer after the firmware;

The phone’s battery runs out quickly;

Does not see a SIM card (replacement of a SIM connector);

Why is it worth to contact us to repair the Huawei Honor 10i?

Urgent repairs on the day of contact due to the availability of all necessary spare parts for repair Huawei Honor 10i in our service center. Modular repair (replacement of the display module, screen takes no more than 2-3 hours.

High-quality, reliable and inexpensive repair. We purchase spare parts for the repair of Huawei Honor 10i from a reliable supplier, tested by time. Due to the large volumes of procurement of spare parts, the supplier provides us with a good discount on their cost, so the repair of Huawei Honor 10i in our service center will be inexpensive. Before installation, each spare part is additionally tested. Qualified specialists of our service center will make repairs as quickly and accurately as possible.

Professional equipment Our service center is equipped with professional equipment for repairing the Huawei Honor 10i phone: soldering station, microscope, measuring instruments, antistatic rugs and bracelets. The room of the service center is grounded and protected from the accumulation of static electricity, which eliminates the failure of the phone during disassembly and assembly.

Replacement Touchscreen Honor 10i

Warranty for repairs and installed spare parts For all types of repair of the Huawei Honor 10i phone (except for repairs after exposure to liquids), we provide a guarantee.

Repair without advance payment Payment is made only after a successful repair and your quality control of the work performed.

Any payment method You can pay for our services in cash or with any credit card.

Where is our service center located?

Our service center is located at:

Lipetsk city, Victory Avenue 106A (brick high-rise building at the bus stop "Ring Square", ground floor). Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10 to 19 hours, Sat-Sun from 10 to 17 hours (no lunch break).

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