Replacement Glass Huawei P9

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Leave a request for repair and you will be called back by the master who will indicate the exact cost and terms of repair in our service in Moscow or with the master’s departure to the house and office within the Moscow Ring Road and outside the Moscow Ring Road.

Replacement Glass Huawei P9

The battery in any device has its own service life, and usually works stably for the first two years. If the phone quickly discharges and turns off when the battery is low, the fastest time to change the battery (battery).

The cost of replacing a battery (battery) depends on the capacity and price of the battery and the difficulty of replacing it.
So, if the battery is removable and with a small capacity, the replacement will be from 750 rub.
If disassembly is necessary to replace the battery, the cost of replacement = from 1300 rub.

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Mostly in all models of Huawei phones, there is a micro-USB jack through which charging is connected to the phone and a USB cable to the computer. The nest itself is inexpensive, but to solder it in high-quality, this is a rather difficult task. The customers mostly turn to the question of changing the socket when they are not charging, there is no reaction to connecting the cord, and when the socket goes off and the phone does not charge well. The socket can be on the motherboard or separately on the bottom board with cables. a separate board with a socket is easier and faster to change.

Video: Replacement Glass Huawei P9

Phone jack repair time = from 30 min.
Cost = from 1200 rub

Buttons often fail if water or other liquid gets into them. Buttons in this case may not work, or may not be pressed at all, sometimes pressed once. They can be located both on the motherboard and on the cables.
Button repair time on Huawei phones = from 30 min.
Cost = from 1000 rub

Replacement Glass Huawei P9

Phones for repair are brought to our phone repair service in Moscow with a request to change the speaker. But the client is far from always right, and the fact that the sound is lost, either quiet or wheezing, does not mean that the speaker is to blame, because the codec is also responsible for the sound, the amplifier, and the phone case is also responsible for the sound. And yet, the speaker and the microphone are sometimes confused in terms, calling the microphone a speaker.
Only diagnostics will show what exactly is broken and what needs to be changed or restored. Fortunately, the diagnosis in our service is free.
Speaker repair time = from 30 min.
Cost = from 800 rub

If the breakdown “they don’t hear me when I talk on the phone” is a broken microphone, or an ADC (such a chip), and sometimes more complex breakdowns occur with such symptoms.
A microphone converts sound waves into electrical impulses, and there are also digital microphones that convert sound into digital data. Different models have different microphones. Therefore, there is a range of prices.
Speaker repair time = from 40 min.
Cost = from 1200 rub

In some models, it is possible to change the glass or sensor separately, and in some it can be done, but there are risks that the screen will crack, and for other models glass is not sold at all. Therefore, the display changes by the module.

The table below shows the prices for replacement parts and payment for the wizard.
The price is not formed often and the prices and availability of spare parts change daily, so contact your manager first, the number is listed on the website.

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