Reflash Samsung Note 5

Reflash Samsung Note 5

Instructions for flashing the Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 smartphone to the original or custom firmware, a new version of android, getting Root superuser rights on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.

How to flash Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4? There are several ways to flash this smartphone, in this article I will tell you how to flash Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the official original firmware using the Odin program. As well as a method of flashing custom firmware on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone using custom recovery, without the need for Root.

Before flashing the gadget, you must disable the reactivation lock so that the phone does not block. To do this, go to “Settings” there, select the “Security” item and uncheck the “Reactivate blocking” item. If the data on the device is encrypted, then you need to completely decrypt them, otherwise after the firmware you will not be able to restore access to them.

1. Firmware for official single-file firmware

Before flashing, be sure to fully charge your smartphone, check whether the cable through which you will flash your Galaxy Note 4 is damaged or not, Kies and its services are closed on your PC.

Be sure to first read these instructions for the firmware Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 to the end, and only then proceed with the firmware of your “beast”.

And so the first thing to do is to download and install on the PC the driver for connecting the phone to the PC. Drivers, then download the programmer program itself. Odin3 v1.85

We call the task manager and stop all processes with the word “Kies”. We start the Odin 3 1.85 program as administrator and see the following window:

Reflash Samsung Note 5

Press the PDA (or “AP”) button and select the TAR file from the folder where we placed the downloaded firmware, and set all the daws as shown in the screenshot below. In addition to the firmware, the SS_DL.dll file may also be in the archive — we don’t count it — this is the remainder of KIES (garbage).

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Reflash Samsung Note 5

Enter the smartphone into boot mode.

To do this, turn off the smartphone and then on the phone off, hold down the Volume Down On button at the same time. Home, then confirm the desire to flash by pressing the Volume Up button, a green robot should appear with the inscription “Downloading.” and connect the smartphone to the PC using the included USB cable. In the upper left corner lights up, in blue, a window with the inscription ID: COM. this PC has recognized your smartphone.

Video: Reflash Samsung Note 5

Press the START button, after which the firmware process will start. In no case can you interrupt the firmware. we get a high-tech brick. Usually the process takes 4-5 minutes, it all depends on your computer. During the firmware process, the smartphone will reboot on its own, wait until “RESET!” Appears

Reflash Samsung Note 5

That’s all, you upgraded your Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 to the new official firmware.

2. Instructions for flashing custom firmware on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Custom firmware is almost completely similar to the original firmware, but the truth is with some additions, which we will discuss in detail below.

And so, first you need to install custom TWRP Recovery on your smartphone. To do this, download the TWRP Recovery archive.

Next, we extract the file with the extension.tar from the archive and flash it using ODIN according to the first paragraph of this instruction (official firmware upgrade), the difference is that in the PDA field we insert not the firmware, but our custom recovery.

It is also important that when flashing custom recovery without getting Root, when the smartphone restarts, stock recovery is restored, so you need to flash custom recovery with unchecking Auto Reboot in Odin 3, after flashing custom recovery, turn off your Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 manually (directly from Download mode, disconnecting from the computer), then from the off state go to Recovery mode (three buttons)). After CF-Auto-Root, this is no longer relevant, the procedure for restoring stock recovery is beaten.

Next, you need to download custom firmware and copy it to the SD memory card, it is best not to bother with the folders and drop the firmware into the root folder.

The firmware itself can be downloaded. for example TeamEOS, AllianceROM or the firmware catalog. Needrom

Then we go into custom recovery. To do this, turn off the device and simultaneously hold down the buttons Nutrition, Home and Volume Up.
Delete all data on the device (optional). In recovery, select Wipe date / factory reset.> Yes. Wipe all user data.
Go to Wipe cache parition and choose Yes> Wipe cache partition.
Go to Advanced.> Wipe dalvik cache.> Yes. Wipe dalvik cache.
Go to Mount and storage and format the sections:
/ boot
/ cache
/ system
/ data

Go to Install zip.> Chose zip from storage / sdcard1 (Or chose zip from external sdcard depending on the recovery), select the previously copied firmware on the memory card and select Yes. install, The installation of the firmware will begin.
After installing the firmware, in recovery, select Reboot system now and the device will restart.

Done! You have successfully flashed custom firmware!

3. Obtaining Root rights using CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

This method implies that you already have Odin and you know how to use it (see instructions above). Also, getting Root rights in this way you won’t need to update it from Google Play.

Download the Beta SuperSU v2.49 archive, copy the archive to the phone’s memory card (or to the internal memory, it doesn’t matter), install custom Recovery from point 2 of this manual.

Then we reboot into Recovery in the usual way and install our archive. Go to Install zip.> Chose zip from storage / sdcard1 (Or chose zip from external sdcard depending on the recovery), select “Beta SuperSU v2.49” on the memory card and click on it Yes. install, file installation will begin.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C phone will reboot with the superuser rights obtained by Root.

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