Register Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

In recent years, the number of various accessories for smartphones has been increasing, and many manufacturers have already managed to introduce new fitness bracelets to the general public. Xiaomi is no exception. for all the time they released two hits. these are Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse and Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The advantages of each of the above bracelets are practicality, nice appearance, maximum functionality with many settings and a very affordable competitive price. Customize the gadget to your taste and use it with maximum comfort, because in addition to the clock, there are many other cool chips that you will definitely include in your use!

According to tradition, Xiaomi is very responsible for its bracelets, and especially to the set of their delivery. Upon purchase, you get a neat gray cardboard box, after opening which you will see a “capsule”. the core of the device. Under the bracelet itself is a rubber strap made of quality material, a USB cable for charging the bracelet (there is no “cube” in the kit) and instructions for a fitness tracker. It is in this kit that the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet comes.

How to enable Mi Band 1S

When you first start the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S bracelet, we recommend that you recharge it, since most often the device comes to the buyer completely discharged, and only then fully launch it. To do this, remove the capsule of the bracelet and insert it into the charger with two shiny contacts inside. After that, connect the charger to the outlet through the “cube” from the smartphone or connect it to a laptop / PC. if everything is turned on correctly, the diodes on the bracelet will start to flash. In the future, charging the gadget will be enough to turn on about once a month. this is quite enough, because it can be turned on for quite a while.

In the meantime, your mi band bracelet is charging, download and install on your smartphone the application for Android Mi Fit (if you need Russian, download and install using this link) or for iOS (iPhone, iPad) ru / app / mi-fit / id938688461? mt = 8. through it you will further interact with your fitness tracker. The user manual that was in the box will not be useful to you. configure the bracelet through this instruction.


An important point in setting up the Mi Band is to register your account. if you have not set up Mi accounts before, you can do this through a browser or mobile application. In the first case, go to the official website and fill out the forms there, indicating the email address, date of birth and your country. And we recommend unchecking the messaging from the Mi Store. In addition, some instructions write that you can use your mobile number instead of an e-mail address. for this, click on the special item at the bottom of the page. After all the above steps are completed, you will be prompted to enter the password twice, as well as enter the verification code. You can enter the system through the settings using the username and password.

But when launching the application and registering through it, it is better to use an email address rather than a phone number — for users from the CIS countries, registration through a mobile number has not yet been properly configured.

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Xiaomi Mi Band: setup

Video: Register Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Nevertheless, the main question for users who have just bought a new xiaomi accessory is the question “how to set up a fitness bracelet”. We configure it very simply:

  1. We activate the application using the registered username and password. The application will ask you to enter your gender, nickname, weight, height, date of birth and the desired minimum number of steps per day. If you wish, you can change your personal data later.
  2. We connect the bracelet. Everything is very simple here. you need to connect and configure via Bluetooth wireless technology (we turn it on on your smartphone), you just need to follow the recommendations in the application. First, select the type of device, after which the application will ask you to click on the bracelet. tap lightly on it, this will be enough. If this manipulation has correctly configured the bracelet and everything is done correctly, an inscription will appear on the screen stating that the device’s binding has been successfully completed.
  3. After a successful connection, the bracelet firmware will be updated, and for this operation to go smoothly, keep the tracker next to your smartphone. Upon completion of the firmware update, you will see the application’s open interface on the phone’s display. now you can delve into the settings and activate the most interesting functions.

Gestures Mi Band

In the Mi Fit app itself, you can see three tabs called “Profile”, “Activity” and Notifications. In statistics you can view:

  • The number of steps taken and activity per day;
  • Statistics for any past period;
  • Grouping information by various time periods (day, week, month) and for the entire training course;
  • Information about the owner’s dream of the bracelet: phases, duration of deep sleep, fast sleep, when there was an awakening and much more;
  • The dynamics of changes in weight and the difference in weight for different periods;
  • Body mass index, physique.

You can create several accounts, launch them at different times and view data of several users. In the achievement bar, you can see the indicator of steps taken per day and whether the goal that was originally set is achieved. Sort information by dates, share achievements on social networks or send them via instant messengers.

Function “Run” in Mi Bend you can activate when you turn on the GPS. wait until the icon for the number of active satellites lights up in green and start your lesson. While you are running, Mi Fit will display basic information about the workout. if this function is enabled, you will see the speed, average pace and distance traveled, calories burned, and the trajectory of running. You can stop the countdown by long pressing Pause.

In addition to viewing statistics via a smartphone, you can find out the statistics you are interested in by a special movement. as if you are looking at a watch. This gesture will make the indicators flicker. if two of the three diodes are blinking, then you have already completed 2/3 of the daily norm, one. more than 30% has been passed, the bracelet does not light up at all. even a third of the number of steps planned for the day you have not yet completed.

Register Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

When you reach the set goal, vibration is turned on, and the bracelet will flash at this time. When you check the distance traveled with a gesture “Viewing time on the clock” and the two extreme diodes glow, then you have reached the goal, and if all three blink, the goal is exceeded.

Other functions

  • The included notification function about an incoming call is very convenient;
  • Alarm clock (inclusion occurs even when the phone is discharged);
  • Notifications about notifications in applications on a smartphone or about SMS messages. even the most uninformed user easily activates the function in the settings;
  • Dust and partial waterproof (you can take a shower with a bracelet or dive briefly to a depth of one meter with it);
  • Heart rate measurement.
Register Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The first version of the bracelet was famous for the poor quality of the strap, but for more modern models, the most durable alloy is now used, and this significantly increases the wear resistance of the device.

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