Replacement Glass On Iphone 8 Original

If you broke the glass on the iPhone 8, but your display is not damaged and everything is in order with the image, do not despair, as our service center provides the service “replacing glass on the iPhone 8 separately from the screen”. This service is much cheaper than changing the entire display module. And also the original matrix remains yours and after replacement you will not see any difference! The glass itself we also put the original with an oleophobic coating. This service is performed on professional equipment in our laboratory, in conditions as close to factory as possible.

The prices indicated on the site are final, without any “tricky” margins

We always have free diagnostics of any
Apple devices

Warranty 6 months for all modular repairs and 3 months for soldering!

The main reasons for replacing iPhone 8 glass.

Apple’s new smartphone models are equipped with a Gorilla Glass protective glass, which is the seventh series. In terms of security, changes are few and for greater protection, it is better to stick the film on top. This will prevent scratches, chips and in rare cases, complete destruction. Unfortunately, there is no material that effectively resists impact on a hard surface and protects against going to the service. Replacing the glass of the iPhone 8 will be required if:

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  • – The phone falls and hit on the asphalt.
  • – Compression and deformation of the body.
  • – Strong heat or frostbite.
Replacement Glass On Iphone 8 Original

  • – High voltage drop and iOS failures.

Symptoms of malfunction and breakdown.

If you handle your smartphone very carefully, stick protection and buy a case from the very first day of operation, unfortunately, this will not save. We give the symptoms of a broken touchscreen, if any, it is worth contacting the service for help.

  • – Spots and stains on the image.
  • – The sensor does not respond to clicks.

Video: Replacement Glass On Iphone 8 Original

  • – Bubbles and dust under glass.
  • – Dead pixels and stripes in the picture.

Features of replacing glass on iPhone 8.

During production, since the fifth model, the technology of bonding structural elements is used to remove the air gap and reduce the size. It is simply impossible to change components in a qualitative manner. To do this, you just need sterile conditions in the room.

The hit of one speck of dust or an air bubble between the sensor and the matrix reduces the whole process to zero. We are not talking about the fact that it takes several hours. Time is also saved if the replacement of iPhone 8 glass is required, we change the entire display module as a whole, in your presence.

Replacing the iPhone 8 glass in 20 minutes!

  • – First of all, do not despair! Go to the contacts section and look at the PlanetiPhone branch closest to you or leave a request for a call back to call a specialist at the required address and receive a five percent discount.
  • – Whether the service employee will come to you or you will personally come, we will conduct a free phone test. This will allow you to identify all possible malfunctions that could appear in addition to the broken panel.
  • – Immediately announce the results of the audit and name the final cost of the work, which already includes all components and work.
  • – We agree on the terms and all the questions that have arisen.
  • – Repair of iPhone 8 glass is carried out with you, and after that, the smartphone is fully tested.
  • – Pay for the services and we will return you a refurbished smartphone, a guarantee receipt and a club discount card.

Once again, recall that to get a discount on repairs, fill out the form on the website.

Advantages of SC Apple PlanetiPhone.

We stand out from the rest of the services in that Apple has established itself as a reliable and honest service for several years of repairing Apple equipment. Judge for yourself by contacting us, you will receive:

  • – The price of replacing the iPhone 8 glass in Moscow is lower than that of others.
  • – Original components supplied directly from the Apple factory.
  • – Warranty period of 180 days and many shares.
  • – Gratuitous departure to the house, within the Moscow Ring Road.
  • – Walking distance from the metro.
  • – Exchange smartphone to a new one, according to Trade-In.

Glass repair iPhone 8 is not the only service provided, we also perform maintenance of other gadgets from Apple. Still have questions? Feel free to write them in a chat consultant or call one of the numbers on the site. We will promptly contact you and help in any situation.