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If you had to do a hard reset on Chinese smartphones, then you might notice that their recovery is also in Chinese. For many users, because of this, there are problems with choosing the necessary menu item. In this article I will try to tell you step by step and with pictures what Chinese characters mean and what to click on. I hope this guide will be useful to you.

I will tell you how to do:

  • HARD RESET on Chinese Samsung Galaxy
  • HARD RESET on Chinese HTC Desire
  • HARD RESET in Chinese LENOVO
  • HARD RESET on other Chinese smartphones

Recovery of Chinese Samsung on Android

There are two ways to reset the smartphone settings. the usual one, performed through the phone’s settings in the “Recovery and reset” tab, and the so-called hard reset, which can be done through recovery. We are interested in the second option. If there are no problems with recovery in English and there are detailed instructions on a thousand forums, then not everyone is friends with the Chinese language.

Before you perform a reset, do not forget to save all your important files and data, since after resetting all your photos, videos, music, etc. will be lost.

  • Turn off your smartphone or remove the battery for 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the power buttons and volume up key to go to the recovery menu
  • You will see the following image

If it didn’t help

Press simultaneously Home button Volume up Power button

  • Use the volume swing to select Wipe EMMC , as shown in the figure and confirm with the power button.
  • In the window that appears, select YES. delete all data and once again click on the power button.

Video: Reflash Huawei Honor 4x Not Loading

Additional information about the Recovery menu:

    • Wipe eMMC. hard reset your smartphone
    • Auto test. smartphone testing
    • Reboot. reboot
    • Version info. Additional Information

    Recovery for Chinese HTC on Android

    For HTC, we will also consider only hard reset, a normal reset, I think it will not cause you any difficulties. Also, do not forget to backup and remember that you take responsibility for the consequences after performing a hard reset entirely. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

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    In order to enter the recovery:

    • Turn off the smartphone or remove the battery for a few seconds
    • Press the volume button down the power button
    • The Recovery menu should boot, as in the picture below

    Reflash Huawei Honor 4x Not Loading

    • We are interested in points 7 and 9

    7. Wipe eMMC (performing hard reset)

    9. Reboot the smartphone

    Recovery for Chinese HTC on Android

    We launch Recovery similarly to previous smartphones and see the following image

    The arrow indicates the item responsible for resetting.

    In the next window, click YES. delete all data

    When asking for help, indicate the model of your phone in the comments.

    UPD! Read

    Friends, if when you try to enter the recovery you see a menu similar to the pictures below, it makes sense to try a different combination of buttons to enter.

    What I mean. For example, you use a combination to enter volume and power button , try volume. and turning on The menu in the pictures above is not the recovery mode, but the testing mode of the main functions of the device.

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