Reinstall System On Acer Iconia Tab Tablet

If you are one of the owners of a tablet with Windows 8 and you do not like the design of MetroUI, and in general, the start screen itself, you can easily install the operating system on windows 7 and even on XP and even on Windows CE. The latter option, as well as Windows XP, which was very popular until recently, is perverted, if only because you can’t find any firewood on the new arm and intel processors, however, installing windows xp on a tablet is quite possible.


Do not forget that the era of weak gadgets five years ago has sunk into oblivion and small devices the size of a netbook screen now have a filling no worse than entry-level laptops. The tablet in our time can be considered a full-fledged computer, which means that you can put absolutely any OS on it. The truth is a little more work than with a regular PC or laptop. How to reinstall the operating system on the tablet, you will learn further.

Reinstall System On Acer Iconia Tab Tablet

Windows operating system

What devices can I install Windows on

Reinstalling windows is not available to all tablet computers. Before you understand whether you can install another operating system on your device or not, we recommend that you look at the manual and technical specifications of the device. The processor must have an ARM architecture (in most modern, non-Chinese devices) or i386 (a gadget on an Intel processor). If your tablet has an ARM architecture, you have few options for changing Windows, you can install Windows 8.0, 8.1 or Windows RT.

With Intel processors Everything is much simpler. On the bottom you can put not only 7 windows, but also earlier versions, for example, XP, CE, etc. The following is a list of devices on which this method was tested, and reinstalling Windows 7 was successful:

  • Archos 9
  • Iconia Tab W500
  • ViewSonic ViewPAD
  • 3Q Qoo

Necessary tools

To install windows on a tablet, you will need a USB keyboard, a USB mouse, and a USB hub (adapter, splitter that allows you to connect 2 or more devices through 1 USB port) if there are not enough inputs on the device. You will also need a flash drive with the image of the desired OS.

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Burn windows to a USB flash drive

You can write to a USB flash drive absolutely any image of the device, even CE, if you want to use the tablet as a multimedia navigation device. Waiting for an axis record, it is best to use the UltraISO program as the most universal and free.

Video: Reinstall System On Acer Iconia Tab Tablet

  • Open the image through the “File”.> “Open”
  • Go to “Self-loading. burn disc image”
  • In the Disk Drive line, select the USB flash drive and check whether you selected the correct image
  • Be sure to select USB-HDD in the recording method selection field
  • Press “Record” and wait

The installation flash drive is ready.

What to do if UltraISO does not want to write the image to a USB flash drive? Run the command prompt (WindowsR) and write “diskpart” there. Press “Enter” Next, write down “list disk”, and with the “selext disk” command, where is the disk number, select the USB flash drive.

Now execute the commands one by one:

  • clean
  • create partition primary
  • select partition 1
  • active
  • format quick fs = fat32
  • assign

Now on your USB flash drive you can safely record Windows and installing it will pass without problems.

Installation process

The standard procedure before any global changes on the tablet is backup. Be sure to spend it so that in the future, if the installation of Windows 7 fails, you do not have to shovel the Internet in search of how to return the eight.

  • Do not forget to connect the keyboard and USB flash drive through the USB hub before turning on the device.
  • After switching on with a frequency of half a second-second, press “F2” on the keyboard until you see the settings window for the familiar BIOS. Everything is absolutely the same as in the computer. We need to install the first boot device (Priority Boot / Priority Drive). a USB flash drive.
  • Press “F10” to save your changes and reboot.
  • After restarting the tablet, Windows installation starts. Use the keyboard to configure the settings, as when installing the OS on a computer.
  • At the stage of disk formatting, delete the existing disk and create a new one. Format it and continue with the installation.
  • Remove the flash drive after installation. You can also disable the keyboard and use the gadget autonomously from other devices
  • Do not forget to carry out the initial setup of windows 7 on the tablet and feel free to use it.

Useful Tips

If you are interested in installing Windows XP or CE, make sure that there are drivers for these operating systems for your processor. Otherwise, you should refrain, since subsequent installation will not bring anything good, your tablet will hang very much and you still have to return at least 7-ku.

You can install 7, 8, CE and even XP on tablets with android, but you need to take into account the fact that the battery will drain 1.5-2 times faster than with the green trash.
If the USB hub is not immediately in the device, you will have to cheat in this situation. Before installing Windows and before loading the BIOS, insert only the keyboard into the device. After saving the BIOS settings, remove the keyboard wire and insert a USB flash drive. Thus, you will have to alternate the connection of a USB flash drive, keyboard and mouse (depending on windows, some require additional settings that ordinary users cannot enter without knowledge of hot keys).

If you are reinstalling and you are confused in switching devices without a USB hub, it’s okay, reboot the system on your tablet and continue installing XP, CE or 7 from where you left off.

If you have a gadget on an android with an ARM processor, you can also install Windows, but only 8 or RT. The installation will not differ in any way, but later the tablet itself may slightly “dull”.


Please note that reinstalling the operating system on the tablet and the responsibility for the device lies entirely with you. We are not responsible for possible losses, since you make all the attempts to install any Windows on your device yourself!

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